Sundance Films

Some of the films being screened at Sundance this year have already appeared elsewhere in whole or part. Here is some of the nudity:


The screener DVD of Factotum was out months and months ago. It is actually a pretty good movie, although it is a pretty bad interpretation of Bukowski. My comments. The greatest appeal of this film: Marisa Tomei topless, in case you missed it before
Alpha Dog is the roman a clef about Jesse James Hollywood, and it features  Justin Timberlake in a major role. Some pretty big Hollywood names appear in smaller roles: Sharon Stone, Bruce Willis, etc. The kinda sorta nudity here is from Amanda Seyfried.
The Spanish language Battle in Heaven sounds cheery: "Marcos and his wife kidnap a baby for ransom money, but it goes tragically wrong when the infant dies." The star and naked chick to the right is Anapola Mushkadiz

And now for something completely different.

This has nothing to do with celebrity nudity. I just happened to find some pictures of something which I had never seen pictures of before, although I've been a Brando fan. In fact, I didn't know there were any pics of this in existence. This is Marlon in his very first professional stage role, playing Nels in I Remember Mama in 1944, He was 19 or 20. According to crosscity.com, these were scanned from a 1945 issue of "Stage Pictorial Magazine."


Other Crap:

A small and lame clip from Alpha Dog, which is now playing at Sundance

Internet Explorer 7 leaks onto Internet

"Two years from now, spam will be solved," Microsoft's Bill Gates said - two years ago.

Grandpa Simpson registers his complaint about THX sound

Unnecessary Censorship: Jan 16th

Some clips from Big Momma's House 2

Katie's pregnant belly.

Lou Reed calls the script for Factory Girl,the new Warhol movie, "one of the most disgusting, foul things I've seen by any illiterate retard in a long time"

  • I'm thinking ol' Lou didn't catch that Jenny McCarthy movie last year.

Canada, Muddled By Seasonal Affective Disorder, Votes in Conservatives

Drew Barrymore spoofs her Golden Globes appearance on SNL

It's official. Scientists prove that January 23rd is the worst day of the year.

Today's copy of The Sundance Insider (Super quality, but .pdf format, if that scares you.)

Only in America: "Buttafuocos, Fisher plan TV reunion"

"Death of a record store ... the famed Rhino Records shop in L.A. has its last gasp"

Welcome To Tampa; Go Devil Rays Yankees?

Jumbo-ass sign falls on a San Diego highway (CNN raw footage)

Katie Holmes sex scene mysteriously missing from Thank You For Smoking


  • ushers and ticket sellers have been faxed reference sheets with headshots of local critics and strict instructions not to allow the critics to see the film
  • This article is just kiddin' around, but I've heard some critics talking about sneaking into films in disguise.


"JOLIE BLAMED FOR TROUBLED MARRIAGES OF SWANK-LOWE, BROWN-HOUSTON ... Tabloids go with stories about Chadalina and Bobbylina"

The international trailer for Va, vis et deviens (Live and Become)

  • Set in the mid-1980s, a Christian Ethiopian boy from a poverty-stricken family is forced by his mother to pretend he is a Jewish orphan so that he has a chance at being adopted by an upper class Jewish family in Israel.
  • Click on Videos, then on Bande-Annonce

The trailer for Church Ball, yet another underdog, misfit sports story.

  • "'Church Ball' is the story of Dennis Buckstead (Andrew Wilson) and his team of uncoordinated misfits from the Mud Lake Ward. It's the last year church basketball will be officially sponsored by the church and whoever claims this year's trophy...keeps it for life. Everything is at stake-pride, glory, honor-and Dennis is charged by the ward bishop (Fred Willard) to take his team of ultimate misfits to the final regional tourney and claim the coveted title of regional champions. Only one team stands in their way...the Crystal Hills Ward, with the always-victorious lawyers, the Bracken brothers. With the notorious Brackens standing in the way...the last game of church ball is set to be the most important and potentially biggest brawl in history - winner takes all. Church Ball - it's not how you play the game...it's whether you win or lose."

Coming Soon now has the international trailer for the rom-com spoof Date Movie

SADDAM DANCES ON TOP OF LIMO TO THE DELIGHT OF FANS ... Deposed Dictator Hoping to Create Media Circus, Insiders Say.

The Da Vinci Code' will be the opening-night movie at the Cannes Film Festival in May

Fascinating stuff! Uwe Boll: Money For Nothing. Here's what the submitter wrote:

  • "Not sure if you've seen this, but check out this link examining how Ewe Boll continues to get funding (and more and more of it). Basically, it claims that under German tax law designed to encourage investment in the arts making money-losing films actually *makes* you money in tax write offs. Yep, it's the Producers come to life, except perfectly legal and with no con involved -- except to the viewers. It's a wacky world indeed.

Match Point, as reviewed by The Filthy Critic

  • A surprisingly serious review from the Grimy One

OSAMA ANNOUNCES BOOK CLUB ... Madman on Collision Course with Oprah

  • This is one of Andy Borowitz's best columns. I laughed at just about every line.
  • Mr. bin Laden’s glancing reference to “Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower” immediately sent the book soaring to the top of the best-seller lists, inspiring the world’s most wanted evildoer to form his new club.
  • Hours after he announced “Osama’s Book Club,” hopeful authors and publishers deluged Mr. bin Laden’s cave with books, hoping to get a blurb or a mention in his next terror tape.
  • In a new tape released today, Mr. bin Laden revealed his club’s first selections, including several anti-Bush books by filmmaker Michael Moore. Other choices, however, were more unexpected, such as “Memoirs of a Geisha,” which the terror mastermind called “a sensual feast.”

This seems like small potatoes compared to Kobe's 81, but the Suns had three guys with 28 or more - and lost!

Kobe scores 81, including 55 in the second half

  • It is the second-highest total in history, behind Wilt's famous century. Kobe outscored Toronto's entire team in the second half - and by a lot! (55-41)

Brilliant! "Sleepless In Seattle" trailer - recut to make it appear to be a thriller

Latino Review has lots of pics and a poster from UltraViolet

JoBlo.com reports from Sundance

Film Jerk's Early Report for January 22nd covers the 51 known new movies opening in theatres or expanding their runs between Tuesday January 24 and Friday February 24

PC Magazine reviews the most popular Torrent clients

"The board of Pixar Animation Studios, the digital animations company, is set to meet tomorrow to approve the company's $7bn takeover by Disney."

  • The all-share deal will make Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, around $3.5bn and will make him the single largest shareholder in Disney.

This is a Google map of unprotected/open camera streams obtained from Google searches.

  • The IP address for each camera's url has been mapped to its Geo-location. There is a del.icio.us tag with the best cameras found so far. The pr0n cameras are easter eggs.

It's time for celebrity Jeopardy. The category "The penis mightier than the sword," for $100 ... It is spineless, loves oysters, wears beige with purple flecks and fences with its penis.

  • In addition to "What is Richard Simmons?", I believe the other correct question would be "What is a new species of flatworm?"



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Kla$h (1995)

Kla$h (1995) is a Canadian thriller set in Kingston, Jamaica. You need to ask yourself two questions. Do you like dance hall music (sort of a cross between ska and reggae), and do you like Jamaican accents. If the answer is not to either question, pass on this film, as, without the soundtrack and the Jamaican dialgoue, it is a weak crime/heist/double cross plot filmed on zero budget with poor production value. The story is told through the eyes of Giancarlo Esposito, a recovering alcoholic and photographer who is sent to cover a music festival called Klash. He runs into a former flame, Jasmine Guy, who drags him into her underworld, and a plot to steal $1M from the Chinese mob boss who is stealing it from the Klash ticket office, and who has literally branded her as his girl.

Esposito is sort of hip, and not a total loser, but rather a player who has never made it. The bad guys are hard-core bad. Jasmine Guy shows breasts in a dark sex scene. Cedella Marley plays a tough police lieutenant brilliantly.

IMDb readers have this at 4.0. There are no reviews available. I can't recommend this film based on plot, acting, or production value, but you might, like me, enjoy the sounds and the cultural aspects of the location. This is a D.


Jasmine Guy


Air Erotica (2002)

Air Erotica (2002) is a soft-core flick undiscovered by IMDb. Based on the cast, I am guessing it started life as a hard-core sex film, and was cut to make it a hard R. Other than one establishing shot of a plane landing at a small airport, the entire film takes place on two simple sets, one supposedly an airport nightclub where the star works part time, and the other the same woman's living room.

Certainly, it is more like a hard-core plot. A flight student intends to open a charter airline with an inherited prop plane as soon as she gets her license. To give herself a competitive edge, she plans to turn the passenger area into a party, complete with hot stewardesses. The film consists of interviews with applicants for the flight attendant jobs, and sex scenes between the star and her boyfriend, a frequent flyer who is skeptical of her plan.

This is a C, in that all of the women show everything in decent light, the sex scenes have some heat, and there is an overall concept to tie it all together. It is also nice to see some new faces and unenhanced or moderately enhanced body parts. More plot or character development could easily have elevated it to a C+.

It was only by referring to older projects, and a little guesswork, that I was able to identify all four women in the cast, because nothing in the credits equated cast to character. All four women give three B performances in credible sex scenes.

Sandy Sage
Roxanne Hall
Simone Pryce




And now for something completely different. Today we take a look at the "Miss America Pageant".

The new Miss America Jennifer Berry from Oklahoma.

Eudora Mosby, Miss Arkansas.

Shannon Schambeau, Miss District of Columbia

Mari Wilensky, Miss Florida.

Nicole Brewer, Miss Pennsylvania.

Kristi Lauren Glakas, Miss Virginia.

We wrap up today with some tittie from Jenny McCarthy  in "Dirty Love".







Some old some new, all of them borrowed...here are collages of movies that Tuna capped and I strung together.  It is the typical extraordinary range of great-looking gals that Brother Tuna grabs (in a digital sense) every day of the year.

Carole Laure in Preparez vos Mouchoirs Debra Beatty in Witchcraft 6 Frances Raines in Breeders Georgina Donovan in Green River Killers
Gina Paluzzi in The Pig-Keeper's Daughter Heather-Elizabeth Parkhurst in Bikini Summer 3 Irene Montala in Fausto Jackie Nealon in Bikini Summer 3

And a couple other bits of beauty thrown in for fun.


Rhona Mitra from the remake of Spartacus and Scarlett Johansson looking downright breathtaking.







I don't think the following clips need any introduction other than that they comprise all the female nudity from 1990's The Hot Spot. The actresses exposed are Jennifer Connelly, Virginia Madsen and Debra Cole. If you want to know more about this movie please read Scoop's review and Tuna's remarks in the Movie House, since Jennifer didn't seem to have left them speechless :-)
So what do we have in the nudity department?
  • Breasts and buns by Debra Cole and Jennifer Connelly, our Fun House Goddess and Academy Award winning actress.


  • Mostly dark breasts, buns and a few glimpses of her pubes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) if you look very carefully by Virginia Madsen, who for some reason, as Scoop remarked earlier on these pages, didn't have the career she deserved.


A gorgeous nude dancer in a stage play presented on German TV

Herr Haut presents the famous doomed Playmate, Dorothy Stratten, first in Autumn Born, and then in Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time

One of our readers did some caps from the ICMS vids of Natacha Amal in Gialloparma because ... well, because somebody had to do it!

LC has been in the future again, and has come back to show us what's there. His first project is Tinto Brass's latest movie, Monamour, with a monumental amount of nudity from the star, Anna Jimskaia

Also from Monamour, Nela Lucic

LC also came up with a grisly look at Crystal Lowe in Masters of Horror, the episode named "Pick Me Up"