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You're not going to see much J-Lo flesh on Shades of Blue, but she's a mega-star, so we'll share anything that seems sexy. Here she is in episode three.


Features from the Jan 22 episode of Naked News:

an audition from "Ashley"

Natasha Olenski hosts Hollywood XPress

Best Nude Scenes of 2015

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Rebecca Creskoff


B-Scan moves on to an assortment of candid, posed, and out-and-about shots

Today: Olivia Wilde


Film Clips

Loubna Abidar and Halima Karaouane in Much Loved (2015)

Marielle De Rocca-Serra in American Slice (2014) in 720p

Pell James in Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013) in 720p

Rebecca Blumhagen and Sally Golan in The Girl's Guide to Depravity (s1e2) in 720p



Tanya Roberts in The BeastMaster (1982) in 1080hd

Tanya looks like this today (pretty effin' good), at 60

Pics / Collages

Maitland Ward

Rachel Mortensen