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"The Vampire Lovers


Ingrid Pitt and Madeline Smith


Season Three, USA version

Stephanie Fantauzzi collages

Galadriel Stineman collages

Kelly and Victor


Antonia Campbell-Hughes

TV/Film Clips

Rosita Marty in Der Bestatter: Totenwache (2014)

Robin Wright (coochie?) in Adore (2013) in 1080p

Kelly Wenham in Dracula the Dark Prince (2013) in 1080p

Heather Roop and Angel McCord (seen below) in The Sacred (2012)

Anna Foglietta and Lorena Cacciatore in L'amore e imperfetto (2012)

Emme (aka Mariela Vitale) in Rouge amargo (2012)

Catalina Sandino Moreno in The Hottest State (2006) in 1080p

Catherine Deneuve in Le sauvage (1975) in 720p


Carmen Electra. The former Mrs. Rodman is still hot at 41.

Brazilian model Isabel Fontana


Taylor Momsen

Marie Pascale Elfman in Forbidden Zone (1980)

Gisele Lindley in Forbidden Zone (1980)

Susan Tyrell in Forbidden Zone (1980)