TV Round-Up

This will not air until Sunday. Maggie Grace in s6e3 of Californication. (1080hd)

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Aesthete finishes his complete 1080p uncoverage of season one of:

The Girls' Guide to Depravity


Rebecca Blumhagen and Sally Golan

Sally Golan solo



(the series)

Samantha Farrow

Scoop's note: the following are not from Brainscan, but represent a few more from Transporter

Emily Coutts

Marina Tseva


Breaking the Girls


Johnny's remarks:

OK, who's up for some lesbian action?

Breaking The Girls is a thriller that follows Sara Ryan (Agnes Bruckner), a girl currently on a college scholarship to a rich college and she seems to have chemistry with Eric (Shawn Ashmore), much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Brooke (Shanna Collins). One night while working at a bar, she meets Alex (Madeline Zima), but in the process of the night Sara gets fired from her job directly as a result of Brooke. Waiting outside the bar is a drunk Alex who wants Sara to come with, which she reluctantly drives her home because of her state. And they instantly hit it off, which sets back any chemistry with Eric. Over the next few days, Brooke continues to stifle Sara, getting her scholarship cancelled and getting her kicked out of the dorm. Sara moves in with Alex and Sara is about to find out that Alex is fighting her own demons; her mother's died mysteriously and all that is left is her stepfather and his new fling Nina (Kate Levering). One night, Alex hatches a plan of 'criss-cross', she murders Brooke while Sara murders her stepfather, which Sara sort of agrees with. Alex goes ahead and murders Brooke and suspicion falls on Sara who is horrified by this, but Alex has rigged it so that evidence could become available linking Sara to Brooke's murder. So, Sara reluctantly agrees to off the stepfather, but Alex has already killed him and Sara is caught redhanded at the scene. But, this is not over. An obvious knock-off of Strangers on a Train, which I think is Hitchcock's best film (yes, even better than Psycho and Vertigo), Breaking The Girls starts off steady enough and then once Sara is framed, this film goes off the rails so fast with plot twist after plot twist that gets more ludicrous by the minute. Strangers on a Train kept it simple. Breaking The Girls gets itself tangled in a knot, so much so that it doesn't make sense. Oh, what a mess...


Film Clips

Olivia Harris in The Playroom (2013; 720p). She's a newcomer. I don't know anything about her.

Olivia Wilde in Deadfall (1080p)


Melanie Lynskey in Hello, I Must Be Going (2012)

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon and others in Celos (2011)

Camille de Sablet in Holiday (2010)

Valerie Lang, also in Holiday