TV Round-Up

Californication s5e3 had some nudity, but it consisted of anonymous background dancers, so I skipped it.


Shameless s2e3 featured some flesh from several of the characters:

Emmy Rossum

Laura Wiggins

Molly Price and someone else


House of Lies s1e3 featured a crazy scene with Amy Landecker


The magnificent Clemence Poesy was topless in Birdsong (e1, BBC) in 720p

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Peggy Leray in Je Retourne chez ma Mere (2012) in 1440x810 resolution

Manon Klein in American Translation (2011) in 1080p

Lizzie Brochere in American Translation (2011) in 1080p

Darine Hamze in Beyrouth Hotel (2011) in 1080p

Chiara Mastroiani in Les Bien Aimes (2011) in1080p 



Centerfold Showcase


Glori-Anne Gilbert is Jessica Rabbit, without the fuzzy ears and a much bigger tail, none of it cotton.  IMDb says her first role - a very minor one - was in 1996 and by 1998 she was starring in direct to video sexploitation masterpieces that include a couple of Bare Wench Projects and a Breastford Wife or two.  Purpose?  Get Glori-Anne nekkid and let her show off her pneumatic features.  Good plan.  But let us skip the middle man, by which I mean dialogue and other actresses.  Let's just have her strip down to her birthday suit and wiggle 'round a bit.  Better plan.  That's what a group called Southern Shores did in a couple of strip and wiggle videos, made very early in Glori-Anne's career.  One of the videos is called Centerfold Showcase and it has Danni Ashe in it all her gynecological glory, which I will pass along to y'all sooner or later, but first Glori-Anne's contribution is worth some attention.  We have us six separate stripping and wiggling scenes and in a couple of them Glori-Anne gives us a rare view of all her pieces, all her parts.  Yessiree.  So here they are, clips of all six scenes and collages of what they have to offer.  Viewer beware: although captured from a DVD, the original source is obviously VHS.  Had this been HD, instead, I would have 600 collages to send along.

Film clip #1 here.

Film clip #2 here.

Film clips #3,4,5 here.

Film clip #6 here.

Collages/images below

Tomorrow: a clip and two collages of Glori-Anne with a woman named Nathalie in another strip and wiggle video called Blonde Beauties.  The two of them play with food and do some very light lesbotronics. 



The Piano


New Holly Hunter collages

and a classic still frame



Valerie Donzelli in La Guerre Est Declaree (2011) in 1080p

Bai Ling in The Bad Penny (2010) in 720p

Sumonta Muangthai in The Bad Penny (2010) in 720p

Yesterday it was Sofia Vergara in the "making of" film for a 2000 calendar. Today, pretty much the same thing, except for a 2002 calendar.


Megumi Kegurazaka in Guilty of Romance (2011)

Makoto Togashi in Guilty of Romance (2011)

Joni Kamen in Killing Bono (2011)

Natasha Giggs of Big Brother UK

Maria Popistasu in Tuesday, After Christmas (2010)

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in The Abyss (1989)

Sandra Ann Roberts in The Losers (1968)

Toni Basil in Breakaway (uncensored version; 1966)