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A top nude scene of 2010 (#22)

Diane Kruger (samples below)





Black Tie Nights

Concluding the first series of Black Tie Nights, the soft core show about two women, played by Amy Lindsay and Tiffany Bolton, who set up an introduction agency. The stories are trivial but there are lots of beautiful naked women.

Episode 9 - Love Is Blind

Amy Lindsay - topless

Chelsea Chandler - shows the lot


Tiffany Bolton - topless

Episode 10 - The Legend

Amy Lindsay - topless

Daniela Jean Rossler - topless

Kennedy Johnston - topless

Tiffany Bolton - sexy

Episode 11 - Whose Thong Is It Anyway?

Amy Lindsay - topless

Aria - topless

Jenna Dee - shows the lot

Patricia Skeriotis - sexy

Tiffany Bolton - topless

Episode 12 - Internal Affairs

Catherine Sexton - topless

Diana Rio - topless

Tiffany Bolton - topless

Episode 13 - Something Wilder

Amy Lindsay - topless

Ashley Fires - topless

Beverly Lynne- topless

Tiffany Bolton - topless


"The Secret Life of Us"

(TV; series 2; 2002; minimal nudity)

Claudia Karvan film clips

The collages are below:

Abi Tucker film clips

Collage below:




Film Clips

Christa Theret in The Clink of Ice (2010; this time in 1080p; great quality - samples below)

Yoko Shimada in Assignation. 2010. This is kinda sad. You may remember that Yoko starred many years ago in the American TV mini-series Shogun. She has apparently fallen on hard times, so last year she agreed to do this film, which is essentially a sex tape, except that the performers are acting for the camera and the crotches are blurred to conform to Japanese regulations. So what you have here is a 57-year-old woman performing in a fake, censored sex tape. Yeah, kinda sad indeed. (In fairness, one must admit she looks quite good.) The sample below is made from a rip of the entire film, which this clip is not. (Hey, this damned clip is still about a half hour in length, so it's not like you're not getting ripped off.)

Joanna Page in From Hell (2001)

Lisa Berkely in Cover-Up (1991). This one has been dragged out of the vault of obscurity. According to IMDb, this is her only filmed appearance, although she also appeared in a 1988 Playboy pictorial of some kind. Beats me. I don't remember her or this movie.



Jill Clayburgh in Gable and Lombard (no nudity)

Jennifer Garner in Fright Flick (2011). No, not THAT Jennifer Garner.

Valerie Nelson, also in Fright Flick