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"Going Places" (1974)

Going Places (1974) was the film that established Gérard Depardieu as an international star. Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere are pseudo-hippies and petty thugs, who mug old ladies, steal cars, and anything else they can think of for money. The rest of the time, they are running from the police, their victims, etc, or having sex. Miou-Miou plays a frigid woman who ends up being their constant companion. She shows pretty much everything in several scenes. The two run into Brigitte Fossey, a nursing mother on a train. She is traveling to meet her boyfriend for the weekend. They pay her to allow them to play with her breasts. By the time she arrives, she is more than ready for her boyfriend. A 19 year old Isabelle Huppert has a short scene near the end of the film. She is picnicking with her parents when our trio steals their car. She takes the thief's side, and leaves with them. She ends up losing her virginity with them.

There are several references to a nipple exposure from Huppert, but I did not find it in the wide screen version. It is possible that there was one in a 4/3 aspect ration version (look below image 3), or that it was actually the tip of her middle finger (image 2). There is a distant shot of her bush (image 1). This has the necessary ingredients to be my kind of film. Lots of nudity from known women, two anti-establishment heroes who get by on a lot of luck, and decent photography and locations. IMDB readers say 7.4 of 10, and this is the third French comedy in a row that I consider a B.

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    "Roots" (1977)

    Certain events on TV over the years have totally captivated the American public. For example, the first color broadcast of the Rose Bowl parade and the assassinations of Lee Harvey Oswald and Bobby Kennedy left a lasting impression on everyone who saw them. The mini-series, Roots, based on the best seller of the same name by Alex Haley was such an event. Divided into six two hour segments, it was the primary topic of conversation throughout America for the entire 6 weeks. It has now been released on DVD to mark the 25th anniversary of the first showing.

    Alex Haley was raised with a strong sense of, and fierce pride in his heritage. He set out to discover what it was that mode his ancestors so proud and self-reliant, and pass this down from generation to generation. The story starts with Kunta Kinte coming of age in Gambia, a proud young Mandingo warrior. While out hunting for a hollow log to make a drum for his little brother, he is captured by slavers, and taken to America. The story traces 7 generations of the family, most of whom were slaves. WHile it does depict the physical cruelty of slavers, it doesn't emphasize it. Rather, it is the story of how Kunte, and his decedents, never gave up their pride, and their dream of freedam.

    The production was very careful to be historically accurate, even using actual period locations for filming, and recreating Gambia in Savannah Georgia. The photography was top notch as well, but two things make Roots Stand out above nearly everything else that has been on TV. First, the story itself, and second, an amazing cast. Cast members included nearly every accomplished black actor and actress, including Lois Gosset, Moses Gunn, Cicely Tyson, Leslie Ugams and Scatman Cruthers, and the likes of Ed Asner, Lorne Green, Loyd Bridges, George Hamilton, Burl Ives and Sandy Duncan in the white roles.

    While the series was being filmed over a two year period, everyone associated with the project felt they were doing something really important, and the success of the final production justified their feelings. Many of the cast members are close friends to this day. The only nudity was from unidentifed native women, who showed breasts in episode 1 and 2. The DVD set has commentary from original cast and crew for the entire 12 hours, and other featurettes. IMDB readers say 8.8 of 10. Roots won 5 Emmys, a Golden Globe, and many other awards. After 25 years, this amazing saga is as relevant as it was then, and holds up very well. This has to be an A.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)


    Bully is the next chapter in Larry Clark's ongoing effort to chronicle the comings and goings of the American white trash teens for the new millennium. Lotsa nudity and violence and naughty talk.

    The Brotherhood of the Wolf was reviewed by ICMS before it opened in the States. Now that it is playing here, there is some heightened interest in Monica Bellucci's nude scene, so here's my re-take of the ICMS captures. ICMS's original work and his review can be found in the January 10th edition.


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    In the 1970's a company called House Of Milan (HOM) made a slew of bondage flicks that had no sound, only a music background. But they were decent looking flicks, with attractive women in them who took some pretty nasty abuse. Today's addition to the "Babes in Bondage series" is a House of Milan movie called "Sign" which features Sharon Montgomery topless, tied up, groped, and getting the ol' clothes pins on the nipples treatment.

    Very sexy non-nude scans from the pages of FHM. Nothing new here, but these are great images.
    • Liz Hurley, one of my all time favorite Liz poses.
    • Jenny McCarthy, a slight bit of see-thru nipple.
    • Melissa George, #1 has a hint of see-thru nipple. (1, 2)

    Paz Gomez
    (1, 2, 3)

    New topless 'caps by Turtle from the PAL DVD version of the Spanish film "Las razones de mis amigos" (2000)

    Geri Halliwell Ginger Spice showing off more of her new new bod. Very nice bikini 'caps with pokies from one of her newer videos.

    Mary Moore Topless 'caps by DeVo from "Murder at 1600". Unfortunately, she was the victim, and the nudity is brief and at the beginning of the movie. Still, not a bad flick. Dennis Miller has a pointless, but funny sidekick role and Diane Lane looks good as always.

    Pat Reeder The Comedy Wire
    Subject: The Ultimate Funhouse News Story


    Well, here's a story that will have your members dancing with joy, not to mention your member. From IMDB News...

    Jennifer Connelly Happy With Nude Scenes

    Unlike many of her other Hollywood counterparts, Jennifer Connelly is proud of the nude scenes she's done in past movies. The sunning brunette, currently starring as Russell Crowe's wife in A Beautiful Mind, took things to shocking proportions in the gritty art film Requiem For A Dream. In the movie, Jennifer treats viewers to a full-frontal nude scene and her character becomes a drug-addicted prostitute who performs a naked lesbian show, featuring a sex toy, for a roomful of cheering businessmen. And the screen star is happy with her racy past, explaining, "I don't regret anything. Those were formative experiences. I used to be shy and timid. I was a good kid and I wanted to be one, but it can lead to a reserve that can be a little hampering. It's been a gradual unleashing." The actress, who also bared her breasts and buttocks in Waking The Dead, Inventing The Abbotts and The Hot Spot, recently won a Golden Globe for her role as Alicia Nash in A Beautiful Mind.

    Subject: Forest Gimp II

    Handicapping the Oscars...literally. Oh well, at least you can't argue with the headline. From NY Post, Page Six...


    FORGET gladiators and glittering divas - mentally challenged characters are Hollywood's biggest trend this year.

    "Everyone wants someone to play a retard," one politically incorrect producer at Sundance told PAGE SIX last week.

    In addition to likely Oscar-contender "I Am Sam," starring Sean Penn, about a developmentally impaired person, two movies that premiered at Sundance - Brian Austin Green's "Ronnie" and Christina Ricci's "Pumpkin" - are both about people with average I.Q.'s seducing mentally handicapped hotties.

    "It hasn't been this bad since 'Forrest Gump,' " said another producer.

    Tom Hanks isn't the only actor who turned a dim-witted role into Oscar gold. In 1968, Cliff Robertson grabbed the Best Actor trophy for "Charly" and Dustin Hoffman got one for "Rain Man" in 1988. In between, Mickey Rooney scored a Golden Globe in 1981 for his part as a slow old man in "Bill."

    On the other hand, Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi underwhelmed audiences and critics as sexed-up simpletons in 1999's "The Other Sister," and Elizabeth Shue shot herself in the foot that year as well, playing a lovely half-wit in "Molly."

    But Penn's stab at the genre has shocked many of his strongest supporters.

    "Why is Sean Penn doing this c- - -?" demands Paper magazine reviewer Dennis Dermody, who calls "I Am Sam" a "tear-jerking turd of a film."

    "Does an Oscar nomination really mean so much to him?" the critic wonders. "Penn's volatile anti-Hollywood posturing would make you think otherwise." For example, while promoting the saccharine-sweet "I Am Sam," Penn told that the classic "Gone With the Wind" was an "abominable fraud of a movie."

    The craze for "special" characters has even spilled over onto the small screen. On Tuesday, Cinemax premieres "How's Your News?" - a documentary about reporters afflicted with Down's syndrome who "traverse the U.S. doing interviews." The documentary, which is said to be quite funny, was produced by "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    While the intellectually challenged are in vogue this year, some movie insiders point to female facial hair as another burgeoning trend. Two movies at Sundance - "Human Nature" starring Patricia Arquette and "By Hook or By Crook" - both deal with bearded women.

    Ted Hope, who produced "Human Nature," said: "At the end of our movie, Patricia's character does get laser surgery and the hair starts to disappear, but then she's sad because it's like she sold out."