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This week's episode of It's Always Sunny contained a lot of blurred nudity from Natasha Alam and others, or at least a lot of blurring. You can't see any good stuff, but it's some pretty crazy action.

Black Sails resumes this week.

Best Nude Scenes of 2015

The 2015 summary is complete.

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Merrin Dungey


B-Scan takes a break from the models to look at some of his favorite recent nude scenes

Today: Rachel Keller in season two of Fargo


Film Clips

Lisa Wagner and Karolina Lodyga in Kommissarin Heller: Hitzlag (2016) in 720p



Here are Penelope Cruz's topless scenes in Ma-Ma (2016). Fair warning: bad A/R; no sound.

Aniouta Maidel and Nathalie Szubinski (??) in La peur (2015). Another warning: I don't know either of these actresses. Maidel is IDed the same by everyone who has done a clip, but "Nathalie Szubinski" has been identified by some imagers as Marie-Eve Dupont-Plamondon.


the other woman

Rebecca Blumhagen and Sally Golan in The Girl's Guide to Depravity (2012; s1e1) in 720p



A beautiful topless scene (as well as the famous butt shot) from Diane Kruger in the director's cut of Troy (2004), now in 1080hd

Pics / Collages

This picture of Kate Hudson appeared on Instagram

up-and-coming Argentina model Mica Arganaraz