TV Round-Up

Commercials count as TV, right?

If you study this commercial closely, you'll be even more impressed. Yvonne Strahovski in a painted-on swimsuit for SoBe.

A quick summary of Strike Back: Project Dawn in 720p

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.

The Love Boat

Season 4, part 2

The Love Boat ran for about 10 years, from 1977 to 1987. There was no nudity but pokies and cleavage were in abundance. For those who came in late, each episode usually consists of three stories. Two-part episodes sometimes consisted of four or five stories. The characters and The Love Boat's crew generally work within one of those stories.

These collages cover the second half of the fourth season and were first screened in 1982.

Episode 16 Green, But Not Jolly / Past Perfect Love / Instant Family Lauren Tewes - pokies

Tanya Roberts - very sexy

Episode 17 Return of the Captain's Lady / Love Ain't Illegal / The Irresistible Man

Lauren Tewes - nice

Lydia Cornell - bikini

Patricia Klous - sexy

Phyllis Davis - cleavage

Episode 18 His Girls Friday / A Wife for Wilfred / The Girl Who Stood Still

Connie Stevens - nice

Denise Miller - cleavage

Ginny Cooper - bikini

Judy Landers - bikini

Lauren Tewes - cleavage

Lesa Weis - cleavage

Episode 19 New York, A.C. / Live It Up / All's Fair in Love and War

Annette Funicello - nice

Carol Gordon - cleavage

Jensen Collier - cleavage

Jill St. John - sexy

Lauren Tewes - cleavage

Episode 20 Musical, The / My Ex-Mom / The Show Must Go On / The Pest / My Aunt, the Worrier - Part 1

Lauren Tewes - nice

Tracy E. Bregman - sexy

Episode 21 Musical, The / My Ex-Mom / The Show Must Go On / The Pest / My Aunt, the Worrier - Part 2

Tracy E. Bregman - nice

Episode 22 Pride of the Pacific / The Viking's Son / Separate Vacations / The Experiment / Getting to Know You - Part 1

Priscilla Barnes - pokies

Episode 23 Pride of the Pacific / The Viking's Son / Separate Vacations / The Experiment / Getting to Know You - Part 2

Lauren Tewes - cleavage

Michele Lee - cleavage

Priscilla Barnes - pokies

Episode 24 Isaac Gets Physical / She Brought Her Mother Along / Cold Feet

Connie Needham - bikini

Linda Blair - nice

Unknown - sexy

Episode 25 Burl of My Dreams / Meet the Author / Rhymes, Riddles, and Romance

Jill Whelan - nice

Joanna Pettet - sexy

Episode 26 Pal-I-Mony-O-Mine / Does Father Know Best? / An 'A' for Gopher

Denise Nicholas-Hill - cleavage

Kristina Wayborn - bikini

Lynne Moody - cleavage

Patty Dworkin - cleavage

Susan Strasberg - nice

Unknown - nive

Episode 27 April in Boston / Saving Grace / Breaks of Life

Charo - cleavage

Episode 28 A Dress to Remember

Brianne Leary - cleavage

Catherine Parks - cleavage

Markie Post - cleavage

Episode 29 Mothers Don't Do That / Marrying for Money / Substitute Lover

Caren Kaye - cleavage

Judy Landers - bikini

Lousy start for new television season.  A lot of male rear butts while the female co-stars only have to take off their blouses for some fully clothed sex.

The Vow

 (2012; trailer)

The PG rated romance opens in theatres just before Valentine's day.

Rachel McAdams: swimming in underwear.

There may be some female rear nudity but it's body double Pamela Mars filling in as her stunt butt.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: Head Over Heels (s3e02)

Newfie series returns.

Shannon Tweed: cleavage.

 Unlike the Hollywood heayweight Russell Crowe in the previous week's episode Shannon Tweed was actually born in Newfoundland.

Touria Tougui: sexy as hooker.

She was a political candidate for Conception Bay, Newfoundlandland in and looks like she's dressed up for the upcoming NDP leadership convention.

"The Firm"

pilot episode

This series takes place in Canada many years after the 1993 movie based on
the John Grisham novel.

Molly Parker: brassiere only.

Juliette Lewis: sexy.

"The L.A. Complex"

This series is partially inspired by the documentary "Camp Hollywood," which documented a group of Canadian actors and actresses living in a Los Angeles hotel while auditioning for acting roles. A major creep factor was Polly Shannon's interview being constantly interrupted by phonecalls from sleazy Hollywood producers trying to get her to go on a dinner date.

episode: Down in L.A. (s1e01)

This is an upgrade as the MuchMusic website has the episodes with the boobies unblurred.

Chelan Simmons: sideboob as stripper.

Jennifer Mote: sideboob boob as topless babe.

episode: Do Something (s1e02)

 Chelan Simmons: sideboob as stripper changing black brassieres
(as if that was a needed costume change in a strip club.)

Cassie Steele: Degrassi star briefly as lapdancer getting her boob honked.

Misha Highstead: Nekkid News babe shows some sideboob as obligatory stripper.

"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"

episode B.Y.O.B.O.P.E. (Bring Your Own Book Of Pure Evil) (s2e11)

The season and series finale is next week.

Carmen Lavigne: in a brassiere, deflowering Todd.

Adriana O'Neil: cougar cleavage.


season 2
Returns with even more strippers.

episode Blood Is Thicker Than Water (s2e01)

Lee Tomaschefski: sexy but dead
(before becoming the proverbial dead hooker in a car trunk.)

stripper: more tats than a circus carnie.

episode By Their Sins (s2e02)

Jordana Largy: cleavage as strip club waitress.

stripper: sexy.

"Arctic Air"

episode All In (s1e02)

What the Ice Pilots reality series doesn't have is a beautiful daughter of the owner sleeping with the other pilots.

Pascale Hutton: partial boob.

"Hell on Wheels"

season 1 finale

(renewed for season 2, by the way)

April Telek: a ton of cleavage with other uncredited chippies.

The Clown Murders


This movie may have a dumb title but it has several Canadian heavyweights such as John Candy, Al 'The King of Kensington' Waxman and Lawrence Dane who's still acting
today at the age of 75. Tee hee hee... clowns are funny.

Susan Keller: side boob having sex.

You may remember her as the panelist in "This Is the Law" quiz show starring Paul Soles who's the original voice of Spider Man.


The women of The Watermen (2011)

Ashley Myers

Joy Glass

Blakely Bunnell


various actresses in Sommer In Orange (2011) (one vid, separate collages)

Daniela Holtz

Brigitte Hobmeier

Wiebke Puls

Petra Schmidt-Schaller


Jenny Schily in Schlafkrankheit (2011)


The Harold and Kumar Christmas movie in 1080p:

Cassie Keller and Chernise Yvette

Paula Garces

Jordan Hinson


Deep in the Valley (2009) in 1080p

Madison Bauer and Annie Huntley

Brittany Evans

Aubrie Lemon and Jessica Hall


A documentary about the making of a 2000 Sofia Vergara calendar photoshoot. Lots of thong views, plus an occasional stray nipple or sideboob.

The magnificent Maribel Verdu in El Beso del Sueno (1992). Maribel was born 20 years too soon and in the wrong country. Imagine crossing Kate Winslet's talent and willingness to get naked with Kim Kardashian's youth, beautiful face, dark hair, and curvy body. There you have the perfect recipe for Maribel Verdu. Kardashian makes a shitload of money now. Imagine if she looked like that, had talent, got naked, and people actually liked her!


Today's forgotten Italian exploitation classic is Tutta da Scoprire (1981):

Maria Luisa San Jose

Nadia Cassini