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Erotic Short Stories


Erotic Short Stories, or CORTI CIRCUITI EROTICI, is a set of four disks, each of which contains three shorts in the Italian language. This particular disk features stories entitled Voyeur, Quattro and Bendetta Trasgressione.

  • In Voyeur, a young couple checks into a hotel. They proceed to seduce the chambermaid, while the desk clerk watches over closed circuit. It is only when he goes home to his wife with a raging erection that we find out why he was so interested. The chambermaid is played by Raffaella Ponzo, who shows everything.
  • Quattro is the story of two men who go to the red light district in search of something different. One winds up with a transsexual, the other with a normal hooker. The pre-surgery transsexual and the hooker both show everything.
  • Bendetta Trasgressione is the story of a man who runs into his ex-wife in public. She is looking hot, and he admits that when they were married, he fantasized about watching her being double penetrated by two guys. That sounds like her idea of fun, so she picks up two more guys, and takes all three home. The woman, played by Sonia Topazio, shows everything.

Although this project is ambitious and the collection has been supervised by a legendary director of erotica (Tinto Brass), its existence is not widely know. There's no mention of it at IMDb. Obscurity aside, it consists of good couples erotica with interesting themes.

This complete set is available from RLDVDs.com in four all-region PAL disks in Italian with optional English subtitles.

Erotic Short Stories, Part 1 Erotic Short Stories, Part 2 Erotic Short Stories, Part 3 Erotic Short Stories, Part 4


Sonia Topazio

Raffaella Ponzo















Today we have part 2 of Showgirls. Elizabeth Berkley and Rena Riffel, stark naked, working the pole together at the strip club. Caps and a clip.

Riffel alone


Gina Gershon shows off her assets, with lots of topless ladies joining her. Caps and four clips.







Notes and collages


Lesley Ann Warren

Part 3 of 5










If you're a person that quits halfway through a predictable movie, you may bail on this 2007 action thriller too soon. It starts out as a predictable "cop after revenge for his partner's death" flick, then turns the tables on the viewer in the last few minutes.

FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is out for revenge after his partner and family are killed by Rogue (Jet Li), an ex-agent turned assassin-for-hire.

For three years, the hunt continues, and Jack becomes completely obsessed with bringing down the killer. When he does finally come face to face with Rogue, the viewer realizes that nothing is what it has seemed.

The ending made up for the predictable beginning, and it's filled with non-stop action and fight scenes. I had looked forward to this movie, and it wasn't as good as I had hoped for, but is still worth watching.

Meghan Flather







Kicking off a new series. All the clips and caps are of Hefmates.  The caps are old, old, old but the clips are new. 


Kelly Monaco in Late Last Night










Joanna Pacula at age 22 in one of her first screen appearances, in a Communist-era Polish film called Zerwane Cumy. I have made a mental note NOT to watch this film. What complete crap. My Polish sucks, but the title means something like When Ties are Broken. (Literally, Ruptured Moorings)

More from Poland: Marta Klubowicz in Rajska Jablon, a 1986 film also known as The Apple Tree of Paradise.

Brief but impressive nudity from Sylvie Loeillet in Cuisine Americaine (1998)