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Enter The Void


Scoop's note: The eight film clips from this film amount to nearly a gig in size! I placed them in four separate zip files to make the uploading/downloading easier.

Paz de la Huerta #1 (samples below)

Paz de la Huerta #2 (samples below)

Paz de la Huerta #3 (samples below)

Paz de la Huerta #4 (samples below)

A top nude scene of 2010, #20. And this wasn't even her top-rated nude appearance!










Angela Jay

Brainscan's notes:

A few days ago I sent in some caps and a clip from The Deadly Females of a one-hit wonder named Angela Jay. Turns outs she was a Page 3 model who did at least one photoshoot for Mayfair magazine. Here are a few scans of her. As predicted, she had a killer bod.



Film Clips

Kristin Scott-Thomas in Love Crime (2010)

Erika Maroszan in Gloomy Sunday (1999)

Laurence Cote in Les Voleurs (1996)

Laurence Cote in La Bande des quatre (1989)



Jessica Biel's butt hangs out of her suit (not new)

Sunny Leone in The Virginity Hit (2010)


Savannah Welch in The Virginity Hit

Tilda Swinton in Orlando (1992)