Re: Showgirls in Hi-Def ...

"Liz Berkley does an open-legged shot during the lap dance scene, but even on the high def caps she appears to have the genitalia of a Barbie Doll (tm). She was either wearing a crotch patch or dyed her pubic hair blonde."


Re: the third girl in that threesome in The 18 Year Old Virgin ...

"I think her nom du porn is Elli Foxx, best known for the fact that she got her mom into the porn biz. Desi Foxx (the mom) has a website at, where you can see a trailer for "18 Year Old Virgin,"
billed as 'Elli's first mainstream role.'"


Mr. Skin's report from Sundance:


(0:32) We see Shannon Kane in the bedroom screwing somebody. She's on top riding him and as we get closer we can see her right breast. She's with Richard Gere and when they go for a second round with him providing oral, she's on her back and we can see both of her breasts. We'll see her breasts briefly again in the other room.

(0:42) We see various naked breasts as women are handling product in a drug operation.

(1:32) Shannon Kane is in a sheer red nightgown and we can see her breasts and brief bush through them.


(0:01) Jordan Ladd is being screwed by a guy. The camera slowly pulls back on them in bed to see him on top thrusting. Her good parts are covered, but the scene ends with her pulling her legs towards her chest (as she™s trying to get pregnant) and we get a full shot of her body, if conveniently covered.

(0:38) Gabrielle Rose opens her shirt in bed. Her husband begins kissing her chest. She then pulls her right breast out for him to suck on.


(0:06) Amber Heard is screwing a guy in bed. We get a great shot of her breasts and then brief buns as we see she's on top of him. She's rolls over on the bed and we continue to get fabulous shots of her breasts. Nice long scene.

(0:19) We get a small glimpse of Kim Basinger's panties just uncovered while she's lying in bed.

(0:25) Amber Heard is dancing around in black panties to a music video which we see from behind. Then we see another great shot of her breasts. She then lies down on the floor in just her panties and the camera slowly goes up her body including her breasts which we continue to see as they begin to make out.

(0:30) There's a girl in white panties sitting on the floor watching the news and then a music video in the rock star's room. After a meeting the girl gets up in her panties and walks with the rocker into the bedroom. (Again, no name and nothing in the credits.)

(0:33) Amber Heard is sunbathing topless. We see her breasts lying down in just her bikini bottoms..

(0:34) Amber Heard is still topless flirting with some guys and then leaving with them.

(0:35) Amber Heard is in the middle of a foursome with two guys and another girl. And we see Heard's breasts briefly.


(1:02) Brittany Snow lays down on the floor in front of an open window where a cool breeze is blowing. She pulls down her pajama bottoms just underneath her hips, revealing her panties. She then proceeds to touch herself and masturbate.

(1:12) A pretty intense makeout session with Brittany Snow climbing all over Adam Scott in her pajamas turns into an intense screw when he pushes her against the wall. She pulls down her bottoms getting to her panties which she also removes so she can wrap her bare legs around Scott while he pumps. (Check out the end of this scene closely as Scott moves away just enough for us to see what could be a dark view of Snow's crotch area.)


(0:07) After Ashton Kutcher is done screwing Anne Heche, she's on her back in the bed and moves the blanket so we can see her left breast.

(0:11) During a montage when Kutcher is screwing Anne Heche, we see his head between her legs eating her out. We can see her buns in a thong. Also a shotwhere he's doing her from behind with his hands down her panties and one with Heche in black bra and panties sitting on a chair trying to entice Kutcher.

(0:22) Rachel Blanchard is sitting on the edge of a bathtub without any clothes. We see her right breast and buns on the edge of the tub. She asks Kutcher, who is in the tub, if he wants to shave her. He comes over to her and with her legs spread open, he begins shaving her crotch, although it's just covered by her thigh.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









The L-Word

Season 6, episode 1

Hot off the presses. This is airing now!

The caps and clips are 1280x720

The nudity is rather coy in this episode, but the sex scenes are hot enough.

Guinevere Turner. Collages below.

Kate French. Collages below.

Mia Kirshner. Collages below.









Love this woman! Natasha Henstridge baring the boobs ... oh so hot.

Caps and three short clips.








Corporate Fantasy


 (Continuing with my assortment of film clips, mostly third party web finds.)

The final part of the Tracy Ryan salute.









The Executioner's Song


Scoop's notes: somebody needs to issue this in a good quality, uncensored DVD. What we have had to work with has been unsatisfactory, especially considering it is Rosanna in her prime. (And actually a fairly good movie based on a non-fiction work by Norman Mailer.)

Rosannna Arquette. Film clip here

Samples below:







Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

Nikki Cox. Season one continued.

s1, e12

s1, e13

s1, e14







Oscar: A Surrealistic Passion


Film clips


Isabel Prinz  (sample right)
Paula Bontempi  (sample right)
Victoria Abril (samples right)







My Best Friend's Girl


The unrated Blu-ray version of this hilarious romantic comedy has over 10 extra minutes, and I feel fairly safe in guessing that most of those minutes consist of profanity, because just about everyone including the flower girl talked dirty. More importantly, though, it was really funny, almost an anti-romantic comedy. What it certainly was not was your normal cutesy romantic pap.

Tank is a professional asshole. No, really. He is a customer service rep for a company whose philosophy is "no refunds" regardless, and Tank excels at his job, to the point that he trains the other reps. He always manages to convince the customer that they really do want their worthless air purifier, which is basically just a fan in a box.
As a side job, Tank is hired by friends who have lost their girlfriend. His mission is to date the ex-girlfriends, and be so obnoxious that he drives them back into the arms of their ex-boyfriend. Again, Tank is very good at his job.
This is a funny and racy comedy that I really enjoyed. Unless you're offended by major profanity, I think most will like it. As I said, it is kind of an anti-romance.

Kate Hudson Diora Baird Jacqui Holland






"Wild Roses"

episode: "Sisters and Brothers"

Kristen Hager: black bra and panties.


"Rent a Goalie"

season 3

Inga Cadranel: cleavage in episode "The Cheesemaker's Oath"

Sarain Boylan: nipple tweaking and upskirt in episode "Ham in a Pram"



"Web Dreams"

Showcase porn documentary. Maxine X plays a fetish actress trying to break into mainstream porn
which is sort of like moving from Nunavut to Alaska in order to get away from the cold.

Maxine X: nude shooting hardcore video

hardcore: the actual video


"The Best of Bizarre"

volume 9

Annie McAuley: another topless Byner babe



Before becoming a Naked News correspondant, Athena King was fetish model going by her real name Sophia Gerodimos

nude in her only known movie "Zombie Beach Party" (2003)

3 modeling pics









Valeria Ciangherotti in The Wind of Fear

Marta Higareda in The Wind of Fear

Maria Malo in The Wind of Fear

Here is some very nice detective work by Mr Skin. Some brief nudity in a network TV mini-series (Captains and Kings) - and it may be the first-ever nudity scene from Beverly D'Angelo, however slight it may be.

In addition to the unexpected areolae from the beautiful Mrs Griswold, Barbara Parkins also has some near-nudity in Captains and Kings. I remember watching this, but don't remember the nudity. Oh, I know it has been 30 years, but you'd think I'd remember seeing D'Angelo do that scene above. Anyway, here's Parkins:

Some more TV nudity. Some modest flashes of skin from Toni Collette in the pilot for The United States of Tara,

A see-through from Kelly Cuoco. She has been a regular on about a bazillion TV shows. Check out the math on the shows below: 236 episodes in seven years! She doesn't take a lot of time off.

  1. "The Big Bang Theory" (2007) TV series .... Penny (30 episodes, 2007-2009)
  2. "Monster Allergy" (2006) TV series .... Elena Potato (31 episodes, 2006-2008)
  3. "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" (2004) TV series .... Brandy Harrington (77 episodes, 2004-2006)
  4. "Charmed" (1998) TV series .... Billie Jenkins (22 episodes, 2005-2006)
  5. "8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter" (2002) TV series .... Bridget Hennessy (76 episodes, 2002-2005)
    ... aka 8 Simple Rules (USA: new title)

A see-through from Brooke Shields


A complete nipple exposure from red-hot Marisa Miller

Tabitha Taylor in Shut Up and Shoot

A legend in her youth: Sophia Loren



Film Clips

Arielle Dombasle and about a gazillion unknowns in Gradiva (sample right)

Kristin Bauer in Glory Daze (sample right)

Gwyneth Paltrow in her latest nude scene, in Two Lovers. This one has not been released yet! (Feb 19th, per IMDb)