I don't have a lot to add to Tuna's comments below, just a couple of minor observations:

(1) I took no pleasure from the film at all. Most films, even poor ones, leave us with some rewarding moments: a memorable scare, a good laugh or song, a story that keeps us glued to the set, a good feeling, a bit of education ... something. I really didn't find any such moments in this film. The storyline and character development are predicable, and there is nothing especially memorable to take away from it. If you were recalling this with friends five years from now, it would be hard to pin down in terms of: "You know, the one with the ..."

(2) Let it be said that it is quite a competent film. If you could take it back to 1969 in a time machine and claim it as your own, you'd probably win some awards. But this is not 1969, and I didn't feel like the film had anything new to offer 2007.

The reviews were remarkably good, 62% of them positive, according to Rotten Tomatoes. It's a 69 at Metacritic, with no score below 50 and the best review being an absolute love letter from Hollywood Reporter. On the other hand, that periodical said, "Joshua will win critical accolades and draw superbly through word-of-mouth." Yeah, right ... if a total domestic gross of a half million dollars can be called superb.

Here are the Vera Farmiga film clips to go with Tuna's captures.



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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Joshua is a psychological horror film about a disturbed child, in the manner of The Bad Seed, The Omen, and Rosemary's Baby. It is clear from the opening scene that nine-year-old Joshua is a creepy kid. He is practicing a spooky Bartok piece for a school recital. His grooming is impeccable, his diction precise, and he wears a tie around the house. He is precocious, excels in school, and is about to be promoted two grades.

He is also sick to death of his new baby sister. This doesn't bode well for the family.

When his fundamentalist grandmother and the rest of the family sing the baby to sleep, he has had enough, and vomits. From then on, he systematically gives his mother post-partum depression and eventually gets her committed. Then he kills his grandmother and gets his dad jailed. As the film ends, he is starting to work on his uncle.

The film is dark from start to finish, with an innocent baby, who is sort of a non-entity/victim, surrounded by unpleasant characters: the creepy Joshua, the terminally depressed mother, and the screwed up religious mother-in-law. The entire scenario is made still darker by the fact that the adults don't really see what's coming and never have a chance against the insidiously clever kid.

I won't be watching Joshua again. For my money, it was just a hugely depressing and unrewarding film.

Vera Farmiga, as the mother, shows her left breast attaching a breast pump, and buns in revealing panties.













Today we visit a film nudity classic, Showgirls. Former "Saved By The Bell' star Elizabeth Berkley went in the opposite direction from her TV image by revealing every inch of her body in this skin-fest.

Caps and ten clips.








Notes and collages


Lesley Ann Warren

Part 2 of 5









Kicking off a new series. All the clips and caps are of Hefmates.  The caps are old, old, old but the clips are new. 


Jessica Lee in a Mystique disk called H2-OOOOH










La Lohan and the wind cooperate to expose a surprisingly taut bum

A nice collage of Nicole Richie's famous runway flash.

Three nice ones of Monica Bellucci

Johnny Moronic captures Ilona Elkin in Eternal, Film clips here, collages right.
Three film clips from "The L Word," Season 5, Episode 2. And in high definition 720p! Sample collages to the right in each case.

First Katherine Moenning and Alberta Mayne

L Word #2: Katherine Moenning and Linda Boyd

L Word #3: Rachel Shelley and others.

Some fun in high definition. There's no actual nudity in this scene of Winona Ryder fucking a ventriloquist dummy in The Ten, and it's a massive 85 meg download, but I enjoyed the hell out of it! Winona sells it thoroughly.