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Aesthete's continuing complete 1080p uncoverage of season one of:

The Girls' Guide to Depravity


Sally Golan

Alison Whitney





Maria Zyrianova



le movie (2012)\

Movie based on the Quebec television series of the same name which is a knockoff of Les Sopranos.

Rachelle Lefevre: sexy but considering she's a gangster moll she's dressed up like a nun in Nunavut.


 die series

The series is already available on DVD in Germany.
Here’s some of the overlooked guest stars.

Jessica Rimmer aka Jessica Phillips: very sexy.

 Tattiawna Jones: upskirt, sexy.

Jennifer Krukowski: very nice legs.

Brigitte Kingsley: cleavage.

Athena Karkanis: sexy.

Elena Juatco: very sexy as masseuse.

stripper: unknown nude.

"Lost Girl"

 episode: "Subterrfaenean" (s3e02)

Anna Silk: flashing some butt during lesbian scene.

Zoie Palmer: flashing a whole boob during lesbian scene.

Rachel Skarsten: very sexy in first appearance in recurring role.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "Blood Work" (s4e02)

Krystin Pellerin: sexy as undercover crack ho.

bikini: male cast does a perv walk though swimming room changeroom and the women take even less notice than the ones in the strippers changeroom last week.

"Mr. D"

 episode: "Part Time Job" (s2e02)

Isabelle Beaupre: sexy.

unknowns: sexy. They look like the crackhoes with Krystin Pellerin above.

"Bomb Girls"

episode: "The Enemy Within" (s2e3)

Anastasia Phillips: bra and panties.


New CBC series having nothing to do with the MAD magazine knockoff.

episode: "How the Light Gets In" (s1e01)

Simone Steane: model sexy as jogger.

episode: "Fallen" (s1e02)

Ava Himmel: sexy but dead.

"Unite 9"

le tv series (s1e15)

Suzanne Clement: stripped down to her brassiere with other unidentified prisoners.

"Memoires vives"

le tv series (s1e02)

Maude Guerin: sexy get her boobs honked in threesome.

Catherine Renaud & Marie-Evelyne Baribeau: lesbian action.

"Living in Your Car"

 episode: "Chapter Four" (s1e4)

Kerry Lai Fatt: very nice butt.

"MTV's Buckwild"

week 3

Shae Bradley: this week it's her turn to flash her pixelated boobs.


Film Clips

Amanda Alch in Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012) in 720p

Kaia Varjord in 90 Minutter (2012) in 1080p

Isild Le Besco in Au fond des bois (2010)

Katrin Hess in Romeos (2011)

Liv Lisa Fries, also in Romeos


Elena Anaya in Hierro (2009)

Ava Gaudet in Evil Angel (2009)