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The Naked Bunyip


In 1970, censorship in all of the arts was extreme in Australia, and their domestic film industry was all but dead. John B. Murray decided to have a go at proving that there was a market for Australian film, and came up with the idea of a sex documentary, calculated to have wide prurient interest, and to also show the censorship situation for what it was. He got Graeme Blundell to star as a virginal market researcher assigned to the sex angle on a major study of Australian mores. Blundell interviewed hookers, massage workers, photography models, figure study models, transexuals from Les Girls, homosexuals (male and female), and anyone else who had something to say about nudity, sex, procreation, abortion, fashion trends, etc.

The censors responded as predicted, and demanded several cuts. Rather than actually remove the footage, Murray left it in, but inserted a picture of a bunyip (a mythical aboriginal demon) over the objectionable videos, and the sound of a horn over the censored audio segments. The censor was furious, but Murray had made a strong point about censorship. In a few short years Australia became one of the more liberal countries. The Naked Bunyip is thus a seminal work of the modern Australian film industry.

By the way, it was a huge financial success.

The subject matter now is hardly shocking, and the nude content is in the ho hum arena, so the film is of interest primarily to those interested in learning about the historical context.  The DVD therefore includes the censored footage and a 28 minute featurette about how the film came to be. The complete package is fascinating for those inclined to be interested in the subject matter. For further reading, there are also many on-line articles about this film, including this good one.

Available from on a region-free PAL.

The Naked Bunyip

Mishka Buhler, as one of the figure models, does full frontal and rear. Carlotta, from Les Girls, shows breasts. Several other women show body parts, but could not be identified.



Mishka Buhler










Downloading Nancy


Well, we had to go to a wedding yesterday, so not much time to get anything done, but we did play around with Scoop's trailer from Thursday's edition of Maria Bello in "Downloading Nancy." Why would I do that you ask, because Maria is a topless "Babe in Bondage"!

Nuff said, so here's more of Maria.









Notes and collages


Lesley Ann Warren

Part 1 of ??









Kicking off a new series. All the clips and caps are of Hefmates.  The caps are old, old, old but the clips are new. 


Julie Cialini in Watchful Eye









Good Luck Chuck

A funny premise doesn't always lead to a funny comedy, the main problem with this 2007 effort. In addition, two competing themes actually got in the way of one another, especially when they dropped one in the middle of the movie.

When Charlie was 10, he played spin-the-bottle at a party, and when he refused to kiss a scary goth girl, she placed a curse on him that said that every woman he sleeps with would marry the next man she meets, while he will never find true love.

Grown up and a successful dentist, Charlie has a healthy love life, but nothing ever turns serious, although his exes always seem to get married.

At a wedding for his most recent ex, Charlie meets Cam (Jessica Alba), a beautiful penguin trainer who has only one slight flaw: she's extremely accident-prone. This in itself was a cute bit, but they dropped it about halfway through the movie, kind of like they decided "let's not do this bit anymore". That made the movie very uneven.

Aside from Cam's clumsiness, the bulk of the movie was devoted to Charlie's "problem", and the unrated version is just loaded with nudity. Charlie's growing love for Cam and his quest to avoid the problem of her falling in love with the next guy was amusing, but the movie really failed to deliver a solid comedy. The best thing about it was the nudity, and that's a sad comment on the overall product. Close, but no cigar.

Annie Wood Carrie Fleming Chelan Simmons Jessica Alba
Michelle Andrew Simone Bailly Susan McClellan Kari-Anne Wood
Viviana Dal Cengio Yasmine Vox Tava Smiley Victoria Bidewell






American Pie Presents: Beta House

(2007) (V)

From the "hope to see more of her" department. The uncredited redhead  model who later shows up as a venus girl at the geek olympics is Canadian Hefmag model Pamela Mars. Mmmm... marshmallows.


Now some near skinless grade-D Canadian horror movies ...



Beth Conacher


Population 436


Charlotte Sullivan




The White Dog Sacrifice


Kathleen Munroe







Film clips:

A couple of new 2008 films still to be released:

Jessica Alba in The Eye. Release date: February 1st. OK, there's not much to see, but it's Jessica Alba. Sadly, even the body doubling is incompetent. Notice the lack of continuity between the close-up of her in the shower and the long shot through the frosted shower glass. On the other hand, you later see some plumber's crack which does appear to be La Alba. (Although it may also be a double because the owner of said crack cannot be ascertained.)

Leonor Watling in The Oxford Murders. There's no cheating on this one, and Leonor is notably gorgeous, but there is a down side. The video is small and kinda crappy. This is an English-language film starring John Hurt and Elijah Wood, but it was a Spanish production and so far has only been released in Spain, where it premiered Friday. No news yet on a release in the UK or USA.

Speaking of Alba, this is an interesting little item from a German TV broadcast showing how Alba's skimpy bikini in Into the Blue was expanded with CGI to get the film a PG-13 rating in the USA, The good news is that it shows us what the European version looks like, and that means lots more of Alba's rumpus.

And Kira Reed in more hardcore, this time with porno veteran Billy Glide.