Brokeback Mountain (2005)

I think you all know what this is. Brokeback Mountain, aka Homos on the Range, Ang Lee's Gay Caballero movie.

If these guys give up sex with Anne Hathaway, they are definitely gay.


Anne Hathaway.


Michelle Williams.


The Golden Globes:

The one celebrity whose golden globes (actually milky white ones) fell out of her dress was Ariane Sommer

Here's a very nice summary of the Golden Globe action, with excellent quality images


Other Crap:

One of our favorite movies, Showgirls, takes off on the New York Stage! (As a comedy review!)

Leif Garrett and Nicolette Sheridan - in better days

The teaser-poster for Silent Hill. Pretty cool!

"If the Golden Globes are any indication, this year's Academy Awards race is going to be a political affair."

Scarlett Johansson Picture Gallery.

  • I noticed that they are not all labeled properly. The caps allegedly from The Island, for example, are actually from A Love Song for Bobby Long. No matter. The point is to look at pictures of the curviest young starlet in the biz

The Encyclopedia of world perfumes

  • I don' know why you might want this info, but it is impressive. They list 7,885 different brands.

If I'm not mistaken, Kramer got this guy's license plate.

Colbert: "The Word" - Colbert reasons that you don't need a lot of knowledge if you put a lot of anger behind those few things you do know.

Colbert Report: Bring 'Em Back or Leave 'Em Dead: Teacher's Edition

"Former head of the CIA James Woolsey talks to Jon Stewart about poison-tipped umbrellas."

The Daily Show's Dan Bakkedahl profiles a man at odds with both the world and a panhandler in an Elmo costume.

Two trailers and a zillion clips from Nanny McPhee

  • "Emma Thompson, whose first screenplay won the 1995 Oscar for 'Sense and Sensibility,' returns to screenwriting with 'Nanny McPhee,' a motion picture adaptation of the 'Nurse Matilda' books by Christianna Brand."

The trailer for Silent Hill

  • "'Silent Hill' is based on the Konami game in which Rose (Mitchell) desperately searches for her lost daughter in the mysterious, terrifying town of Silent Hill, where they are trapped."

Wicked Wilson Pickett, best known for songs like 'In The Midnight Hour' and 'Mustang Sally,' dead at 64

WTF??? Good news! It's the second anniversary of Porn Star Karaoke

Something Awful's Fashion SWAT is back from a brief hiatus with a look at some of the worst video covers Mexico has to offer. (Strange, as always.)

Good news and bad news for Johnny Cicco

  • The good news: he's engaged to Lena Headey and has a part in the new Scorsese movie
  • The bad news: he's playing a Sad Sack of Shit (no kidding!)


  • So it's patriotic to read WWN? This makes me the Patrick Henry of the new millennium

The latest on the Panther cheerleader scandal in Tampa Bay

The Top 10 reasons people leave their jobs

Another NBA player heads into the stands

  • This time the player may have had some reason. Antonio Davis was ejected during overtime when he went into the stands because he thought he saw a fan threatening his wife.
  • Justified or not, it was costly. After his ejection, his team lost by 2.
  • Davis is president of the NBA players' association!!

Update on "Indiana Jones and the Early-Bird Buffet"

  • And you thought Indy was crotchety when he was young!!

Reflecting back on 10 years of

"Top Ten Adult Versions of Oscar Winners"

  • Great article about real movies. Check out the DVD cover for the XXX Titanic parody

Who was the hot Italian chick who wanted to bang Dr. Jack on Lost? Monica Barladeanu

  • She was credited as Monica Dean. A quick Google search brought her Italian name, Monica Barladeanu. Dang, the girl is hot. For some see-throughs, look in the wallpapers

Letterman: Top Ten Signs The Guy In The Cubicle Next To You Is Michael Jackson

  • There's a llama tethered to the water cooler
  • Only cubicle that has a ferris wheel
  • Borrows your Wite-Out to touch up his face
  • They canceled "Bring Your Child to Work Day"

VIDEO: Scarlett Johansson Gets Felt Up at the Golden Globes

Your tax dollars at work. Two Secret Service agents and several U.S. Department of Justice Investigators' were detailed to probe a teen prank.

  • Oops. There goes the latest sequel to Revenge of the Nerds.
  • In other DOJ news, a thousand agents have been taken off Osama duty and assigned to the team which keeps teenage hijinks under control - the legendary "Wedgie Squad"
  • Ya know, if I were in high school today, I'd have to turn in my reports from prison.

"The Bush administration on Wednesday asked a federal judge to order Google to turn over a broad range of material from its closely guarded databases."

Winners of the Ig-Nobel Prize, 2005 (and earlier years)

The Top 65 Music Videos of 2005 (with vids)

Magazine covers from the future

Bryce Dallas Howard is in negotiations to play Peter Parker's love interest Gwen Stacy in 'Spider-Man 3'

The teaser and a behind-the-scenes featurette from Dreamgirls

  • "Based on the Tony Award-winning musical, 'Dreamgirls' is set in the turbulent late 1960s and early '70s and follows the rise of a trio of women -- Effie (Jennifer Hudson), Deena (Beyonce Knowles) and Lorrell (Anika Noni Rose) -- who have formed a promising girl group called The Dreamettes. At a talent competition, they are discovered by an ambitious manager named Curtis Taylor, Jr. (Jamie Foxx), who offers them the opportunity of a lifetime: to become the back-up singers for headliner James 'Thunder' Early (Eddie Murphy). Curtis gradually takes control of the girls' look and sound, eventually giving them their own shot in the spotlight as The Dreams. That spotlight, however, begins to narrow in on Deena, finally pushing the less attractive Effie out altogether. Though the Dreams become a cross-over phenomenon, they soon realize that the cost of fame and fortune may be higher than they ever imagined."

"ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS CALLS CHOCOLATE CITY UNFEASIBLE ... New Orleans Would Be in Constant Danger of Melting"

The Constant Gardener heads up the BAFTA Award Nominations with 10

  • Capote and Brokeback Mountain were just behind with nine each
  • George Clooney wil compete against himself - he got TWO supporting actor nominations, one for Syriana and one for Good Night and Good Luck. He was also nominated in the Best Director category
  • Judi Dench was nominated for the - I think - 20th time. She has won 9 of the previous 19. In three cases she has been nominated for more than one in a single year.

The Daily Show: Rampant Buggery ... "The FBI is somewhat annoyed for having to spy on all your boring-ass phone calls."

JoBlo's Sundance Preview

"This page is a compilation of the most shocking and sought-after photographs that I have taken at rallies and other political events in Northern California."

Four clips from Final Destination 3

The trailer for London

  • "When Syd (Chris Evans) learns that his ex-girlfriend London (Jessica Biel) is leaving New York without telling him, he responds by impulsively crashing her going away party. Once there though, rather than confront her, he holes up in the bathroom with a pile of cocaine and Bateman (Jason Statham), an enigmatic Englishman he barely knows. As the two engaged in a drug-fueled conversation that runs the gamut from anarchy to S&M to the meaning of life, Syd struggles to work up the nerve to talk to London before it is too late. Chris Evans ('Fantastic Four'), Jessica Biel ('Stealth'), Jason Statham ('Transporter 1 & 2'), Joy Bryant ('The Skeleton Key'), Isla Fisher ('Wedding Crashers'), Kelli Garner ('Thumbsucker') and comedian Dane Cook star in this twisted and obsessive love story as a group of hip, wealthy twentysomethings who share a love of cocaine and partying. Featuring all new music by The Crystal Method."

Trailer: Friends With Money -

  • "Friends with Money" is the telling new comedy from the acclaimed writer/director Nicole Holofcener. Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack and Catherine Keener star as a quartet of west coast, life-long friends who have achieved a level of comfort in their lives and have now settled into a life of designer clothes, charity events, and caring for the men (and offspring) in their lives. But as they approach 'a certain age,' unsettling things are starting to throw their comfortable lives off balance.

    There's Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) who, reaching a personal crisis, has quit her teaching job and is now cleaning houses for a living. She is looking for support - fiscal and emotional - from her more well-heeled acquaintances and continues her search for a significant other among the slim pickings on offer. Jane and Aaron (Frances McDormand and Simon McBurney) are successful designers whose marriage has reached a pivotal point in which the pair have become oblivious to each other's concerns, and perhaps even to their own natures. Christine and her husband Patrick (Catherine Keener and Jason Isaacs) are a professionally partnered, screenwriting couple whose latest projects - co-writing a script and expanding their house - raise tensions at home to a new level. Franny and Matt (Joan Cusack and Bob Stephenson) are the independently wealthy ones, raising their two children amidst an abundant lifestyle that calls their united front of a partnership into question.

    As the couples move from one get together to another, a group portrait begins to emerge of people in like and love with one another, in various configurations. Friends with Money is a modern comedy drama about contemporary adults in search of love, friendship, and filthy lucre but finding everything in a state of constant flux.

"Andrew Sullivan teaches Stephen Colbert about blogging, the coward's tool."

Colbert Report's "the word" for the day: Old School

  • "Which is clearer, 'I am the Lamb of God,' or 'Build a boat quick, I'm gonna drown the entire world'?"



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




The Conversation (1974)

The Conversation was conceived, written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The idea started when he thought about using repetition within a film as a plot device, and then hit upon the perfect method to use this plot device. This is the sort of "personal film" that he had always really wanted to make, and he had it in mind for years, but he couldn't even finance The Conversation until the Godfather made him the greatest thing since sliced bread. He wanted to make more films like this, but was forced by subsequent financial pressures to make commercial blockbusters instead.

Gene Hackman plays the greatest wiretapper and eavesdropper in the world. He developed his own electronics, and is a legend in the industry. As the film opens, he is eavesdropping on a conversation between a young couple in bustling Union Square. This scene was filmed and recorded just as if the movie company had been real eavesdroppers. Afterwards, the Hackman character expertly combines and mixes the filtered output of several recordings into one intelligible one. When he goes to deliver the tape and get paid, the "Director" isn't there, and the paranoid Hackman won't turn the tape over to an underling. He becomes convinced that the young couple is in mortal danger, probably from the agency who hired him to make the tape. As events unfold, we hear the recording time after time, but with new knowledge each time, we interpret it differently each time we hear it. We hear "The Conversation" in the beginning of the film, but I doubt that anyone arrives at the logical conclusion ahead of schedule.

Hackman's portrayal of a terribly flawed paranoid genius was spot-on, and Coppola's idea of repetition worked perfectly here. The underlining theme of the erosion of personal privacy is even more valid now than it was in the mid 70s, making the film age very well. It is in the all-time top 250 at IMDb, and I call it a strong "B"


Elizabeth MacRae


Prime Cut (1972)

Chicago mob enforcer Lee Marvin goes to Kansas City to collect a debt from Mary Anne (Gene Hackman) and his brother, who use a meat packing company as a front for prostitution, white slavery and narcotics. As an extra complication, Hackman is now married to Angel Tompkins, who has a romantic history with Marvin.

In the most original scene, Marvin breaks in on a special "cattle auction" where naked women are displayed in cattle stalls and sold to the highest bidder. Hackman evidently has an exclusive arrangement with a woman who raises orphans on federal funds to purchase the attractive girls when they turn 18. He dopes them up, and auctions them off. Marvin takes one (Sissy Spacek) when he leaves.

It is a classic "good gangster vs. bad gangster" film which consists of chases and shootouts. Marvin's typical screen personality is perfect for this role, and Hackman, always an effective villain, shows nothing but disrespect - for the Chicago mob; for the orphans he buys from an orphanage and sells into slavery; for everyone except his stupid brother weenie. It has a lot of visual appeal, good characters, great nudity, and more than enough pace and plot to keep me interested. C+


Sissy Spacek

Janet Baldwin

Angel Tompkins





Today the old Time Machine takes you back to 1993 for Married People, Single Sex -  another "Really Bad Movie" with nudity.

Darla Hahn starts us off and she reveals all the goodies for us .

Chase Masterson is top-billed, and here's that rule again as she manages to show us almost nothing. She does have  great legs though. She also has a kind of rough sex scene while still exposing nothing.

Shelley Michelle is not bashful as she shows off the hooters while playing a stripper and after she takes a guy home.






Three things I noticed when Drew Barrymore walked onto the stage at the Golden Globes: she had put on maybe 110 pounds since last I saw her, and  she wasn't wearing a bra. 

Here are some photos to confirm all three. 








Alexandria, April, Chanelle, Chrissy Snow, Jacqueline Dion, Juliette, Naughty by Nature and Venus De Light are from a Strip Search tape I have that shows some of the best looking strippers from several different clubs across America and Canada, Chanelle is my favorite of the batch.




Chrissy Snow

Jacqueline Dion


Naughty by Nature

Venus De Light

Then caps from Hollywood Sexcapades

Angela Davies

Beverly Lynne


The Classic Adult film is Kinky Business, an adult version of Risky Business...Enjoy.

Crystal Breeze

Ginger Lynn

Laurie Smith

Lois Ayres

Tanya Lawson


And Linda Hamilton in Separate Lives





Spanish celebrity special

* Caps from Diario de una becaria:

      - Daniela Costa

* Caps from La Spagnola:

      - Lola Marceli

* Caps from Ninette

      - Elsa Pataky


      - Mar Regueras


* Caps from El Calentito

      - Ruth Díaz

      - Macarena Gómez

      - Verónica Sánchez



From the is Monet Mazur in Stoned (2005).

Tuva Novotny, also from Stoned.

Caroline Ducey, who did such controversial nudity in Romance X back in 1999, doing a much more subtle nude scene in 2002's La Cage

Annelene Terblanche in Lord of War, Special Edition

Pat's comments in yellow...

The Drudge Report claims that Steven Spielberg is furious with Universal Studios for devoting so much time and money to promoting "Brokeback Mountain" while letting his movie "Munich" languish.  An insider griped that "Brokeback" has been "spoiled, spoiled and spoiled again with endless promotion" for Oscars.  Universal denied that, but the "Munich" source told Drudge, "Gay romance is easier to sell to the Academy than a complex study of an Israeli assassin."

*  That's because the typical Academy voter has never spent a weekend on
Catalina Island with an Israeli assassin.

*  Spielberg knew he should've made those Israeli assassins gay.

The dream is over: the National Enquirer reports that Bobby Brown has been hitting on girls and telling them he and Whitney Houston are separated and getting divorced.  A family insider said, "Bobby knows he's running out of time to get back on top, so if he's going to be successful, he has to do it without Whitney."

*  Yeah, that's Bobby's problem: Whitney Houston is holding him back!

*  Bobby's been telling girls he's separated since the day they were

*  How can they split up?  They share so many connections: a heroin
connection, a coke connection, a crack connection...