Shampoo (1975) anyone who new that Goldie Hawn's Shampoo was being released could have predicted that I would cap it, even though Goldie shows only panties. Lee Grant won Best Supporting Actress Oscar, and shows breasts in the opening scene of the film. Warren Beatty is a hair dresser, an occupation he chose because he could spend all day fondling women. Hawn is his girlfriend, but he is also doing Lee Grant. He wants to borrow money to open his own shop. When the bank turns him down, Grant suggests to her rich investor husband, Jack Warden, that he should invest. Turns out Beatty is not only screwing Warden's wife, but also his mistress, Julie Christie.

The film is mostly a farce about sexual mores in the early 70's, and I realized just how much I miss mini skirts. IMDB readers have it at 6.1 of 10. All three women gave good performances, and were nominated for awards of some sort. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 80% positive. I found it a dated, and mostly predictable comedy, but Goldie Hawn looked wonderful, which is reason enough for me to own the film. It is a decent romantic comedy, and therefor C.

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    The latest from Sundance...

    "Pieces of April"

    IMDb link

    World premiere at Sundance 2003, hoping to attract a distributor

    Filmed in 16 days in HD video. Reported budget: $160,000

    Nudity: a topless B&W photo of Patricia Clarkson is seen in a photograph album. It may or may not be Ms Clarkson. Katie Holmes is seen in her underwear, and in an inexplicit sex scene.

    April Burns (Katie Holmes) is a 21-year-old wild child with some big holiday problems. She has invited her straightlaced suburban family for Thanksgiving dinner at her run-down Manhattan tenement, even though she has no idea how to make a turkey 'n fixins dinner, and she discovers that she doesn't even have a working oven. April is forced to ask her eccentric neighbors for help in cooking her fifteen pound turkey, shifting the bird from oven to oven as she improvises the accessories.

    Meanwhile, the Burns Family begins a reluctant journey from suburban Pennsylvania toward New York City's Lower East Side. April's Dad tries to convince the family that the day will be beautiful. Her mom has her doubts and freely voices them. April's teenage sister and brother are squeezed between Grandma Dottie and a bag of snacks in the back seat as the Burns' family car hurtles toward Manhattan and what will most likely be certain disaster.

    Revealed in good time is the fact that April's mom is fatally ill, and the potentially disastrous reunion will probably be the last chance for the antagonistic mother and daughter to reconcile.

    "Pieces of April" marks the directorial debut of writer Peter Hedges, who wrote both the novel and the screenplay of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." He also wrote the screenplays for "About a Boy" and "Map of the World", so there has been no doubt that Hedges can write. In my estimation, there is no longer any reason to doubt that he can direct. Although shot in 16 days on HD video, with a budget under $200,000, April very successfully combines humor and poignancy in a film which could prove to be a PG-13 box office attraction, and has some potential to be a breakthrough smash like Greek Wedding. I believe that if the film gets a distribution deal, the word of mouth will be so strong that it will succeed. The 4:3 aspect ratio may be problematic for theatrical distribution, but the video quality is good enough that people will not be distracted by the film/video quality debate.

    In fact, Hedges had earlier developed three different deals to make this into a 35mm film, with budgets ranging from $4 million to $7 million, but all three fell through, and Hedges ended going the low-budget route, attracting a quality cast and crew with deferred payments based on shares of the film.

    This is a terrific little film which kept the world premiere audience laughing, received a long "standing O" from the Sundance crowd, and had the audience in tears when an emotional Hedges recollected the true stories which formed the basis of his fictional treatment. (The mother, played with uncannily complex humanity by Patricia Clarkson, was based in significant ways upon Hedges's mother, and her own battle with cancer.)

    The film rings true for anyone who has ever adopted a different lifestyle from his or her parents, and for everyone who can recollect suburban family outings with squabbling siblings and conflicted generations.

    Great job, Peter, but don't stop writing now that you've achieved your dream of being a successful director.

    "All the Real Girls"

    IMDB link

    World premiere at Sundance 2003. Has a distributor (Sony) and will be in limited release on February 14

    Nudity: None. Zoe Deschanel is seen in a hot tub wearing a t-shirt.

    OFFICIAL PLOT SUMMARY: Twenty-two-year-old Paul lives with his beloved mom and works as a grease monkey in a broken down North Carolina mill town. Unambitious, he has a devoted circle of rowdy friends and a reputation as a callous heartbreaker. When he meets his best friend's sister Noel, fresh from her boarding school graduation, the two fall into a perfect, real, terrifying love. They share innermost secrets and inhabit a sweet, dreamy bubble of mutual admiration and understanding.

    COMMENTS: The film has to be accepted on its own terms. Slow-paced, sensitive, and dreamy, it gets deep inside of its characters. Paul may be a callous seducer, but he's so gentle with the girl he loves, that he won't even take her virginity when they get a hotel room. When she makes some mistakes that he considers betrayal, this blue-collar tough guy is just as heartbroken and emotionally vulnerable as anybody with more "refinement". Although he is a mechanic in a Southern podunk town, his character is portrayed without any Southern or working class stereotypes.

    It's a collaborative movie made by college buddies. Director David Gordon Green and star Paul Schneider also co-wrote the screenplay, and went to college together. Editor Zene Baker is another college buddy. I suppose you might call this a true collaboration. Green has the title of director, but when your two best buds are also your editor and screenwriter, not to mention the fact that one of them is on camera constantly, it's difficult to say where one person's contribution ends and another's begins.

    If you would enjoy a slice of life comedy/drama that will probably evoke many memories of how you felt when you won and then lost your first love, this is an effective and heartfelt personal statement about that moment of time. The small town locales and the original score work to perfection.

    Not the way we were in the Hollywood sense, and maybe not a big box office kind of picture, but an insightful look at the way we really were.

    These young fellas are good, dawg!

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    Golden Globes
    Thanks to Dai for 'capping the Red Carpet cleavage...

    Here is the complete lits of the 2003 Golden Globe winners.

    The big surprises...


    BEST TELEVISION SERIES - DRAMA...The FX network show "The Shield".


    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    Two babes today, both of whom were fashion models, once upon a time.

    First is sometime fashion model and recent Rod Stewart love interest, Penny Lancaster. Friday's Sun caught her and Rod on the water, lolling around topless... both of them. I cut Rod out.

    • Penny Lancaster (1, 2)

    Second is former fashion model Linda Hoffman in Jane Street. Linda has done a lot of movies... twenty or so... and has gotten nekkid in a couple of them. Lots of boobs and bum but no bush.

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Well we had the old time machine parked in 1972 for 2 days looking at "The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide" and we will have more from that one yet to come, but we decided to take a short trip up the road for today to 1974.

    And that trip brings us to one of my all time favorite babes Angie Dickinson (yeah I know showing my age). Angie was great in the old TV show "Police Woman", but here in Roger Corman's classic "Big Bad Mama" she really showed off the goods in this cult favorite, with even a little bush to go along with the boobs. I never could figure out how they convinced her to show it all, but I am certain no one who saw the movie complained.When they did a sequel years later Angie kept it all covered up.

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "Hots Dogs" (1980) aka "The Cleanup Squad" aka "Les chiens chauds" is a Canadian sex comedy starring pornstar Harold Reems in a straight role as vice cop Mr. Clean who keeps his gun in his holster. Also stars Nicole Morin as the femme fatale.


    • Nicole Morin and her cleavage almost stealing the whole movie in the Canadian classic "Goin' Down the Road" (1970).

    'Caps and comments by Turtle:


    Today we have a series of original scans from the pages of the Spanish Magazines "Pronto", "Fotogramas", and "Interviu":

    • Amparo Muñoz, actress. Miss Spain in 1973, and Miss Universe in 1974. She began acting in the 70's and has been in more than 30 movies since. Here she is posing topless.

    • Annalise Braakensiek, the 30-year old Australian model with 36-24-26 measurements. She even has a website ( (1, 2, 3)

    • Bibí Andersen, Spanish actress, former dude and star of several Almodovar movies such as "Tacones Lejanos" or "Kika".

    • María Adánez, paparazzi shots in Menorca of the Madrid-born 26-year old actress star of numerous TV series and movies, including "Shout Out", "The Worst Years of Our Lives", and "Between Your Legs".

    • Raquel Muriel, the Spanish model and TV personality posing topless. (1, 2)

    • Raquel Welch. No introduction needed here, this is a high-res scan of a classic bikini picture.

    • Rosanna Walls, young actress born in the Canary Islands who played the villain role in the recent "Torrente 2". She has a raw and wild beauty. She also appeared in "Airbag" and "Merry Christmas" among others. We see all three B's in these poses. (1, 2, 3, 4)

    • Sabrina Salerno, Italian singer, she was very popular in the late 80's. A fantastic topless pose.

    • Victoria Abril, the Spanish actress in a photogram from the 1979 "Girl with the Golden Panties" when her career was just getting started. She has starred on close to 80 movies and currently lives in France.