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Tuna captured Mimi Rogers in something called "Those Bedroom Eyes". Pretty sexy, some leather and lace and cleavage, but no flesh.

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Esther Canadas is on Blinky's runway today for the first of three days.

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words and pictures byMongoose
Girls Unbutton (not Girls Unbuttoned, actual literal Cantonese to English translation is Button Not Turned Girl, probably someone out there knows what that means, but I don't) is a 1994 Hong Kong Category III light hearted sex comedy starring Loletta Lee as a young woman who is simply trying to find "Mr Right." I came across a review somewhere on the net (can't find it now) which summed this movie up best as "if it weren't for the sex and nudity, this would be a great family film!" True, very true. More goofy than erotic, this movie does have tons of nudity and sex though. The first collage is just an intro to the three major actresses with no nudity.

Loletta Lee breaking up with her first boyfriend.

Loletta and Wu Mia Oyi go to the beach. In the changing tent they experience an uncontrollable desire to grope each other and make fun of the smallness of each other's tits.

Wu Mia Oyi is my favorite. She was Miss Hong Kong 1993. Full frontal nudity in the changing tent.

Loletta Lee with her second boyfriend, a Triad big shot. No nudity but Loletta's giving head to his fingers. Cute.

More of the same scene but with nudity.

Wu Mia Oyi and her boyfriend knockin boots. Rough sex requires the correct protective gear.

More of the same. I kind of wish I'd gotten the DVD version of this movie, maybe someday I'll redo it with the higher quality source.

Hung Yu Lan and her boyfriend having sex. Hung Yu Lan was Miss Asia 1993, which led to a few "in-jokes" between her and Miss Hong Kong 1993, Wu Mia Oyi.

Hung Yu Lan and her boyfriend are doing it in Lolett's roof top kiddie pool. For some strange reason, this previously empty ('cept for the water) pool, now is full of crustaceans and other nasty sea creatures which clamp onto their privates. Full frontal.

Loletta hanging out naked on her roof, writing in her diary.

Loletta screwing around with another boyfriend while his crazy wife poses as the coffee table.

YeungYuk-Mui plays the sister of Loletta's true love. She is very clumsy and every time she trips or bangs her head, a piece of clothing falls off!

Yeung full frontal with a little open crotch for good measure.

Yeung's crawling around naked on the yacht.

Great little scene of Wu Mia Oyi, Loletta Lee and Hung Yu Lan just lounging about naked on the roof, getting some fresh air

More charmingly casual nakedness.

A couple more collages of Loletta. Having sex with her boyfriend.

Having sex with her boyfriend in the water. Full frontal.. If I ever get hold of this movie on DVD I'll be redoing at least part of it and you'll see it here.

Yesterday was Paris, 19, from Surrey. (#1 #2 #3 #4)

Gold is Sally Nicholson from 31st October 1979.

Request girls are Vanya (#1, #2, #3, #4), and Linsey Dawn McKenzie (not nude)

The Sun's pics of the music awards Mariah Mel C Pam Anderson Estefan

+ Ever wonder what the Playboy, Page Three, and other softcore models do when not modeling for Playboy or the British tabs? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. Today's comments:

"Avalon Anders (Sheila Stronegger) isn't known for full nudity, at least not on camera, so these pics may be a bit of a treat. However, I've been told, by a reliable source, that to supplement her income Avalon also works on the Strip Circuit under various names where full nudity is the minimum requirement. If you're in the right place, at the right time......"

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Mr. Skin
Hey Scoop, There's a new movie coming to the video stores this week called "Illuminata". The movie is directed by John Turturro and he accomplished something no mainstream director has ever done...he got his wife (Katherine Borowitz)and his sister (Aida) to strip in the same movie! Your members will be seeing a lot of Aida Turturro this year. She is playing 'Janice Soprano', Tony's sister, on the Sopranos. She sports some of the biggest natural milk wagons I've seen in a while. There is also an excellent nude scene of Georgina Cates and a brief breast shot of 53-year-old Susan Sarandon in the flick. Enjoy!

Aida Turturro Aida Turturro Aida Turturro Aida Turturro Aida Turturro Georgina Cates Georgina Cates Georgina Cates Georgina Cates Georgina Cates Katherine Borowitz Katherine Borowitz Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon

Scoop's note: Good stuff. I'll also have some from this movie in a few days. The other new releases with anything worth capping: Bowfinger, Dusk till Dawn 3 and Ideal Husband, are covered in the members' bonus section. I'll have some reviews and caps of other new-to-DVD releases, like Stone's Director's cut of Natural Born Killers, in the member's section tomorrow.

Slarti Slarti is kind of the king of German TV. German TV productions are elaborate, and include considerable nudity. These are from "Stan Becker"

Chiara Schoras, Jahny Tempel, who also used to play second base for the Cincinnati Reds.

Crow is not only the king of the ring, but also of all things immediate. Like Sheeri Rappaport's exposure on NYPD Blue. (#1, #2, #3, #4) More pornbabes from Sr Kabong.

Sadie Sexton Chloe Vevrier Chloe Vevrier Jessica James Jessica James Jessica James Jessica James Crayola Blue Crayola Blue

Unique 1
Vidcaps. He also did all the unlabeled ones from yesterday, which are repeated here! There are some in here that I've never seen on the net before.

Rosanna Arquette in "I'm Losing You" Natasha Henstridge in "CaroCaro". First time I've seen anything from this HBO movie. Natasha Henstridge in "CaroCaro" Natasha Henstridge in "CaroCaro" Salma Hayek in "The Velocity of Gary" Nudity only in this one Salma Hayek in "The Velocity of Gary" Salma Hayek in "The Velocity of Gary" Salma Hayek in "The Velocity of Gary" Laura Antonelli in "The Innocent" Laura Antonelli in "The Innocent" Laura Antonelli in "The Innocent" Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carla Gugino in Snake Eyes" (non-nude) Carrie Stevens in Digital Strip Poker CD-ROM Carrie Stevens in Digital Strip Poker CD-ROM Carrie Stevens in Digital Strip Poker CD-ROM Carrie Stevens in Digital Strip Poker CD-ROM Carrie Stevens in Digital Strip Poker CD-ROM Christina Fulton in "Red Shoe Diaries" Christina Fulton in "Red Shoe Diaries" Christina Fulton in "Red Shoe Diaries" Courtney Taylor in "Cover Me" Courtney Taylor in "Cover Me" Courtney Taylor in "Cover Me" Courtney Taylor in "Cover Me" Elizabeth Perkins in "I'm Losing You" Irene Miracle in "Midnight Express" Irene Miracle in "Midnight Express" Irene Miracle in "Midnight Express" Jayne Heitmeyer in ""Snake Eyes" Jayne Heitmeyer in ""Snake Eyes" Karin Olson in Digital Strip Poker CD-ROM Sophie marceau in "D'Artagnan's Daughter"

Members Bonuses- New Releases


From Dusk Till Dawn 3

This one is brand-new, because it went straight to vid, appearing yesterday. It's a strange one. the first half of the movie has no supernatural elements. It's a finely imagined Sergio Leone fable of the old west, with a bunch of newfangled realisticly styled violence thrown in, as you would expect from Tarantino and Rodriguez. It includes some extraordinary cinematography, and a terrific performance from Michael Parks as the writer Ambrose Bierce. The film is also loaded with indirect references to Bierce's own stories. About 40 minutes into the film I was thinking, "Wow, how could a movie as good as this, with a pre-sold name and reputable producers, go straight-to-vid?" Then I found out.

They introduce the supernatural stuff about halfway through, and the rest of the movie is basically just an updated version of those grade-z Mexican movies from the 50's "Billy the Kid and the wrestling women against the Aztec Mummies". Oh, befitting the modern times, there's better F/X, and plenty of explicit gore with actors chewing on the body parts of other actors, either for sex or sustenance. Very disappointing, because the second half is just another gross-out flick which tries to shock you, sometimes successfully, but always pretty much pointlessly. Since they had in mind to make a prequel, they felt like they had to get back to the point, which was to explain the origin of the characters in the first film. Too bad. Bierce and the outlaw and the phony preacher and the other real characters were much more interesting and entertaining than the friggin' vampires. The real Ambrose Bierce is a really interesting guy, kind of the Hemingway of his time, in that he was a writer who thought that living was more important that the actual writing. He was a genuine intellectual, a cynic, a revolutionary, an anti-authoritarian, a rabble-rouser. He rode with Pancho Villa, or maybe he didn't, and one day he just disappeared mysteriously. He's the perfect anti-hero for modern times. And he was a terrific writer. Although he never produced anything great that was lenghty enough for the literary world to take him as seriously as Twain, he wrote some of the most memorable short stories of all time. I suppose pretty much everyone is familiar with "An Occurence at Owl Creek Brdge", which has inspited I don't know how many movies and TV shows, from Twilight Zone to "Jacob's Ladder" and even to "The Sixth Sense". And he wrote other stories as good, if not as memorable. Someday they are going to make a great movie about him. This ain't it. But it sure started off good!


The best one of Braga, nearly topless. Note that she has renewed her membership in the Rose McGowan Tanning Center. Braga, maybe a bit of a transparent blouse, but too dark to see clearly. Braga - just a small, single-frame cleavage shot. She looks good. random nudity. random nudity. random nudity. random nudity. random nudity. Celi in a bikini-like outfit. (She played the Salma Hayek part)


The Ideal Husband

What a disappointment. Nudity in the opening credits, then --- no more nudity and you don't even know who the original woman was.

Good movie, but a niche offering. If you like Oscar Wilde, this is a terrific adaptation with lush production values and big name performers. If you don't already have a pre-sold taste for Wilde, here's a little background. Wilde was the real predecessor of the 20th century superstars. His literary works are actually mediocre, but he was most famous just for being himself. In those pre-broadcast pre-cinema days (the late 19th century), the superstars were those who were wittiest at the balls, soirees, Sunday walks, court gatherings, palace lunches, and just wherever the opinion makers gathered. Jimmy Whistler (the "mother" dude) and Shaw were near the top of the food chain, but Wilde was the wittiest of the witty, master of the epigram, and favorite of Prince Albert (the "can" dude, who later became king late in life when his mother finally died after fifty or sixty years on the throne)

So, do you want to see a film of his plays? Well, he sucks as a playwright. His characters all alike - they all talk like him, and they all stand around being impossibly witty. This, of course, is bullshit. Not only were the other members of society not that witty, but nobody has ever been that witty, except Wilde. So he's really just jerking off, there's no real charcaters and there's no real depth to his writing. It's all artifice. On the other hand, with most writers it is a condemnation to say they are superficial. With Wilde it is not. His surface is so glittering and so entertaining, that you really don't want to find out what is beneath it. That would spoil all the fun, like somebody who wants to talk about environmental consciousness when everyone else wants to roll a doobie and watch the Stooges.

So what if they aren't real people? They are Wilde talking, and nobody was ever capable of so much glittering and polished bullshit on such a rich variety of topics. Rupert Everett is a virtual reincarnation of Wilde in the lead. Only one little thing about Rupe as The Ideal Husband. I don't know that much about women, but I'm willing to guess that most of them, when writing their job description for "husband, ideal", would make "heterosexual" a precondition. Rupe, of course, is an admitted fancy lad. He's the one who wants to make the Gay James Bond movie. I didn't make that up. "Vodka martini - frapped, not stirred".

The film was a flop at the US Boxoffice. It made only 18 million dollars in US domestic gross (the budget was 14 million), despite a four-month stay in the theatres. Then again, I doubt it was expected to be a teen age date movie.

the babe in the opening credits.



No nudity, as I explained yesterday, A bit of cleavage from ol' rollergirl. #1 #2

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