The Punisher

s1e5, 1080hd

Amber Rose Revah


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Alicia Jaziz

This week I’ve gone British, with movies from the 60s and 70s.



Claudie Lange bares her bum in Crossplot

and Veronica Carlson looks good.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight


JonnyMoronic's post of an HD clip from Tales of the Crypt: Demon Knight was a very welcome addition.  Those of us who have read the Funhouse for years know that in the mix of topless women, labeled as Party Babes in the credits,

are Traci Bingham of Baywatch fame (before the after-market add-ons)

and Chasey Lain of professional on-screen coitus fame.

But the other seven so-called Babes?  Dunno.  So, I looked into it a bit and there is lots of good news. All are credited and have done other movies; many have names so unusual it is easy to find them on IMDb or elsewhere on the web.  The result is simple.  Turns out 8 of the 9 can be identified pretty easily and since that leaves only one - Veronica Culver - for whom I could find no reliable picture, it was a simple matter of assigning her name to the only Babe left (foreground below)

A couple of them did go on to do other things on screen that has them show up in the Funhouse - Mim Parker

and Tina Hollimon (left), for example

- but for most, this looks to be their only cinema exposure of the sort we prefer.  For Reda Beebe

and Ponti Butler,

this one performance in Demon Knight is very good news, indeed, because they look mahvelous. 

A couple of caveats to the frames from the HD clip: 1) The lighting is none too great and even with some playing around with exposure and contrast, the general result is pretty much a reflection of my feeble imaging skills; 2) The screen grabs of Te-See Bender

are particularly bad because she hung out in the background throughout the clip and hid herself behind others when the camera got close, so the only things I could find of her worth posting were distant, out of focus shots. 

Last, but not least:

Elaine del Valle by herself. She is also seen above with Tina Hollimon

Cruel Intentions 3

2004, 1080hd

Tara Carroll film clip (sample below)

Elizabeth McDonald film clip (sample below)

Margaret Qualley in IO (2019) in 1080hd

Amandla Stenberg in Where Hands Touch (2018) in 1080hd

Lori Katz in Henri (2017) in 1080hd