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Black Sails aired, so is now available in 720p HD! (s1e1)

Jessica Parker Kennedy

Fog Warning

I happened to watch this obscure 2008 micro-budget horror film only because a friend of mine and his son were involved in the project. (The friend as a small investor, his son in a minor role.) Some of the reviews and comments on the internet caused me some trepidation before I plopped it in, but Fog Warning turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and many of those comments turned out to be unfair. The idea of the film is original and the acting is at least competent in all cases, and in at least one case, excellent.

A small town is being terrorized by a series of gruesome murders in which the victims appear to be drained of blood. An obese loner who manages a comic book shop thinks he has solved the crimes. He is convinced that an artsy local woman is an immortal vampire. After all, how else could she know so much about the past? (He has apparently never heard of any non-comic books.) He concocts a scheme to get rich from the situation. He will kidnap the woman, get her confession on camera, then sell the tape to the hungry news media.

He does manage to kidnap her, and hten imprisons her in an antique circus cage which is stored in the attic of an historic old house he is house-sitting until the owner can get it declared a national treasure. Unfortunately for him, he is unable to coerce her into a confession, so he enlists the aid of two thugs. They are equally inept as  interrogators, but one of the brain-dead conspirators has a younger sister who is naive, vulnerable and chatty, and the three kidnappers conceive a plan to get the putative vampire to talk to little sis. Meanwhile, the lives of the characters have not existed in a vacuum. The wheels of the real world are gringing around them. Police are searching for the missing woman, and other people are visiting the historic house.

In fact, the best thing about the story is that it does exist in the real world. In fact, it's not really a horror film at all, once the film gets into the nitty-gritty of the story, at least not in the sense that there is any supernatural evil involved. There are no real vampires, and the kidnappers gradually become aware of that, so they gradually become aware that they have trapped themselves in a situation which will cost them a lifetime prison sentence, since they have been imprisoning and torturing a random woman. This realization leads them into ever more desperate actions, including murder, to cover up their activities. At the same time, the caged woman is driven ever deeper into madness from her imprisonment and from the realization that the boys are killers who cannot possibly set her free if they are to avoid prison. She becomes as desperate as her jailers, and that makes her even more dangerous than the vampire she was thought to be. These forces must eventually collide, with violent consequences for ...

Well, you'll have to figure that one out on your own.

The film can be rough around the edges, has some continuity problems, and a few flat line readings, but I never felt that the flick was a waste of time, and was rarely taken out of the story by a technical flaw. The script has a few interesting ideas and is consistently faithful to its premise, and the completed film can claim a surprisingly excellent lead performance from Elise Rovinsky as the kidnapped woman. I don't know how these novice filmmakers persuaded an actress of her caliber to participate in this local New Haven project (she also appears in director Christopher Ward's only other film, so there may be some kind of personal connection), but her steady competence makes several scenes work very well, and that alone would have lifted the project to a higher level than anticipated, but she wasn't alone. Some of the other performers, like Cuyle Carvin (as a brutal but handsome thug), Michael Barra (comic book guy) and Jackie Shea (the little sister) have also gone on to steady employment in the industry. Barra even had a small role in The Amazing Spider Man!

If this kind of movie is your thing, you can watch it on YouTube in high definition for free!

Here's the IMDb page. It is rated 7.3, but that is based on a mere 26 votes and is, to be frank, the result of some stuffing in the IMDb ballot box. It's OK, but not 7.3 OK. If you exclude the 12 people who somehow thought this film was the next Godfather at 10/10, the average score is 5.0, with an equal number of voters above and below five.

And here's the film's Facebook page, where you can find additional interviews, reviews, promos, etc.

The nudity:

Ashley Bates shows her large breasts in the opening scene.

Jackie Shea, as the chatty little sister, shows part of her butt 

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"The Politician's Husband"



Anamaria Marinca

"The Fall Guy"

The TV caps this week are from The Fall Guy, which was a TV series that ran for five seasons from 1981 to 1986. The show starred Lee Majors as Colt Seavers, who played a stunt man come bounty hunter. However, the highlight was that one of his helpers was Heather Thomas. She kept her clothes on but what a body! Each show was almost invariably the same. Colt Seavers and his team would do a TV/movie stunt, and then they'd head off to find an escapee of some sort.

So far, only the first two seasons are available on DVD and that's likely to be all there is. This week the caps are from season 1 and were made in 1981 and 1982. There's no nudity, just lots of swimwear and pokies.

Episode 1 The Fall Guy (1981)

Heather Thomas

Episode 2 The Meek Shall Inherit Rhonda (1981)

Carol Wayne

Heather Thomas

Pamela Shoop

Episode 3 The Rich Get Richer (1981)

Bobbie Bresee

Episode 5 Colt's Angels (1981)

Heather Thomas

Lucinda Crosby

Episode 8 No Way Out (1982)

Michele Carey

Episode 12 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harold (1982)

Heather Thomas

Episode 13 Soldiers of Misfortune (1982)

Judith Baldwin

Episode 15 Ladies on the Ropes (1982)

Clare Karen

Heather Thomas

Melanie Vincz

Episode 16 The Snow Job (1982)

Heather Thomas

Twyla Littleton - K. C. Winkler

Some unidentified bikini babes

Episode 18 Child's Play (1982)

Heather Thomas

Episode 19 Charlie (1982)

Heather Thomas

Suzanne Hunt


Episode 20 Three for the Road (1982)

Judy Landers

"Being Human"

tv series (s4e01)

Lots of sex and in this season 4 premiere
(with more hint of bare boob than usual)

Kristen Hager

Deanna Russo

Meaghan Rath 

Katharine Isabelle


tv series (s1e1-3)

Three episodes and despite a "sexuality" warning the only bodily fluid exchanged are from pathogen-laced zombie-infected hickies.

Kyra Zagorsky: shower nude showing nothing.

Jordan Hayes: sexy only.


tv series (s4e10)

Emily Rose: sexy in pyjamas.

"The Best Laid Plans"

miniseries (s1e03)

Three episodes and  the only nudity is from a  skinnidipping old man.

Sarah Allen: fully clothed sex.

Jodi Balfour: sexy in ass-hugging lululemons.


"Arctic Air"

tv series

Emilie Ullerup: partial nude after skinnidipping, a lot of cleavage in hot pants (s3e01)

Pascale Hutton: shower nude showing nothing. (s3e02)


tv series

A hi-def upgrade of Laura Vandervoort's opening sex scene . The consensus on the internet chatter that if a stunt butt is being used is that she has the same flat pancake ass as Laura.

Laura Vandervoort

Le unknown production

Vanessa Pilon: Quebec actress in very skimpy clothes.


le tv series (le s5e01)

Laurence Leboeuf: distant shot with no panties, partial boob after getting raped.

The Trouble with Cali


Movie directed by Paul Sorvino, written by his son and daughter (not Mira) and starring Laurence Leboeuf  from Quebec. Despite the Sorvino name behind it’s having financing issues and probably won’t be released outside the festival circuit.

Laurence Leboeuf: bra and panties.

Urban Flesh


Very gory cannibal horror from Montreal which got banned in several countries. Despite the gore there's almost no nudity.

Marie-Eve Petit: bare back, bra and panties.

Mireille Levesque: blouse torn up but showing only a little brassiere.

Dina Charles: sexy as schoolgirl getting her finger sucked by Marie-Eve in some sort of lesbian subtext.


New York nudie model Shelby Carter recently made the news when she shocked some diners by undressing in front of them for an art video.

Shelby Carter: topless.

Vimeo link: the original video

TV/Film Clips

Veronica Ricci, Tracy Carr and Vanessa Sheri in Snake Club (2013)




There's no film clip for this one from the same movie: Keoni Carew

Alexandra Rapaport in The Hunt (2012) in 720p

Jessica Schwarz in Adieu Paris (2012) in 1080p

Martina Garcia and Clara Lago in The Hidden Face (2011) in 1080p



Jennifer Nitsch in Im Namen des Herrn (2003)

Camilla Soeberg in Tro hab og kaerlighed (1984) in 720p


One more angle of Nicole Fox in Redlands

Sara Malakul Lane and Carla O'Brien (and others) in 17 & Life: Jailbait