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Olga's House of Shame


Part 2

Back to "Olga's House of Shame" for more "Babe in Bondage" action as the Time Machine finishes up our look at this 1964 b & w flick. First, a gagged but not quite naked Connie Oliver. Caps and a clip.

Then a pair of babes, Ava Denning and an actress billed only as Robin, have their breasts exposed and they are tied up on the ground. Caps and a clip.

Ava Denning



TV Land

Over in TV Land author-columnist S.E.Cupp appears on "Red Eye" and puts on a leg & thigh show in a in a sexy slit skirt. Caps and a HD clip.






Century Hotel


part one

Lindy Booth film clips. Samples below.

part two tomorrow


Scoop's notes:

I've never seen it, but Tuna reviewed it many years ago.



The Final Destination


I am a big fan of the Final Destination films, having seen them all, and this fourth in the series, while perhaps the weakest, is still faithful to the premise of the original.

All of them have the same plot: a tragic disaster occurs in the opening sequence, but due to the pre-cognition of one of the people present, some escape with their lives. In this one, it was a major wreck at a stock car race which killed scores of people as cars and debris flew into the stands.

Death is pretty annoyed by losing its victims, so one by one the survivors die even as they struggle to change destiny and avoid their fate.

This one was good, but I do feel it was the weakest, because although the opener was spectacular as always, the subsequent kills were not as inventive and interesting as in some of the earlier efforts. All in all, though, fans of the series will still like it, I think.

Gabrielle Chapin Haley Webb
Krista Allen Shantel van Santen


Amy Landecker in A Serious Man

Sexy 20-year-old Brazilian model Emanuela de Paula in a Mario Testino photoshoot

Speaking of Brazil, here's Ana Beatriz Barros in a Mario Testino photoshoot

A nipple-slip from Aubrey O'Day, former member of Danity Kane

A nipple-slip from Frankie Sandford, former singer for S Club, now for The Saturdays


Doutzen catwalking in a see-through

A topless Lara Stone shows off some seriously long legs

Siberia Federico in the original pilot for The Sopranos

Bernadette Penotti in a 1999 episode of The Sopranos

Sarah Jessica Parker in Honeymoon in Vegas. Not nude, but some underboob.



Film Clips

Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Sarkozy's sister-in-law, in 5x2. This clip is 720p.

Maria Bello in The Cooler. Full screen version.

Amy Cater in The Band

Valeria Golino in Respiro

The women of Alpha Dog in 1080p: Olivia Wilde, Heather Wahlquist, and the tag team of Amanda Seyfried and Amber Heard

The women of L'Armee du Crime: Lola Naymark and Virginie Ledoyen. Remember when she was going to be the next it girl. Her career must have been the biggest disappointment since Gretchen Mol's.  Nothing against either woman. I like them both.

Rebecca Night and Carli Norris in the 2007 version of Fanny Hill (caps below)

Rebecca Night

Carli Norris