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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.











Brad Pitt's first attempt to shake his pretty-boy image.

1920x1080 film clips of Juliette Lewis. Collages below.

1920x1080 film clips of Michelle Forbes. Collages below.







"30 Rock"


Too much football yesterday! All we had time for was Salma Hayek with some
awesome cleavage in an episode of "30 Rock". Caps and a 1920x1080 clip.

Warning: massive download and no nudity.







The Seduction of Maxine


 (Continuing with my assortment of film clips, mostly third party web finds.)

Part 1 of a tribute to Tracy Ryan.









The Spring


IMDb summary:

"Archeologists Andy and Matty uncover a diary written by a member of Ponce de Leon's search party that provides clues to the location of the Fountain of Youth. They go to Florida to search for the site, but find themselves hounded by a slimy businessman out to profit from the spring and a voodoo acolyte searching for eternal life. Andy's search for clues brings him into contact with Dyanne, a local painter, who seems to know more about the spring than she is revealing."

Film clip here

Samples below:








Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

Nikki Cox. Season one continued.

s1, e10








El Bufalo de la Noche


Film clips


Liz Gallardo (collages right) ...


Irena Azuela (collage right) ...
Camilla Sodi (collages right) ...








Defoe's hot new clips for this week, part 1 of 2:













New paparazzi shots of Paris Hilton with her boob falling out.

Obscure fact about Paris: she has size 11 feet.

Veronique Genest in Legitime Violence

Valerie Kaprisky in Legitime Violence

More nude pics of Madonna pre-fame


Film Clips

Emily Blunt in Henry VIII (sample right)

Hot off the presses: Valentina Cervi in Miracle at St Anna. This is Spike Lee's new film, and it is rated only 5.6 at IMDb.

The women of Tropic of Cancer: Ellen Burstyn and Magali Noel. That's Rip Torn, young and virtually unrecognizable, as Butstyn's lover. (A fictionalized Henry Miller.)