The Politician's Wife (1995)

A three-part series from Britain's Channel 4. The title is its own review. Usual stuff. Stiff upper lips, guys saying "cheerio" and "claret" a lot.

Kind of disappointing, though: not one fox hunting scene, and nobody in jodhpurs during the entire 185 minutes.



Juliet Stevenson. The caps are a tad better than with the usual UK series, because this one is on DVD. Not a very good DVD, but it is a DVD.




Other Crap:

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney wears mis-matched shoes.
  • Oh, dude. I wouldn't have cared about this if he had been wearing pants. EEEEWWW!

"Detroit city officials are trying to figure out how a woman sneaked into the North American International Auto Show after closing time to pose naked atop the new Dodge Challenger."

Sundance Festival kicks off

"PT Anderson's next film will be THERE WILL BE BLOOD based on the Upton Sinclair novel 'Oil!' and starring Daniel Day Lewis."

Nagin Contracting Hershey to Rebuild New Orleans

Reader Poll: The Most Realistic Movie Sex Scenes of All Time (with pictures)

Uncle Scoopy's Guest House presents Natasha Richardson in Asylum

"Name change should stop the snickers"

  • When the guys referred to him as "that fukking guy" - they weren't cussing! Fuk King was his name. Now it's "Andy"

Ambassador Paul Bremer talks to Jon Stewart about his year in Iraq and some of the decisions that were made there.

The Daily Show's Ed Helms discusses the level of taint among various congressmen

Conan O'Brien's latest quotables:

  • It's been reported that actress Sienna Miller likes to paint canvases using her breasts. In a related story, Joan Rivers has been using her breasts to paint her baseboards.
  • During an odd moment at the hearings Senator Arlen Spector announced that he goes to the same gym as Senator Ted Kennedy. Not surprisingly it's the gym that's closed 364 days a year.
  • This week, Renee Zellweger and her ex-husband Kenny Chesney were spotted having lunch. Reportedly, the lunch lasted 15 minutes longer than their marriage.

Five clips from Underworld: Evolution

I don't know how long it's going to last, but for one day at least, the post-Globes day, Brokeback Mountain was the Box Office Champ

The Faces Behind Your Favorite Cartoon Characters


"The fan who ran onto the field at Cleveland Browns Stadium during a Steelers-Browns game was sentenced Tuesday to spend Super Bowl weekend in jail."

"Why do the British drive on the left?"

  • "In the Middle Ages you kept to the left for the simple reason that you never knew who you'd meet on the road in those days. You wanted to make sure that a stranger passed on the right so you could go for your sword in case he proved unfriendly. This custom was given official sanction in 1300 AD, when Pope Boniface VIII invented the modern science of traffic control by declaring that pilgrims headed to Rome should keep left."

This may be the greatest dunk shot I've ever seen in an actual game.

Former teen idol Leif Garrett spent the weekend in a Los Angeles jail after being arrested for failing to pay his subway fare

"William Shatner breaks character at a Trekker convention at a Holiday Inn." (SNL skit.)

"The Pug Bus" covers the romantic and elegant Eminem wedding

  • "Mr. Mathers studied in a number of schools as a youth. He last attended Lincoln High School in Detroit, leaving at the age of seventeen, just three years short of attaining a diploma. Mr. Mather's detention hall monitor at Lincoln High, recalls 'a feisty sort who made up in determination what he lacked in size and brains.'"

New TV reality show involves CIA torture camp! (The Sleaze)

Forget all those billboards, ABC tells the reasons why it axed Emily's Reasons Why Not

Make your own Bush Speech, then watch him deliver it.

Xtina lookin' great in her Deep Throat t-shirt

The Daily Show - "Replacement Killers"

  • "... The leaders of the House vow to get rid of people like themselves."

RICK SANTORUM BACKS CONSTITUTIONAL BAN ON GAY WESTERNS ... "Golden Globes Win for Brokeback Mountain Irks Pennsylvania Senator"

Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe still trying to save their marriage. buys Bill Shatner's kidney stone

Colbert's "Movies Destroying America: Awards Edition"

  • "There hasn't been a children's film this bad since Blue Velvet, a terrible sequel to National Velvet."

George Stephanopoulos and Colbert talk sports.

Two international trailers from Down in the Valley

  • "Siblings Lonnie and Tobe live at the edge of the bleeding sprawl of the San Fernando Valley. One day, a mysterious horseman strolls into their lives. With his folksy-na�ve manner and cowboy garb, Harlan Fairfax Carruthers initially evokes a bemused 'Are you for real?' from one of their friends. But to Lonnie and Tobe, Harlan's alien behavior seems to be exactly what they need. Director David Jacobson brings a fresh perspective to the city and the ways it functions as a locus of both hopeful reinvention and dark violence. Enrique Chediak's' anamorphic widescreen cinematography uses the striking juxtapositions of the San Fernando Valley, where the Interstate brushes up against what little is left of the Wild West, to both comic and poignant effect. Remarkable central performances from Edward Norton and a revelatory Evan Rachel Wood cement 'Down in the Valley' as both a classic American movie and a thoroughly independent vision."

"Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki talks to Jon Stewart about the military-industrial complex in his new film 'Why We Fight.'"

Movies Reap Awards for Pushing Boundaries

"Halle Berry says she's desperate for a baby - and might have one with whoever she's dating when she turns 40."



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.




Hustle (1975)

Hustle stars Burt Reynolds as a cynical police lieutenant who drinks way too much, lives with a hooker (Catherine Deneuve), and wishes he could make a difference in his job. When Sharon Kelly is found murdered on the beach, and the lab finds barbiturates in her system, the department is happy to close the case as suicide. The girls father, however, does not believe it, and feels like this is yet another case of the "haves" screwing over the "have nots." Reynolds's partner is sympathetic to the father, and does some investigating. The girl was last seen at a party with a very wealthy attorney suspected of many murders. Reynolds reluctantly investigates the case, tries to keep the father out of trouble, and tries to get Deneuve to stop hooking.

IMDb readers say 6.0. Ebert awarded three stars. About a third of the way through the 120 minute running time, you begin to realize that this is not a murder mystery, but rather a character driven drama, with Reynolds, Deneuve, the father of the dead girl, and her mother all seeking redemption. The ending is nothing like I expected. It is well acted, and held my interest. The characters were believable, and the theme that ordinary people take it in the shorts most of the time is one I would agree with. Although a little long at 120 minutes, it is watchable. C.

Sharon Kelly shows breasts in the morgue, and breasts and buns in a porno tape. Patrice Rohmer is seen in a T-back and pasties.


Sharon Kelly


Patrice Rohmer


The Last Tycoon (1976)

The Last Tycoon (1976) is based on a very incomplete F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, and chronicles the demise of a movie mogul who has been working way too hard. He becomes obsessed with a woman he can't have (Ingrid Boulting) who reminds him of his dead wife. It isn't a very good story, and wasn't made into a particularly good movie. Scoopy wrote a very long review which is far more entertaining than the film itself. Rather than rehash his view of the film, which I completely agree with, lets just get on with the nudity.

Ingrid Boulting shows breasts and buns in very dark scenes, and an unknown women shows all three Bs.

IMDb readers say 6.1, and it was nominated for an Oscar for art direction. Strong points include a glimpse inside the film industry, and nice period detail. Negatives include a basically depressing story with a leading man in a romantic role that is not at all romantic or charismatic, and an actress opposite him who simple can't act. This is a C-. It is technically well made, did not hold interest.


Ingrid Boulting





Well everybody else seems to have done "Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders" this week so we may as well join the crowd. Brittany Daniel - she sure is cute and you have to love that naked poolside walk.

Joleigh Fioreavanti - boobs after coming out of the pool.

And of course we have to take a good look at an unknown "Babe in Bondage".




Today I propose we take a look at 5 clips from 1999's Time Served, starring Catherine Oxenberg. Long time Fun House readers will certainly remember what a surprise we had more than 6 years ago when someone submitted caps and clips from this straight-to-vid movie. Just when we all had given up on the former Dynasty beauty still showing the goodies, there she was in all her glory. First bare breasts only, then breasts and buns entering some prison shower room and finally breasts and buns pole-dancing in a strip club. For this late but more than welcome performance I think we even forgave her for keeping her Mr. President under wraps.
Anyway, up to this date, almost 7 years later, there is still no region 1 DVD available. Two region 2 editions exist however: one German with only German audio, the other a Dutch edition with English audio and optional Dutch subtitles. Both versions are full screen. My clips come from German digital TV. I encoded them at a higher bitrate than I usually do. I therefore hope that the quality will please you better than the clips one usually gets to see from this film.
That's enough words for today, it's time to enjoy Catherine in all her naked splendor now.  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)






While I wish I could keep going...and heaven knows I grabbed enough frames to do this for another year ... these are the last of the Brittany Daniel collages from Rampage.  It was a labor of love, or something very much like that.







Today Vejiita looks at some seldom-capped 1989-90 episodes of Tales from the Crypt. Albert and Minnick show some boobiosity, Plummer has a see-through goin' in some frames. The rest are teases.
Laura Albert - The Man Who Was Death
Dani Minnick - The Man Who Was Death
Demi Moore - Dead Right
Amanda Plummer - Lover Come Back to Me
Lea Thompson - Only Sin Deep
Patricia Arquette - Four Sided Triangle

Patricia Clarkson - Mute Witness to Murder
Kim Delaney - The Sacrifice

Ruth DeSosa - Three's a Crowd
Cynthia Gibb - Korman's Kalamity
Pamela Gien - Till Death
Darlene Hartwell - Dead Right
Teri Hatcher - The Thing From the Grave

Sandra Margot - Dead Right
Kelly Preston - The Switch

Pat's comments in yellow...

Forbes reports that in a survey by Marketing Evaluations, consumers ranked the M&M characters as the most-likable American brand icons.  Newer additions to the list include the Aflac duck and the GEICO insurance gecko.  But most have been around for decades, such as Kool Aid Man (introduced in 1954) and the oldest, Snap, Crackle & Pop, who debuted in 1932.  Forbes says ad agencies maintain their popularity by keeping them hip and current.  For instance, Tony the Tiger debuted in 1952, but in his latest ad, he's snowboarding. 

*  It's nearly as hip as watching your dad try to snowboard. 

*  He's 54 and still snowboarding, eating Frosted Flakes and trying to be hip...No wonder Baby Boomers love him., the online casino that paid $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich with an image of the Virgin Mary, amid other effluvia, has paid $25,000 for William Shatner's kidney stone. The money will go to Habitat for Humanity.  Shatner said the stone is so big, "you'd want to wear it on
your finger.  If you subjected it to extreme heat, it might turn into a diamond."  He added, "This takes organ donors to a new height, to a new low, maybe. How much is a piece of me worth?"

*  I don't know, but ham is about $3.99 a pound.

Health researchers in Seattle found that regular, routine exercise might help prevent Alzheimer's

* The only problem: remembering to do it.