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"Body Shots" (1999)

Body Shots is compared by many to Roshamon, where 4 separate observers see the same act, but tell very different versions based on their own prejudices and perceptions. This classic has been remade many times -- the one I recall off-hand is "The Outrage" which was very faithful to the story line, but changed the setting to the American west. While it has been a long time since I watched either film, I recall the theme being that there is really no way to know the truth, as each man's truth is subjective rather than objective.

Body shots does show the story from two sides, but is not really about subjective reality at all. The theme of this film has more to do with gender problems and dating in the 90s, date rape, and with the effect of diminished capacity due to drink or drugs on someone's credibility. We follow four women and four men, all Yuppies, through a Friday evening, where they party hardy, then pair up. The conflict occurs when one of the women (Tara Reid) claims one of the men (Jerry O'Connell, a pro football star) raped her. When pressed, we find both of them very unreliable witnesses. She has a history of alcohol induced blackouts, and he admits that he was too wasted to remember what really happened.

While the main plot line was interesting, the backdrop was nearly as interesting, as we learn much about the views and actions of the 20-somethings. Topics include oral sex, bondage, intimacy, and emotionless sex. It is also interesting that Tara's girlfriends don't necessarily side with her because of her history when drunk, and O'Connell's buddies admit that they think he is capable of rape. The film has a real edge, due to subject, odd camera angles, and driving music. The biggest flaw, for me, was that all of the characters were shallow, self-centered and immature -- it is hard to enjoy a film when you dislike all of the players, but this one held my interest start to finish. We have breasts from Emily Proctor in a B&D costume, and tons of exposure from Tara Reid as the raped woman. As I looked through reviews after writing this, I noticed a curious thing. Everyone who saw it saw it differently, Berardinelli saw it as being about date rape and dating in the 90's, Ebert saw it as really about alcoholism, and so on. It somewhat proves one of the themes of the film, that the whole love/sex/dating thing can be very confusing and difficult. to figure out for everyone.

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  • Emily Procter (1, 2)
  • Tara Reid (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    If you have Showtime, there is supposed to be some nudity in the new series. "A Girl Thing". New episodes premiere Saturdays at 8:00 Eastern. One of the first two episodes is supposed to have a sex scene with Elle Macpherson and Kate Capshaw.

  • Here is what we have of Elle and Kate so far, but as you can tell, the visibility is a little on the unclear side. (1, 2)

    Tuna managed to fix the browsing problems in his area, and all of his images are now viewable in the Tuna section (as well as in the back issues).

    Honte's Site is updated

    Charlie's Site is updated

    Here are TomCat's images from yesterday, toned up a bit. The actress is Judith Henry.

    • Judith Henry (1, 2)

    TomCat also sent in the most explicit European Music Videos yet. "Choreographie de B.Charmatz 1997", from the Muzzik Channel. Check out the first two!

    And, to round out his day, TomCat sent in an actress with no Z's in her last name. Unfortunately, we'll have to disqualify her since she doesn't have a last name. It is Regine in "Le Train" (I guess. I'll have to defer to TomCat or you French cinema experts on this one.) Nice quality for a 30 year old film taped from TV.

    I took a look at the immortal cinema classic, Poison Ivy 3. I was actually a bit disappointed with the quality of the DVD mastering. A lot of scenes were filled with motion blur. The movie has been well covered by others in the past, so I only did a few.

    • Jaime Pressly (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    I also looked at Fitzcarraldo, a strange and legendary Herzog film about one man's attempt to build an opera house amidst the shanties and rubble of a small Amazon village. One of the most ambitious film projects ever undertaken, now available on DVD with a full-length commentary by Herzog. No nudity, but an interesting story or two worth reading. The making of the movie, in this case, was a better story than the movie itself.

  • Tidbits from the Mailbag
    Two mailbag updates from Sleuth today ...
  • The girl with "the nose" was Almodovar adrogyne Rossy De Palma.

    And...Sleuth has the Julie Bowen fallout shot--with very clear rosy pink nipple on small but pert bare breast. It occurred backstage at the People's Choice Awards in Pasadena on January 7th. Look for it in the next "Tele Visions" issue later in the year. It's worth waiting for--very clear exposure and excellent quality.

    Other news...

  • From a reader... "Just a note to all who were thinking of watching the WWF Divas Post Card from the Caribbean on PPV. Don't waste your time. Although its a longer version, it has no extra footage from the home video and all the see through action and any hint of exposure was censored out with fogging. Rent or own the actual video to see the limited exposure." -R.
  • Brainscan
    Let's start with the movie, entitled "Jokes My Folks Never Told Me", the subtitle to which should be "Because They Loved You." Lame does not come close to describing the humor in this video; stiff from rigor mortis is closer to the mark. Lots of Dumb Hillbilly Jokes, lots of Dumb Brunette Jokes and lots of Travelling Salesmen Jokes... even some Dumb Hillbilly Brunettes and Travelling Salesman jokes. And the producers had a choice. No, not ritual suicide; they could hire comedic actresses so that the delivery of the lame lines would approach humorous, or they could hire buxom lasses and get them naked so that no one cared the jokes sucked. Let us thanks the gods that made them, they chose the latter. Four babes I recognized (credits were rolled through at the end with no indication of who did what).

    There's Deborah Dutch, or at least I think that's her from what Craig Hosada wrote in the Bare Facts (and that boy, I have learned, is just about always right). These must be from her pre-enhancement days.

    Then there's former Pet Mariwin Roberts. (1, 2) The M on her tummy is the punchline of the joke, for her boyfriend wore his letter sweater while they was a-courtin's and a-sparkin'. Turns out he goes not to Minnesota or Michigan or Missouri, but to... Wisconsin. Ho, ho, hee, hee, oral sex was so funny... when I was twelve. In two other scenes she is a patient...and I'm not making this up... whose asshole sings "Suwannee" and a topless girl wondering how you give a man "shoulders." Don't know who the other babe is.

    Major babe Raven DeLaCroix shows up in one scene. Impressive chest.

    And former bunnymagmate, Sandy Johnson, is all over the tape. Four scenes. I capped em all but am posting only this one for now, 'cuz I am planning a mega- Bunnymate in the Movies post in the near future.

    Second group of caps comes from a television show. Actually THE television show: "The Man Show" of a couple weeks vintage.

    The local expert on the Juggy Dancers filled me in on some of the details here.

    Niki Pulliam is my fave and the reason I capped the damn thing. She had a first-rate bio segment, filled with the usual droll humor and biting irony... and great face and bod. Wonderful skit.

    The most impressive chest on the show is sported by Vanessa Kay. (1, 2) Dave, the Juggy expert, logged onto her website and learned two important facts: 1) her chest measurement is 36DD. I do believe she ain't exaggerating; 2) she has her own calendar. Boys, we will have one of those puppies in our hot little hands sometime soon, and then all y'all can see some of what's in it besides the names of the months

    The collage of the other dancers includes Paula Harrison (upper left, lower middle and lower left) and Angelique Gorges, upper right. Dave tells me Angelique is a fitness babe and that there's a pic of her in the Encyclopedia. Hmmm, another good reason to give it a visit.

    The other collage is from the Girls on Trampolines segment. The blonde is either Julie or Chanie Costello (they are identical twins).

    And then there is the real weirdness. One skit in the show involved tricks with beer; a woman contestant by the name of Busty Hart made an appearance. Says she runs a topless joint, in Pennsylvania I think. Her trick? Crush a Foster's can with one breast. Did it, too. And whilst using the right breast as the crusher, the left breast came clean free of her garment. Now, the problem here is the Man Show is basic cable, so the folks at Comedy Central pixilated the offending, free-floating hooter. Not very well, as it turns out. So even though I don't have the foggiest how to decode the pixels, a little creative blurring and post-sharpening gives us what we got here. Isn't great but it's the best we can do.

    Ruth Madoc

    Angharad Rees

    Susan Penhaligon
    (1, 2)

    'Norma Jane'

    From "Under Milk Wood"
    This British film is a day in the life of a small Welsh coastal village. It turned out better than I thought and has some very good acting by a cast that includes Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole. When you see that the names of the characters includes Bessie Bighead and Willy Nilly you get some idea of how 'strange' the movie is.

    Ruth Madoc plays Mrs Dai Bread Two and the topless scene you see is a fantasy dream by David Jason. The non-nude, but sexy, Angharad Rees plays Gossamer Heynon, the school teacher. Susan Penhaligon is the 17 year old daughter of Mrs Rose Cottage who has never been kissed. Why she is painting targets on her breasts I don't know. Maybe an act of rebellion, maybe something for the blokes to aim for.

    The last actress is described as 'Norma Jane' but there is no mention in the credits. This is another non-nude collage but she is in her underwear and she likes a daylight ménage à trois.

    Stacy Sanches

    "20 Dates" is one of those shocking films you wonder why it was ever made. It's a real-life documentary showing 20 dates of the main actor(?). Stacy Sanches, the well-known bunny babe and silicone container, is date 19 and comes out of the swimming pool very nicely. I can think of only two reasons to watch this movie: one would be if you were in it and the other one would be if you don't have a life. Guess I haven't!

    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Other Babes

    From "Whatever it takes".
    This is the 1998 version of Whatever it Takes and is about 2 drug cops who go undercover to investigate the illegal distribution of steroids and growth hormones. Unfortunately, the credits are less than helpful and I don't know who the actresses are. The first collages are of 'Kym' - her name is mentioned several times and she has a reasonably big part. She is a fitness competitor and a gym worker and her name could be Trisha Melynkov or Christine Lydon. The other collage is of a couple of bed warmers.

    Sandra Bullock

    Forces of Nature is one of those forgettable movies. However, Sandra running around in her underwear is a nice sight.

    Nicolette Sheridan

    Another non-nude, Nicolette stars in the telemovie Dead Husbands. It wasn't too bad. although the plot was a little unbelievable. A group of women with too much money and too much time on their hands start up a type of pyramid scheme to kill their husbands. When your husband's name gets to the top of the list he gets bumped off.

    Frankie Hill

    A small collage - Frankie plays Roger Moore's receptionist in The Naked Face. Roger is a psychiatrist and somebody is trying to kill him. They get her instead.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Amy Brenneman

    From "The Suburbans"
    This is one of those okay movies and has two very good looking actresses - Amy Brenneman and Jennifer Love Hewitt. These collages are non-nude but they are in their underwear. Nice!

    Jeanette Cronin
    (1, 2)

    Jeanette stars in Terra Nova. She is a single mother and flees to Terra Nova, which is a boarding house. The movie is about the relationships between the different boarders in the house. This has some full-frontal nudity - she knows what she wants and she enjoys it!

    Nathalie Varallo

    Nathalie is a bit player in Cold Sweat or De la part des copains. It is a very small part - about all she does is flash her breasts. The movie is okay. It stars Charles Bronson as a reformed hit man who has a few ghosts from the past catching up with him. The caps are not the best as it is an old movie.

    Patricia Clarkson

    Simply Irresistible stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and refers to the food that Sarah cooks - it's irresistible and addictive. The collage shows Patricia going into ecstasy as she samples some of the food. The caps only show some pokies and are not that clear. A DVD capture should do a lot better job.

    Valerie Perrine
    (1, 2)

    Can't Stop the Music - when you Yanks make a turkey you really make a turkey. It would line up there along with Xanadu. However, we do briefly see Valerie topless in the spa bath with the Village People at the YMCA.

    Incidentally, being summer down here and with the Australia Open being on at the moment, the women tennis players are in the news. Check out the pokies on virtually every second player! It almost seems part of the uniform. Upskirts are out of fashion with what they wear these days. Anna's pants outfit certainly emphasizes her butt and the 'split' dress that Venus Williams wore on Tuesday caused a lot of comment. What was she thinking?! Now, if we could just get Anna to wear it...

    Black Scorpion Michelle Lintel and her cleavage in 'caps from the Sci-Fi channel series "Black Scorpion".

    Delia Sheppard Topless goodies visible in these 'caps from "Witchcraft 2".

    Mia Ruiz Lots of undies and some topless exposure, also from "Witchcraft 2"

    Unknown Unknown, but topless in scenes from the 1971 Charles Bronson movie, "Red Sun"

    Unknown A beautiful blonde mystery babe showing off the goods from the 1968 movie Spirits of the Dead.

    Ursula Andress Teasing her fans with a bit of breast exposure from "Red Sun"
    Cristina Brondo From the Spanish movie "Entre las piernas" ("Between Your Legs"). Mostly topless scenes plus a few posterior views of Cristina in her undies.

    Susan Anbeh Excellent exposure of equally excellent breasts in scenes from the Euro TV series "Himmel und Erde".

    Christina Plate Looking great topless, and filling our her swimsuit in all of the right places in these scenes from the German TV series "Florida Lady".

    and ...
    Kerry Katona
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    A little present from our British operative, Whyscan. Four excellent nudes of the young British songstress from the February issue of Sky. Sorry, no real goodies, just a bit of bum cleavage, some partial breast exposure, and an interesting quote in link #4.

    Kate Moss
    (1, 2)

    Naturally, no day can really begin without a nutritious breakfast, a cup of coffee, the morning paper, and a new Blackshine scan or two of Kate.

    The Funnies

    * You go to a barbecue and insist that your family feed tactically.
    * Your kids call their mother "Household 1"
    * Your newborn must attend the new comers' orientation briefing within the first 30 days of life.
    * Your wife's two favorite shades of lipstick are lightgreen and loam.
    * You require your mechanic to replace the sandbags in your floorboard as a part of a tune-up.
    * Your station wagon is equipped with blackout lights.
    * Your kids volunteer to pull air guard on the school bus.
    * Your doorbell sounds off with the current challenge and password.
    * Your house has sector sketches posted by every window.
    * You give the command "Fix Bayonets" at Thanksgiving Dinner.
    * Your kids show their meal cards at the kitchen door, except the oldest, who is on separate rations.
    * You make your daughter sign out on a pass on Prom Night.
    * Your kindergartner calls recess "smoke break"
    * Your wife calls foreplay "prepping the objective"
    * Your wife "takes a knee" in the checkout line at the Food Lion.
    * You do your "back to school" shopping at the U.S. Cavalry store.
    * Your son fails the third grade but tells everyone he was a "phase three recycle"
    * Your kids salute their grandparents.
    * Your wife's '"high-n-tight" is more squared away than your commander's.
    * Your pick-up has your name stenciled on the windshield.
    * Your older kids call the youngest one "Cherry"
    * Your kids recite their Alpha Bravo Charlie's
    * Your wife left you and you held a "Change of Command" ceremony.
    * All your possessions are military issue.
    * You have pull-up bars outside the kitchen door.
    * Your daughter's first haircut was a flattop.
    * Your newborn's first words were "all OK Jumpmaster"

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