One Fish, Two Fish
Scoop's comments: Not a lot of commentary necessary for "The Deep". This is the movie that invented wet t-shirt contests. Better than that, the shirt was on the upper body of a woman who was then arguably the most beautiful in the world, Jacqueline Bisset. And you know what? The movie ain't Apocalypse Now, but it is watchable even when her breasts are covered.

The DVD has a beautiful image quality, so Tuna's captures are even better than usual!

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Diana Gartner is on Blinky's runway today.

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Aussie's Corner
Aussie has a major head start at being the contributor of the milennium. Yesterday, it's Jewel in "Ride With The Devil". Today, it's more giant breasts, and probably even better. What could be better? Chew on this: two collages and an .mpg with a clear look at the breasts of Jennifer Connelly in a still-unreleased film called "Waking the Dead". Aussie, you ARE the man.
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    Yesterday was Vanya (#1 #2 #3 #4)

    Gold is Maria Whittaker from 24 Jan 1986.

    Requests are Daniella Westbrook and Ruth Gordon.(#1,#2)

    + Ever wonder what the Playboy, Page Three, and other softcore models do when not modeling for Playboy or the British tabs? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. Today's comments:

    "This is Playboy Model Victoria Knight, not to be confused with Penthouse Pet Leah Maree Willis who uses Victoria Knight in her porn work. To my knowledge, this Victoria doesn't do porn work. This Victoria works on the Strip Circuit with Lexus St. Marks as "Deuces Wild". Many of the models in Playboy NSS make their living stripping somewhere, but not usually under the same name they use in Playboy, so next time you check the talent a your local dancing establishment, maybe you should take a few copies of Playboy's NSS along."

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    FR The Swedish legend, Bibi Andersson in Bergman's first English-language film, "the Touch". More beautiful work from FR. Bibi rivals Helen Mirren for the title of best chest among women who actually can act.

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    Fr also did a lighter version of number six: #6 light)

    Eight ring, backstage, and sideline action shots from the King of the Ring. Two more of Marlena (Terri Runnels) showing highly developed pokitude at RAW, three of Stacy Carter at RAW, three of Madusa at WCW's Souled Out.
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  • "A bit different fare today. These scans are from CD inserts. First up is 2 Live Crew's As Nasty As They Wanna Be II (presumably wrath of Khan) and from the Ohio Players Anthology. I used to love those sexy Ohio Players album covers and Mom never did figure out what the attraction was to that one R&B/soul group. Also included is a pic of pornbabe Shane of Shane's World from Rave magazine."

    2 Live Crew 2 Live Crew Ohio Players Angel Ohio Players Contradiction Ohio Players Fire Ohio Players Gold Ohio Players Honey Ohio Players Honey 2 Shane

    Members Bonuses- The Stoned Age


    The Stoned Age

    Like, this flick is totally bogus, dude. Not funny enough to be a comedy. Not stirring or profound enough to be a drama. Trapped in between. An attempt at a slice-of-life ala "Dazed and Confused". Really, though, it is more like "Revenge of the Nerds Heavy Metal Geeks - total losers get laid with totally rad babes and/or fall in love with Miss Right.

    Includes a cameo from eternally youthful Frankie Avalon, and a minor role by David groh, the now elderly guy who played Rhoda's Joe on the "Rhoda" TV series.

    The totally rad babe is Renee Ammann. The first one is possibly the largest single-image vidcap ever done. Actually, it's a composite of several frames in a downward pan.


    New releases. I finished capping the new releases, but it wil take forever to assemble everything, so tomorrow it is. Let me give you thumbnail sketches of the three that will not be discussed tomorrow.

    The Wood. Normally I hate those "Diner" movies, where a bunch of guys talk about their coming-of-age crises, getting married, and such crap. This, however is a good movie because the three stars are totally real and totally likeable. Much credit to the author and to the actors for bringing this little unsensational genuine slice-of-life to the screen. Unfortunately, the only nudity is male nudity. THREE stars (out of four). The film did only 25 million in domestic gross, but was made for only six million. Of course, this isn't the kind of mainstream picture that makes megabucks.

    The Thirteenth Warrior. The stinker of stinkers. This film gets my Oscar in the following category: biggest waste of time and money of any human activity not involving Kevin Costner or phone psychics. They spent about 100 million dollars to make this goofy interpretation of the Beowulf legends, and it is absolute crap. Dreadful movie that deserved to lose the megabucks it lost. (Domestic gross: $32 million). Ebert gave it 1.5 stars, same thing he gave the Postman. I can't imagine what caused him to tack on the half. Without kidding, I can say that I would rather have watched the Postman a second time than to have watched this the first time. The film did so poorly in sneak previews, that they fired the director (John McTiernan, normally a capable guy, who did "Die Hard", "Last Action Hero" and "Thomas Crown". What happened to him here is a mystery.) and filmed some replacement scenes, but if this is the improvement, the original must have been the worst movie ever filmed. The whole thing may be the darkest frigging movie ever filmed as it is. The fight scenes are so dark and so hectic that you can't tell what happened, except that lots of body parts are getting hacked. No nudity. Just plenty of gory battle scenes, and an all-time screen moment when Antonio Bandaras speaks some Norsk. Genre fans might like this, but if you aren't into those movies that take place in some indefinable non-existent mythical historical epoch where all the housing and armor and everything are all from different centuries, don't do near this turkey. NO stars. And a weak zero at that.

    Bowfinger. I've discussed this before. A hilarious send-up of the fringes of Hollywood. A comedic interpretation of a producer much like Ed Wood and his rag-tag band of hangers on. The last minute (a Bowfinger International film made in Taiwan, called "Fake Purse Ninjas") had me in stitches, laughing out loud, even the second time I watched it. (I had to call over everyone in the house to watch it.) Brilliant script by Steve Martin, two great characterizations by Eddie Murphy, clever direction by Frank Oz. If you've read anything about the guys who live in this fringe world, you'll know that Martin got every detail perfect. One of the 10 best comedies of the nineties, in my opinion, both literate and funny. A minor hit with a domestic gross of 66 million. FOUR stars.

    Members Bonus

    Sisyphus A trubute to photographer Helmut Newton
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  • Andrea Thompson on this week's "NYPD Blue"
  • Starting a string of unsigned vidcaps. Carla Gugino in "Snake Eyes"
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  • Jayne Heitmeyer in "Snake Eyes"
  • Carrie Stevens in "Digital Strip Poker"
  • Carrie Stevens in "Digital Strip Poker"
  • Carrie Stevens in "Digital Strip Poker"
  • Carrie Stevens in "Digital Strip Poker"
  • Carrie Stevens in "Digital Strip Poker"
  • Courtney Taylor vidcaps
  • Courtney Taylor vidcaps
  • Courtney Taylor vidcaps
  • Courtney Taylor vidcaps
  • Cristina Cox in "better than Chocolate"
  • Cristina Cox in "better than Chocolate"
  • Cristina Cox in "better than Chocolate"
  • Karen Dwyer in "Better than Chocolate"
  • Karen Dwyer in "Better than Chocolate"
  • Karen Dwyer in "Better than Chocolate"
  • great action shots from women's tennis. Jennifer Capriata
  • great action shots from women's tennis. Capriati.
  • great action shots from women's tennis. Sanchez-Vicario
  • Ursula Andress in "The Fifth Musketeer"
  • Ursula Andress in "The Fifth Musketeer"
  • Katherine Hicks in "Laguna Heat"
  • MUST SEE picture of Jennifer Lopez in concert
  • Francesca Neri in GQ
  • Charlotte Rampling in "The Night Porter"
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