Movies with Johnny Web
Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio's topless scene in January Man is virtually an internet cliche, but her brief exposure in the last scene of Scarface is seldom seen. It's the famous "you better fuck me now Tony" scene as she guns away at the brother who keeps scaring off and killing her lovers(Al Pacino)
One more of Mastrontonio.
Here's Pfeiffer from the same movie. No nudity, but a perky nipple underneath a silk gown. What the hell, it's Pfeiffer.
Movies and stuff with The Realist
This is an honor for me to present. About 25 years ago, a mediocre-to-crappy film company gave an unknown filmmaker named Bill Gunn a few bucks to make a blaxploitation horror movie in the tradition of Blacula. Instead, he made a perfectly photographed, perfectly scored masterpiece about a black vampire whose craving for blood traced an allegorical path through the black experiences in Africa and the new world. The film was entered in the 1973 Cannes Film festival, where it received a standing ovation. Problem is, the film had no commercial potential. It had absolutely no appeal to the Blaxploitation audience for which it was designed. The vampire is a black archeologist who is disgusted by killing, and is even more disgusted by his own addiction to drinking blood. At one point, he invites a suicidal guy over, gets him depressed, and leaves a gun in his room so he'll kill himself. Not exactly your standard gore flick. The producers pulled the movie after a week, cropped it from 110 minutes to 78, and released it as a drive-in second feature. The newly-released DVD is based on a heretofore unknown 35mm print that was recently unearthed, and is the director's original cut. The star is an extraordinary beauty named Marlene Clark. These frames give you a taste of the film's extraordinary cinematography.
More of Marlene. .
an enlargement of her lovemaking scene.
an enlargement of the frame where her breast is exposed after her master vampire has drunk her blood.
No nudity. This is basically just the exquisite face of the lovely Marlene. Her career was over in 1977, five years after the film was made. More extraordinary is the fact that Bill Gunn never directed another film. This man was a real talent. The musical score was every bit the equal of the visuals.
Here's yet another Realist scan of Anna Falchi romping on the black rocks.
Realist scan of Carrie Nygren.
Movies with the Germans
If there is one good reason to get IRC-connected, it must be that #german-celebs channel on the Undernet. The members there churn out vidcaps prolifically, many of which feature scenes unavailable elsewhere. Here's three looks at Chiara Schoras in "Picknick im Schnee". First from Slartibartfast
Chiara Schoras in "Picknick im Schnee". from Surfmarcus this time .
Chiara Schoras in "Picknick im Schnee". from Freakie 2.
Here's Surfmarcus again with Katharina Boehm in The Inseparables.
Here's Figgis with Nele Mueller-Stoeffen in Tatort.
Here's Figgis again with Romy Schneider in "Oui?".
Slartibartfast again with Stephanie Steppenbeck in "Rot wie das Blut" .
an old cap from Figgis of Steppenbeck in "Der alte und der kleine Mann" .
from Flurk: Chereney Strand in "Postmortem" .
also from Flurk: Hazel Ann Crawford in "Postmortem".
from MacHero: "Ufos ueber Waterlow" .
from D.P.: Heidi Makatsch in "aimee and jaguar".
Slartibartfast again with spacebabe Eva Habermann in "Rosa Roth"
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The Italian Connection
The Italian Beauty guy hasn't sent by anything in a long time, so I guess he decided to catch up. Here's a topless pose from the often-requested Asia Argento.
paparazzi shot of Martina Colombari
Vittoria Belvedere at the beach
Eva Bravo in a fish-net top
Lola Pagnani posed ala Monroe
Romina Power topless
Barbara Livi topless
Natascha Howey in a sheer top.
Randi Ingerman with an exposed nipple.
more Movies
Virginia Madsen in "Candyman". An oldie but goodie from SCiCap '96.
Harlee McBride in "Young Lady Chatterley", from BFD
Harlee McBride in "Young Lady Chatterley", from BFD
Alex Meneses in "Sherman Oaks", from BFD
silent-era actress Tina Mudotti. Photo taken in the early 1920's.
Kitten Natividad in the solemn, sensitive, Bergmanesque epic, "Beyond the Valley of the Ultravixens"
speaking of sensitive classics, here's Sable in "Sable Unleashed". Sable's a great looking woman, but Blockbuster really doesn't have to worry about reserving me a copy. Images by Double Bridge
speaking of rasslin' babes, here's Deb McMichael in "Heat"
Joan Severance in "Criminal Passion", including a stark naked rear shot
more of Joan Severance in "Criminal Passion". Both collages from Gow Gates.
from Abys .. Claire Sims in "The Hunger"
from Abys .. Claire Sims in "The Hunger"
from Recap: Tracey Walker in "The Lamp"
from Rookie: Nikki Fritz in "Where Evil Lies"
from Rookie: Nikki Fritz in "Where Evil Lies"
Claudia Christian in "Never on Tuesday"
Movie madness with Cougar
Wynona Ryder in "Dracula".
Katie Holmes in "Disturbing Behavior".
Katie Holmes in "Disturbing Behavior". (Deleted scene)
Crystal Cass (or maybe Carr) in "Disturbing Behavior".
Happy Birthday
Today is Scoopy Jr's birthday. He really is my oldest son, by the way, although I didn't exactly envision leading him down this crooked path in life when I first held him on the icy-cold day in 1972. I was a mild-mannered Literature professor at the time with an ever-disappointing acting career. Seems like 100 lifetimes ago. Nonetheless, Jr, lots of love and best wishes.
Great Scans
Normally, the weekend edition features movies more than magazines, actresses rather than models. I guess this week will not deviate from that general principle, but I thought it would be fun to feature some scans that came our way that are among the best we've ever seen. Three are reruns from last week, but worth another look. Well, I guess you have to have both a great scan and a great photo to begin with. This one is from a scanner named The Realist, and it is a gorgeous one of Anna Falchi in black sand, with every grain seeming to be separated. Photo by Marco Glaviano. For those of you who read the page daily, Scoopy Jr featured this a couple of days ago.
I think this one is from Snail. Gena Nolin on a magazine cover in exquisite detail.
Different category now, from Art to Sports. These can't look as spectacular as posed shots, but in this category of real people doing real stuff, I think Presswire has the eye of the Tiger. Here's Anna Kournikova. Photo by Anat Givon.
Movie Madness
Jumpin' around the board a bit, here's Sonja Kirchberger, full-frontal in "Die Venusfalle".
a few more topless shots of Sonja.
Cougar occasionally likes to take the road less traveled. Here's Sadie Frost in "Bram Stoker's Dracula". Personally, I preferred "Julio Iglesias' Dracula" and "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Dracula the pirate's daughter". I know you younger guys aren't going to believe this, but Francis Coppola used to be a great, great filmmaker. Nobody really knows what happened to him, but he really used to be good. Honest, this is the same guy who did the first two Godfather movies, and Apocalypse Now.
Here's another look at the lost Rollergirl scene in "Boogie Nights".
This next three films come under the category of interesting material, but lousy prints to cap from. The best example in this group, by far, comes from some caps done by Aussie of "Jaded". Man, do we ever need to get this on DVD! Here's the midnight rape on the beach ... Carla Gugino, Rya Kihlstadt, Anna Levine Thompson. Hot....
more Jaded. One of the above enlarged
more Jaded. The skinny dipping.
Jaded. Kihlstadt by herself.
Jaded. Carla Gugino by herself. Quite a bit better lighting here, so the images aren't bad at all. Aussie's caps are Ok, but the print was poor.
Speaking of poor prints. Helen Slater didn't get naked in "the Legend of Billie Jean", but she was gorgeous and wore a halter top, braless, for the entire movie. You can at least get a tease from this collage
Now here's another one that would make a good project for a good print. Diane Lane in " .... the Fabulous Stains". In addition to the transparent, braless, red blouse, she also did a brief shower scene that wasn't 'cappable from the twelfth generation tape. Diane Lane comes from the Rick Nelson school of acting ... meaning that it's difficult to get a cap of her with her eyes all the way open. (Rick sang and talked with his eyes closed most of the time)
Kim Dickens in "Zero Effect". No nudity. The best she did was a t-shirt. I really enjoyed the movie. Pullman plays an updated Sherlock Holmes.
Zero Effect. More of Kim, different scene, different t-shirt.
Kim in "Truth of Consequences, N.M." This time, she actually showed a breast, and performed the ritual t-shirt scene
back to the "Zero Effect". Angela featherstone came real close to popping a nipple out of this swimsuit, but never did. Here's three looks at her.
Featherstone #2.
Featherstone #3.
Distant, but clear ... Susan Anspach's full-frontal frames in "Montenegro".
Quick frame: Elizabeth Shue in the shower in "Vegas".
Quick frame: Sissy Spacek in "Prime Cut".
Quick frame: Sissy Spacek in "Prime Cut".
Quick frame: Stella Stevens showering, age 50, in "Monster in the Closet". Stella not only appeared in b-films, but she actually propagated with the future of cruddy movies in mind, as her son Andrew carried on the family tradition.
For reference: Stella showering, age 36, in "Slaughter". Stella first came to national prominence in a multiple episode appearance as a dying patient on Ben Casey. Ben was smitten with her, and she was the first person ever to touch the heart of that old surgical curmudgeon. Unfortunately, she kicked off and Ben was grouchier than ever.
Lara Flynn Boyle in "Past Tense".
Quick frame: Stephanie Powers in "The Invisible Strangler".
Kate Nelligan in "Eye of the Needle".
Karen Black in "Drive, He Said".
Alberta Watson in "The Sweet Hereafter"
For reference, Alberta Watson in "Spanking the Monkey" .. a black comedy about a troubled teenager coming of age, confused about his sexuality, so he humps his attractive, lonely mom (Watson).
Alberta Watson again. "In Praise of Older Women".
Marina Sirtis in "The Wicked Lady".
RDO: Big Bad Mama
I think you've come to think of this site as your one-stop "Big Bad Mama" shopping experience. RDO has done his usual thorough job on this movie, and this movie has about as much nudity as any mainstream movie around. If you consider Roger Corman to be mainstream. Actually, it's a pretty entertaining piece of trash, and everybody gets naked except Royal Dano. Angie's gang consists of her, her two daughters, Tom Skeritt and Captain Kirk. Skeritt sleeps with all three women, if I recall. Might as well start out at the top. Angie Dickinson, full frontal, in her prime
Angie getting dressed.
Angie getting felt up by Captain Kirk.
Angie and the Captain doing the deed.
Rear view of Angie. This time she's doin' the deed with Tom Skeritt, I think.
Sally Kirkland, stripping for action. She has only this one scene.
Sally Kirkland, stripped and disappointed. She had dark hair and her natural chest.
Robbie Lee, as the younger sister, dropping trou to share Skeritt with her sister.
Robbie Lee and her sister fighting while wearing their drawers.
Robbie Lee almost topless in a sheer outfit.
Speaking of Rick Nelson! Susan Sennett, the older sister in this movie, in her big nude scene. She did this only a year after her Polyanna role in "Ozzie's Girls", as Ozzie and Harriet's other TV family after Rick and Dave moved out.
Joan Prather as their kidnap victim.
Shannon Christie as a stripper they meet on the way.
Late Arrivals
I got these just before press time last night...First up, 4 sets of 'caps from "Hit and Run". If you haven't seen it, don't. Even though it has a great premise (Kari Wuhrer is a psycho prostitute)she never gets nekkid! To quote one of my younger brother's heroes, Jack Palance, "Believe it, or not". Anyway, Crow managed to get about all there is to see.
Kari Wuhrer in "Hit and Run" by Crow, #2.
Kari Wuhrer in "Hit and Run" by Crow, #3.
Kari Wuhrer in "Hit and Run" by Crow, #4.
From Snappy Pappy
You may recognize this next B-movie bim from such classics as "Confessions of a Lapdancer", "The Erotic House of Wax", or "Housewife From Hell". I just saw her two days ago in the supremely funny independent film "The Making of ...And God Spoke". She played one of the Nude Ninjas. Here's Lisa Comshaw in 'caps from an episode of "Women: Stories of Passion".
Lisa Comshaw #2.
Gabriella Hall is our next erotic, B-movie starlet. You may have caught her flaunting her plastic surgeon's work in such greats as "Sexual Roulette", "Lolita 2000", or maybe "The Exotic Time Machine". Today's 'caps come from an episode of "Beverly Hills Bordello".
Gabriella Hall from "Beverly Hills Bordello", #2.
One more from "Women..." here is Cece Tsou. You actually, really, just might recognize this one from an A-movie. She had a bit part as one of the elevator passengers in "Speed".
From Boatfan
'Caps of Reese Witherspoon in "Twilight" have been floating around for a while now, but this is one of the best collages I've seen.
This is just plain weird. With any luck, the younger guys may remember her as Frau Bluecher from "Young Frankenstein"...Here's Cloris Leachman nude, and in full body paint.
Fun House Variety
From The February edition of Movieline magazine, here is a great cleavage scan of the very saucy, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Thanks to RJL.
From Dragon, another 'cap of Emmanuelle Seigner and her love of milk from "Bitter Moon".
Earlier this week we had Anna Nicole Smith from "Skyscaper". Today here she is in the tub from "To the Limit".
Anna Nicole Smith in "To the Limit", #2.
From Crow, Mia Farrow from "Rosemary's Baby".
RJL 'capped Lisa Nicole Carson and her cleavage during a recent appearance on Regis and the other one.
Anyone a fan of Pam Anderson's new show "VIP"? Well, for all 6 of you, here's the show's token lesbian character, as played by Natalie Raitano.