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"The Young Pope"

s1e8, 1920x1080

Olivia Macklin



Charmed is a TV show based on the adventures of three sisters, The Charmed Ones. There were four main women from a sex appeal point of view, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. Kaley Cuoco spiced things up in the eighth and final season. There was no nudity but plenty that was very easy on the eye. This week's caps conclude the seventh season and were made in 2005.

Episode 18 Little Box of Horrors (2005)

Alyssa Milano

Holly Marie Combs

Michelle Hunt

Rose McGowan

Artificial Paradises


Nathalia Dill

The Golden Rut


Johnny's comments:

The Golden Rut is another Austin-based comedy (see "Mr. Roosevelt") about a struggling actor Scottie (Josh Holden), who at 30 is going nowhere fast despite a lot of confidence and a string of women. He's encouraged by his acting coach to go to New Orleans where more movies are made, but then he meets Ebby (Laura Flannery) and they begin a relationship. Word around town is that world famous director Terrence Malick Moses Duval (Bill Wise) is filming in town and Scottie is desperate for his agent to get him into the movie, but that doesn't look likely. Things are going really well between Scottie and Ebby and she encourages him to 'get his shit together' and then tells him that her identical twin sister Alex (also Laura Flannery) is coming to visit. Well, Alex turns out to be a wilder and more sexually uninhibited version of Ebby and while he loves Ebby, it's becoming harder to ignore Alex. Scottie gets an in with Moses Duval from his brother (Nick Holden), but hears that he is looking for a developmentally-challenged person for the lead and well, when you're desperate for your big break... Can Scottie get the role that will make his career and sort out which sister he would rather be with?

Another OK comedy that has a few laughs and a sexy female lead in Laura Flannery in dual roles, but the movie is full of insider comedy about the acting game and that is really boring and sometimes goes on and on. The movie is much better when is focuses on the sisters.

Laura Flannery film clip (collages below)

Laura Flannery and Liz Tabish film clip (samples below)

Raquel Karro in Pendular (2017) in 720p

Nicole Mercedes Mueller in Tschick (2016) in 1080hd

Patricia Velasquez in Rescue Me (s1e4) in 1080hd

Pam Grier in Foxy Brown (1974) in 1080hd

Foxy Brown (1974) is one of the early blacksploitation films staring Pam Grier in the title role. Written and directed by Jack Hill, it is one of the first action films to star a strong black woman. This is the film that put Pam Grier on the map. It is strictly low budget, and much of the fighting is badly choreographed, but it is a very fast watch. Pam's boyfriend, a federal narcotics agent, is given plastic surgery and a new identity after a failed attempt to put a drug family in jail. Pam's baby brother, who is selling drugs, recognizes the boyfriend, and turns him in to the mob. When the mob kills her man, her brother and her brother's lady, Foxy doesn't get mad, she gets even.

The good news: unlike most of these Pam Grier films, the plot is not just an excuse to get Pam naked. It may actually hold your interest. And it features my main man, Huggy Bear!

The bad news: Pam doesn't get naked nearly enough, and when she gets in her customary clear-the-room catfight, she doesn't rip off the other girls' clothing.

She does do some kickass bottle-fu, airplane propellor-fu, gasoline-fu, and shows complete mastery of the mysterious and ancient Oriental technique of barstool-fu. "I got MY black belt in barstool."

Vera Farmiga in In Tranzit

Natalie Press in In Tranzit