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The True Story of Eskimo Nell


Let's head back to the 70s.

The True Story of Eskimo Nell is an erotic comedy made at the same time as the British film Eskimo Nell. It begins with Deadeye Dick (Max Gillies) who is obsessed with watching Mexico Pete (Serge Lazareff) have sex because he loves his orgasm face. Dick shoots dead the husband of the woman (Elke Neidhart) Pete was about to have sex with as the husband was going to do him in. Dick and Pete become reluctant buddies, but then have a common goal when Dick tells the story of Eskimo Nell (Victoria Anoux), a prostitute with a reputation second to none (called a womper). But she is in Alaska and it's a travel from California. They meet up with Pete's friend Bogger (Grahame Bond) and cause a bit of trouble. Then they go over their back stories, have a farting competition (Blazing Saddles, anyone?), talk lots more about Nell, then finally get to Alaska and the bar where she works. But, Nell isn't quite the woman she is made out to be.

Boy, does this film drag out a razor thin idea. Most of the jokes are rather feeble, but Gillies does alright with not much to work with and is good with the pratfalls. Alright, the film does deliver some excellent nudity, including sex bomb Abigail's first full frontal nude scene and the gorgeous Elli Maclure and Victoria Anoux (also nude in Stone, a film I must get around to capping soon). So, there's that and not a lot else to recommend. At least that's something.

Kris McQuade and Elli Maclure (low res sample below)

Elke Neidhart (collage below)

Paddy Madden (low res sample below)

Abigail (collage below)

Victoria Anoux (collage below)


Hot off the presses: Krystal Davis in the just-released Donner Pass (2012)

One more still hot from the press: Joanna Litwin in The Mill and the Cross (2011) in 720p. This is a Greenaway-style art film which explains how Bruegel painted one of his most famous masterpieces. Rutger Hauer plays Bruegel.

It turns out there's a video to go with that strange Camille Rowe pictorial (see below)

Anouk Wagener in Kleine Geheimnisse (2006)

Gintare Parulyte in Kleine Geheimnisse (2006)

Deborah Kara Unger in Highlander III (1994)

Bonnie Mak in Highlander III (1994)

Joan Severance in 1989's "See no evil, hear no evil" - in 720p

Sybil Danning in They're Playing With Fire (720p) in 1984

Today's forgotten Italian exploitation classic is Per Sempre (1991)

  Gioia Scola

Vera Fischer

Corinne Clery

Eva Grimaldi

PICS/ Collages

Sara Paxton in Shark Night 3D

Anna Jimskaia in Monamour

Demi Moore in Blame it on Rio

Michelle Johnson in Blame it on Rio

Hana Semlimovic in White White World

Patricia Carr in American Gigolo

Michele Drake in American Gigolo

Linda Horn in American Gigolo

Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo