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"The Sopranos"

The Sopranos episodes 5 - 8 feature great exposure from the Russian girlfriend, Oksana Babiy, and not much else in the way of flesh. There is one dream sequence with a body double for Dr. Melfi which Scoop did a great job on. Meanwhile, the story continues to be fresh and engrossing. Tony is beginning to deal with having his kids know what he does for a living, his wife nearly has an affair with the priest, and a mob of federal cops is about to indict members of the family. Tony Jr. steals some altar wine, shows up drunk to basketball practice, and is immediately suspect as ADD (attention deficit disorder) by the school shrink.

Through this second third of the first season, Tony is giving anxiety to others more than having anxiety attacks himself.

  • Thumbnails

  • Oksana Babiy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    I decided not to do "Python" because it does have nudity, and I only had a VHS copy, so I'm fishing around for the DVD, which is available.

    Coyote Ugly- how bad a week is it when this piece of drivel is the best film of the week, and Battlefield Earth is #2? Surely that must be the worst week ever? Tell me it was all just a horrible nightmare. This film may not be dumber than "Skulls", but it sure wasn't from lack of effort. (No Nudity). I did have fun writing the review.

    Essex Boys - beats me. I just made these from C2000's caps. Mine are the Reader's Digest version, just because I think Alex Kingston looks great - one of the few women doing nude scenes who actually looks like a normal woman. And she's generous with the frontals. For the industrial strength captures, see C2000's column in yesterday's edition.

    Tennis is always good. You may have read that Venus' new designer tennis outfits are controversial. Here's the one you read about, and some other tennis stuff.

    Tomcat did a French movie called Germinal. This is a beautifully composed scene, like a Flemish master painting, and I'd love to brighten these and make collages, but I have no idea who the actress is. HELP!

    • Germinal nude scenes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    • Germinal face shots (1, 2)

    Insider sent in one more of his private stock of hot babes lying around his house naked. In this case,


    Happy, birthday, Scoopy Jr!

    When Tuna finished with the Sorority House Massacre Trilogy, I thought I would move on to what was certain to be the next part of the series, Sorority House Party. Was planned as a trilogy, itself, but the original was such a masterpiece that only it was released. And when you see the credits you know why; the finest actresses in the land performed for this one. Here are caps of three of them.

    First off is April Lerman. April is a sho 'nuff cutie, with a Helen Hunt-type body, which is high praise, indeed. First cap is a composite, the rest are collages from her only nude scene, as she frolics with a long-haired guy who supposed to be a rocker dude. That had me confused because this actor looked s though he just stepped out of the cover of the Chippendale's calendar that, sad to say, we carry in the shop. You know the type: looks like a girl except he has pecs instead of boobs. Then in the obligatory, having-fun-outside-throwing-a-football scene flashed by and it hit me: this guy throws like A GIRL, and he looks like A GIRL. He must be A GIRL. So this movie really is a closet lesbian flic. Yeah, that's it.

    Turns out April is also a member of the Alyssa Milano club, named for child actresses who grew up and showed the goodies. April was born in 1969, had a part in the movie Annie in 1982, spent a year on Charles in Charge (with Scott Baio???!!!) at the age of 15, and finished her career in 1992 with this opus, Sorority House Party (also known as Rock and Roll Fantasy; can't you see it? First weekend in the theaters and 14 people paid to see the movie, so the distributor figures to bring in the crowds with a name change). Junior, we ought to start an April Lerman fan club, and I nominate you as the first president. (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Second babe is Nicole Sassaman. She enters the scene topless, and asks if anyone has seen her bra. Honey child, anything that size we would have noticed already, especially in April's room.

    Third babe is Bonnie Stroup, a one-time wonder, whose only scene is a topless, get out of the jacuzzi and walk toward the camera as we film in slow-motion extravaganza. Frigging director wouldn't even give her a line to say. I doubt that she tells her friends she once appeared in a movie, although Bonnie dearest we are very glad you did.

    Sandra Bullock

    Indra Ové

    First up, bootleg 'caps of Sandra showing some cleavage and lots o' leg from "Miss Congeniality". I heard this was a stinker, although I am very curious to see Shatner as the host of the big beauty pageant!

    Next, vidcaps with almost full breast exposure from the TV series "Space Island One".

    Dawn Marie Psaltis from ECW Guilty

    Elektra from ECW Guilty

    Francine Fournier from ECW Guilty

    Jasmin St. Clair from ECW Guilty

    Lita from WWF Raw

    Stephanie McMahon from WWF Raw

    Chyna from WWF Raw

    Terri Boatwright from WWF Raw

    Trish Stratus from WWF Raw
    (1, 2)

    Of course no update from Crow would be complete with out Rasslin' 'Caps! All of the usual stuff including big boobs, big cleavage, big thong exposure, big muscles, big porn star turned rasslin' babe, and of course a big sandwich!
    Sit back and relax...Scorpion is about to take us on a trip through B-movie nudity heaven!

    Lorissa McComas
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Brandy Davis
    (1, 2, 3)

    Brandy and Lorissa
    (1, 2)

    Brandy and Gaelle Comparat

    Topless, bottomless, frontal, masturbation, sex scenes, shower scenes, hot tubs, lesbo lovin', and even some big guns for you folks in Texas. You name it, it's here in these scenes from the 1998 softcore flick, "Testing the Limits".

    Sue Morrow

    Sue and her friends

    Jeanine Louise

    Jennifer Inch
    (1, 2)

    Jennifer and Jeanine Louise

    From "Birds in Paradise".

  • First up, Sue on her own, as well as gettin' some lovin'.
  • Next, add 2 other babes for a 3-way lesbo orgy. Woo-Hoo!
  • Then we see Jeanine...full frontal sunbathing, as well as gettin' it on in the surf, and working the poll at a strip club. That's one busy girl.
  • Jennifer Inch also does a bit of nekkid sunbathing, and has a bit of sex on the beach as well.
  • Then of course, Jennifer and Jeanine get it on with some dude.
  • Griffin Drew and Sandy Wasko
    (1, 2)
    Kudos to Scorpion for these 'caps from "Phantom Love". Nothing in the IMDb on this one. Moving on...#1 features Griffin and some dude. #2 has Drew and Wasko together in a lesbo scene. Once again, every thing except shots from the gyno-cam.

    and ...
    (1, 2)

    Seriously, she might as well be topless in these. Very nice nipple exposure in #2!

    Kerry Katona
    (1, 2, 3)

    The very saucy lead singer for the Brit pop band Atomic Kitten. All I can say is when the babe looks this good topless, who cares about the music! She could sing old sea ditties about rum, scurvy, and of course Captain Dan and Mr. Prostitute for all I care. I'd still want to see more!

    Kelly Brook Another look at the recent paparazzi pics of the British starlet in all of her topless glory. Plus a great thong view too! Thanks to PicCap.

    Valérie Kaprisky Topless 'caps from the 1994 movie "Mouvements du désir", by UC99

    Sibylle Rauch A 1979 German bunnybabe showing us a non-bunny peek at the goodies from 1981's "Lemon Popsicle III". Thanks again to UC99.

    Megan Gale An excellent fully nude B&W of the beautiful model.

    Updates from the Mailbag
    Julie Bowen

    Hey Junior, I came across this yesterday. Maybe you can give a heads up to see if anyone has anything of this. Julie Bowen said on Letterman that at people's choice award she got so excited and started jumping around and when she looked down on her dress it was displaced 4 inches at the wrong place :) Anyone got pics of those cuz she said there were a lot of photographers taking pictures. Anyone got'em or any info???? Julie Bowen is the cute ass teacher on the new show on NBC ED. She was also in Happy Gilmore.


    Just thought I'd drop you a note regarding Blackshine's mystery babe in the Tuesday edition. I think she is a Spanish actress model and has appeared in most early Almodovar films, easily recognizable by the nose.

    As far as I remember she was (despite the nose) a very successful model in Europe. However I'm Not 100% sure and couldn't find anything on a quick internet scan to verify it.


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