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  • Kim Delaney's bare bum! From NYPD Blue.

  • Tuna
    "Friday Foster" (1975)

    Friday Foster (1975) is yet another blacksploitation classic staring Pam Grier. This time, Pam is an ex fashion model turned tabloid photographer. She is sent to the airport to get the arrival of the "black Howard Hughes," and instead catches an attempted assassination. She would not be Pam if she didn't stick her nose in, and one of the would-be assassins is out to kill her. She uncovers a plot to destroy black power by gathering all the black leaders into one place and killing them.

    This is more polished than Coffy or Foxy Brown, and Pam is not as strong and more cuddly than the previous two films, but I kind of miss the edge of her characters in the first two. Watch for Scatman Cruthers as a horny evangelist, Ertha Kitt as a fashion designer with an attitude, Godfrey Cambridge as a gay nightclub owner, and Jim Backus as a sleazy white politician. Though Pam is not an action superhero in this film, the role does call for her to act, which she proves more than capable of. Maltin is unimpressed at 2 stars. 32 IMDB readers have it at 5.2/10. Grier fans should definitely see this. Others should be warned that Pam does not cuss and kick ass beginning to end this time, but she does act and get naked.

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  • Pam Grier (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    Some of you guys probably think it would be fun to do what we do, creating a web page like this. Well, some days it is pretty fun when some good stuff comes across our desks, but some days ......

    Today, I saw "Spiders", "Battlefield Earth", and "The Irrefutable Truth about Demons", and I still have "Coyote Ugly" and a Jenny McCarthy snake movie called "Python" in my in-box.

    Spiders - never mind. Just exactly what you imagine. The Robbins Report, ""JFK" meets "Scooby Doo", as meddling kids uncover all the top government secrets. Especially the famed Big Spider Project. No nudity.

    The Truth Abort Demons - is a grade B from New Zealand, but with a really spooky musical score that makes it a pretty good source of cheap shivers.

    Battlefield Earth is much better than people said, because it is funny, but is still worse than pretty much any other human activity. Except maybe "Spiders", or if your wife made you sit through a local production of "Cats" because her ballet dancing 40 year old girlfriend is in it.

    From the classic bin. Unlike this week's crap, Sirens is wonderful, and should be watched by every man once a year, to clear out his head. (some other caps in yesterday's edition)

    Have been working on a big capping thing and so I have only a few scans today....

    The Mongoose caps of Ingrid Steeger on Tuesday reminded me I had some scans of the cutie. Far be it for me to keep them to myself. (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Piccap sends in his stuff you quite often, but I had not seen these scans of Krista Allen in the Funhouse (and seein' as how its Krista we are talking about I do think I would have remembered). So I picked them off usenet and edited them a bit, but they are Piccaps through and through; they are also the most revealing scans of Krista I have seen. (1, 2)

    And then we have sometime B actress Angela Taylor, who seems to pose provocatively under the name of Angela Ianello. She has the requisite pair of plastic hooters and the killer arse.

    Essex Boys (2000)...

    "If you know what'd better keep your mouth shut." This film is largely based on true events that took place in Essex in 1996(?) as a consequence of which three men were murdered, two are in prison for life and one is living under an assumed identity.

    Billy Reynolds (Charlie Creed-Miles) is an Essex cab driver and part-time runner for John Dyke (Tom Wilkinson), a small scale drug baron. Jason Locke (Sean Bean) is released from prison after serving 5 years for armed robbery. While inside Dyke was looked after by Locke and "owes him". Billy acts as a driver for Locke, who demonstrates psychopathic tendencies towards his enemies and his wife Lisa (Alex Kingston), and rapidly becomes entangled in a gangland battle for control of the drug and club security scene in Essex.

    Locke requests that Dyke provide him with a consignment of ecstasy. The batch is contaminated and causes several fatalities. Dyke is under pressure from Locke and formulates a plot in collaboration with Lisa to eradicate Locke. The Range Rover murder of Locke and his two partners is the highlight of the film. Billy witnesses the murder but is allowed to live on the strict understanding that he keeps his mouth shut. This would have been a logical end to the film but it proceeds to introduce a sexual relationship between Billy and Lisa and the attempt by Dyke to eliminate Billy.

    Initially this appears to be yet another Brit gangster flick. I rate this a cut (or should it be a bullet) above the traditional fare. It is no "Lock, Stock..." but is certainly much better than "Gangster No.1" and "Rancid Aluminium". The plot is largely self evident but this is to be expected from a movie that is partly based on fact. The film tended to meander due to a lack of violence and over-emphasis on the human relationships. The film-makes come unstuck in their attempt to introduce an element of seriousness to the film. The Range Rover murder scene was the definite highlight although the suspense was reduced by the knowledge that it would happen. I enjoyed the ending which differed from what was anticipated.

    Charlie Creed-Miles does well as a naive young man who gets caught up in events. Sean Bean is good playing a psychopath but is implausible as a would be drug baron. Tom Wilkinson, better known for his roles in "the Full Monty" and frolics with Minnie Driver in "The Governess", is horribly miscast as a drug baron. Alex Kingston does a sound job in her 'split personality' role of battered wife and calculating drug lord.


  • Alex Kingston does some excellent nudity including full frontal, topless and a sex scene. She's an actress who always delivers on the nudity front. (1, 2, 3)

  • Holly Davidson shows her bare butt when lying dead.

    Capped from DVD. No extras. This film had a very limited release in the UK (one week in one West End cinema). IMDB rates it 5.8 with 28 votes.

  • Blackshine
    Kate Moss A topless B&W from the king of Kate Moss scans.

    Charlize Theron A fun head shot.

    Unknown Usually I would use the term mystery babe, but in this's just a B&W scan of a chick with no name and a big nose.

    Elizabeth Hurley Looking great as always. Unfortunately, she's fully clothed.
    China Chow
    (1, 2)

    Linda Hamilton
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    Sorry gang, no nudity in any of these, but once again, Akira delivers some awesome quality 'caps!

    China shows a bit of bra from the action-comedy "The Bit Hit", while Linda flexes for the camera in "Terminator 2".

    and ...
    Vanessa Kelly
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
    8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

    Very hot stuff from the 2001 Daihatsu Calendar.

    The breakdown:

  • Clear topless nudity... #1,3,4,9
  • Teaser nip sightings... #8,10,12
  • Partial breast exposure... #5,6,11
  • Bikini pics... #2,7

  • Kari Wuhrer
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    Give this man a prize! Superb collages by ZonononZor of Kari buck nekkid (and mostly covered in paint) from the movie "Luscious" AKA "Vivid".

    Petra Verkaik
    (1, 2)

    The super-busty former bunnymate in all her topless glory from the movie "The Last Road", by UC99.

    Daniella Westbrook
    (1, 2)
    Topless plus a bit of bum exposure too. The low-res pic of Daniella is from Sunday's New of the World, but as you can see, it is simply a cropped reprint of the picture from Front Magazine (link #2)

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