TV Round-Up

It was not an especially good Sunday on Cable.

Californication (s5e2) offered nothing more than Meagan Good in a flimsy t-shirt which allowed us to see the outline of her areolae. 

House of Lies (s1e2) was even more disappointing. It offered a Dawn Olivieri sex scene in which there was nothing to see.

Shameless (s2e2) did better. Laura Wiggins did a topless scene. The clip is 1080p, but the samples below are 960x540 because I needed to brighten them up a lot, and the smaller ones looked better.

Nicholas le Floch (s4e1) featured a hot scene from Clementine Poidatz. See Defoe's section below.

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  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Hot off the presses: a new TV show, two new TV movies, and a new face in Laetitia Mas

Clementine Poidatz in Nicolas Le Floch, s4e1, 1080p

Aurore Paris and others in Climats (2012) in 1440x810

Julie Ferrier in Le Fil d'Ariane (2012), 1080p

Laetitia Mas in RIF (2011), 1080p

Certain Prey


John Sandford detective movie.

Lola Glaudini: brassiere.

Athena Karkanis: rock hard pokies.

Tatiana Maslany: sexy.

Talia Russo: sexy but dead.

Conduct Unbecoming


A good thing about this film is it knocks out Casino Jack as the final film starring
the late great Maury Chaykin.

Bridget Wareham: partial boob.

Father's Day


TROMA exploitation based on a entry for a fake trailer contest which, unlike the
Grindhouse entries, has a lot of nudity.

Amy Groening: topless as stripper in trailer
(possible distant relation to Simpsons creator Matt Groening?).

Amy Groening: topless as stripper in fake trailer.

Cherrie Gunn: topless as stripper in fake trailer.

Split Focus

(2010 short)

Carleigh Beverly: very sexy. She's in the new Mudpit cartoon series.

Fearing the Dark

(2010 short)

Carleigh Beverly: still sexy.


 (2009 short)

This short firm was filmed in Los Angeles and stars *a* Jessica Pare.

Jessica Leigh Stevens: topless, then bottomless and spreadeagled
(getting her cooter waxed by Jessica Pare.)

Levis Unzipped


Bjanka Murgel: Calvin Klein eat your heart out.

Like It Rough

(music video)

Genevieve Buechner: Caprica star having fully clothed vampire gang sex.

The L.A. Complex

episode: Down in L.A.

New series which is best described as Degrassi Street meets the Sunset Strip.

Chelan Simmons: partial fuzzed out boob as stripper.

Cassie Steele: stupid fully clothed sex.

Jennifer Mote: partial fuzzed out boob as topless babe.

Jewel Staite: sexy.

dancers: more cameltoe than the Arab Peace Talks.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

season 2

episode See You Later, Masturbator (s2e08)

The Invisible Man meets Porky's.

various" underwear, lesbian lockeroom action.

episode Deathday Cake (s2e09)

Amy Groening: sexy.

episode 2 Girls, 1 Tongue (s2e10)

Angela Jill Guingcangco: upskirt.

Arctic Air

Pilot episode for new CBC series.

Leah Gibson: very tight blouse.

stripper: she never took off her top.

Mr D.

Pilot episode for a new CBC series from the makers of the Trailer Park Boys.

Lauren Hammersley: very sexy.

unknown: stacked teacher.

Hell on Wheels

episode 9

Robin McLeavy: partial boob.

vintage porn: 1860s porn predating the invention of the pizza delivery boy.

Bomb Girls

episode Misfire

World War 2 miniseries: a group of women are making bombs while making babies.

Jodi Balfour: knickers in changeroom.

Old stuff...

Super Dave

episode Eye on the City (1988)

Super Dave Osboure television series.

Sofia Shinas: sexy in red bikini. (film clip here)

The Littlest Hobo

episode Second Sight (1984)

Randall Carpenter: wearing white riding pants so tight that even under low def you can just make out the pattern of her panties underneath. (film clip here)

Heavenly Bodies


Heather Smith: sexy as uncredited aerobics dancer in striped leotards. (film clip here)

Age of Innocence

(1977; aka Ragtime Summer)

One movie that should be remastered and released to DVD.

Honor Blackman: Pussy Galore from James Bond's Goldfinger is topless.

Trudy Young: babe from The Forest Rangers TV series baring almost a full nipple.


Sylvia Hoeks in De Bende van Oss (2011), now in 1080p

Julia Ormond's incredible body in that incredible scene from The Baby Of Macon (1993) in 1080

Today's forgotten Italian classic is 1983's Malombra

Paola Senatore

Scilla Jacu

Gloria Brini

PICS/ Collages

Morena Baccarin at the Golden Globes

Alexandra Lamy, actress wife of French actor and Golden Globe Winner, Jean Dujardin.