Just notes today. I watched two new releases, but didn't find anything worth capturing.



Charlie's French Cinema Nudity site is updated.

Stripper Academy (2007) - is loaded with topless nudity. In fact, it's pretty much non-stop boobies, as you might expect. Unfortunately, it's not really a movie, but just a strip-'n-wiggle video with a perfunctory plot of some kind, one which moves so slowly I couldn't even follow it. It goes like this: there's some half-assed plot exposition, then ten minutes of wiggling and giggling, then some more attempts to create a context, then back to the stripping and lap dancing. The stars are real strippers and/or other sorts of breast-enhanced professional undressers like staple girls. It was shot on video and seems to have used the sound from the built-in mic. The acting is virtually nil. The only really competent actor on board in Richard Tyson, who must have done this as a favor to someone. The line delivery doesn't matter much anyway, since the plot is unimportant, and even Meryl Streep would sound tinny with the echo effect from the poor sound.

It so was totally boring, that I gave up on it after about five minutes, although I got about 20 minutes into the film thanks to the fast forward button. Sorry that I have nothing to show for it. The only thing that might be of interest to one or more of you guys: I vaguely remember that a couple of you guys are interested in the Costello twins, who have featured roles. 

Frame of Mind (2009) is about a New Jersey detective who accidentally stumbles upon new evidence in the Kennedy assassination. When he gets close to exposing the details, very bad things start to happen to him, his friends and his family.  It's a low-budget project created almost entirely by one guy, Carl T. Evans, who is the author, director, star, and producer. The only established performer in the film is the guy who plays Mr. Big in the Sex and the City projects.

The project isn't altogether awful. Mr. Evans is a likeable actor of the laid-back Charlie Sheen variety, and the plot is kind of fun, but Evans the author had absolutely no idea how to end it. The finish is totally unsatisfying. It introduces, then drops, a central plot point just as the film ends. Then there is am epilogue which jumps into the future so awkwardly that it seems that another 30 minutes of the film must be on the cutting room floor somewhere. Moreover, everything important is completely unresolved at the end of the film, so that the entire plot only seems like a prelude to something else, as if it were a pilot for a TV series. Maybe it is. I don't know. But I advise you to avoid it since there did not turn out to be any nudity in it, and because the ending is so frustrating that you'll think you've invested ninety minutes for nothing.



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Charlie's Angels



Cameron Diaz looking sexy in a bikini. Caps and a short clip.









Shannon Tweed

Part 7

An assortment of film clips, mostly third party web finds.

Today's clip: Incecent Behavior III









"Electric Blue"

In order to get any copies of this series, you have to pray to the Tikki gods and sacrifice a few goats. Germany sells a DVD set, but the episodes are heavily cut. I managed to acquire several of the very earliest, uncut episodes and will present them here.

Today is the last of the Electric Blue group: a massive clip featuring Kitten Natividad, Michelle Bauer, Lois Ayers and Julia Parton

Tiny sample below:








Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

Nikki Cox. The first four episodes of Season One.

s1, e1

s1, e2


s1, e3

s1, e4


And a bonus ...

"30 Rock"

s3, e7

Salma Hayek








If you like your women to be built like Dick Butkus with enormous boobs, then Serena Williams is your girl. As a rule, that's not what I like, but I think she's kinda sexy, and that is a surprisingly revealing outfit.



Film Clips

Amber Heard in The Informers, from the redband trailer. This is currently screening at Sundance, and is said to be loaded with nudity. (Link to the trailer at IMDb)

This is kind of interesting: playmate Victoria Silvstedt at 19, pre implants.

Marianne Anska in Le Bimillionaire (sample right)

Leelee Sobieski in Night Train. No nudity, but she's sexy in a peek-a-boo bra. Sample right. I like Leelee, but her career seems to be going in the wrong direction. All too often, her films seem to go straight to DVD.

More from "Forbidden Science": Broze and Holmes in s1, e4. Sample right.