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s1e10, 1920x1080

Kate del Castillo

This week I’ve gone British, with movies from the 60s and 70s.

Eskimo Nell

Eskimo Nell (1975) has lots of nudity by a large number of women, including:

Beth Porter

Diane Langton

Katy Manning

Mary Millington

Prudence Drage

Woman called ’Rita’ but not in the credits

Lots not identified


Interestingly, there was an Australian movie made in the same year called The True Story of Eskimo Nell with even more nudity.

Naked Moonshine


Sharon Kent film clip

Sharon Kent

Victoria Astor




Glory Annen film clip (collages below)

Glory Annen, Joni Flynn and Jody Hanson and others film clip (samples below)

Annen and Hanson

Annen and Flynn

all of the above


Jody Hanson film clip (sample below)

Joni Flynn film clip (sample below)

Marilyn Rodgers film clip (sample below)

Sophie Stockinger in Grenzland (2018)

Aliette Opheim in Hassel (s1e2) in 1080hd

Jessica Grabowsky and Lenna Kuurmaa in 8-Ball (2013) in 720p

Alice Eve in Crossing Over (2009) in 1080hd

This is another one of those beautiful composites in which the guy combined a widescreen Blu-Ray with a full-screen version. There is some extra nudity not seen in the widescreen version. It has also been color-corrected and light-adjusted, as appropriate.