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Christina Ricci film clips, part 1 (samples below)

Christina Ricci film clips, part 2 (samples below)

Christina Ricci film clips, part 3 (samples below)

A top nude scene of 2010, #9




Welcome to the Rileys


Welcome To The Rileys is about Doug and Lois Riley (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) whose relationship has distintegrated since the death of their teenage daughter. Doug is a having an affair and Lois hasn't been out of the house since. Things change when Doug goes to New Orleans for a conference and, while there, goes to a strip club to get away from everything. Doug meets one of the dancers calling herself Mallory (Kristen Stewart), and when some workmates enter the club, he hastily accepts an offer of 'champagne' and goes to a back room. Doug doesn't want to go further, which leads to Mallory accusing him of being a cop.

They later meet by chance at a cafe and, after sorting things out, Doug accompanies Mallory to her home and stays overnight, but does not have relations with her even after further offers. Next morning, Doug sells his stake in his company, fixes up problems at Mallory's house and offers to stay at the house for $100 a day. Then, he calls his wife and tells her he's staying indefinitely in New Orleans. This gives Lois the impetus to get out of home and go to New Orleans and find out what's going on. When she meets Mallory, things ain't going to be the same.

Interesting tale with some pretty decent performances from three quality actors which elevate this film. Well worth a look.

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Film Clips

Another copy of the Charlotte Ross nude scene in Drive Angry (2011)

Emily Hampshire in Die (2010; unreleased; samples below)

I think I have a copy of this somewhere, but have never watched it.

Norma Ruiz and Amaia Salamanca in Tension sexual no resuelta (2010; samples below)

Salamanca alone

both women

Julie Gayet in Sans Laisser De Traces (2010; not great quality, but 1080 res, and good nudity)

Laura Smet in Insoupconnable (2010; sample below)

Yelena Nikolayeva in "Soundtrack of Passion" (2009)

Belen Lopez in Intrusos en Manases (2008; samples below)

Marina Gatell in Intrusos en Manases (2008; samples below)

Brittany Daniel in Rampage (2006)



Pretty Maids All in a Row

In case you have forgotten, Roger Vadim was the John Derek of his day - a no-talent director with a real eye for the ladies. In his day he bedded Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Jane Fonda. While his movies were usually awful, they were also pervy by the standards of the day, and he got his favorite women to undress, which makes him our kind of guy.

  • Barbarella is his most famous Jane Fonda movie
  • And God Created Woman is his most famous Bardot film.
  • Vice and Virtue is his most famous DeNeuve film.

About 40 years ago, well after he had established a reputation in Europe, Vadim came to America to direct a high school black comedy called Pretty Maids All in a Row. Since he wasn't much of a director to begin with, and he didn't understand the English language or American culture well enough to direct an American comedy, the film wasn't as good as it might have been, but it was totally irresponsible and amoral, so we have to love it anyway. I reviewed this film many years ago.

Amazon now has this film available on DVD-R, so the clips and images are better than those we have seen in the past (sample caps below each link to film clips)

Aimee Eccles

Angie Dickinson

Barbara Leigh

Gretchen Burrell

Joy Bang

June Fairchild