FearDotCom (2002) is, as near as I can tell, a double horror film, both related to a Web site, Horror one is a mad doctor (actually a medical school washout) who tortures bound women until they ask to be killed, then obliges them. The second horror is the ghost of one of his victims who haunts the Internet, killing people who log on to the site. At least, that is my best guess as to the plot. The director indicated that he intended it to be a little ambiguous, and that his real aim was just to be scary. He also prided himself on making the darkest film of all time.

Anna Thalbach, as a victim of the ghost, shows breasts dead in the bathtub, on a morgue slab, and in a home video. Astrid Skuyat also shows breasts in several scenes as the mad doctors current victim. IMDB readers have this at 3/5 of 10. It grossed $13.2 against a $42M budget. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 3%, with 0% from the top critics. I absolutely hated it. First of all, when I watch a movie, I like to see the movie, not dark shadows in dark places. Second, the set decoration was 1930's New York, which was a little out of place with an Internet Horror film. Third, the film was full of logic errors, and finally, I never really felt any sense of peril or dread. D-.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)


    • new volumes for: Maud Adams, Amina Annabi, Valerie Allain, Anna Ammirati, Bibi Andersen, Erika Anderson, Lisa Bonet


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    • James Berardinelli's Nine Lowest Rated films of 2002. (Note: Mr. Berardinelli did not review Pinocchio or Pluto Nash. He awarded one and a half stars to Swept Away and Slackers, which just missed this list.) Links go to his reviews.

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    the consensus bottom five, based on both lists, would be: Rollerball, The Hot Chick, Jason X, Slackers, and The Master of Disguise, not necessarily in that order.



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    Graphic Response
    • Kelly LeBrock, breasts, bum and a hint of bush in scenes from the 1984 movie "The Woman in Red".

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

    'Caps and comments by Hankster:

    Houston, we have a problem. The old time Machine was not running right on yesterday's return trip from 1972 so we had to take it into the shop for service. Right next door is a video rental store, so we went in and came out with a little gem of a straight to video 2002 release of "Death Factory" ( so obscure I doubt that even Tuna has done this one ). As I took this turkey home I wondered to myself, why am I renting this when I have about 200 or so DVD's that I have yet to cap ( I never told you I was smart ) .

    Now I love horror movies ( this is not a horror movie, more gore and blood than I think I have ever seen in any movie), but I like spooky not gore. So having said that I fast forwarded looking for the nudity that the box cover promised me.

    Here's what we came up with, the star is Lisa Jay who did not get naked, but wore a low cut white short dress ( somehow a woman in a short white skirt or dress is a turn on for me ). Anyhow we did some caps of Lisa which give us a little leg and cleavage and the last couple show her in distress and that pretty white dress covered in blood. Lisa was the lucky one she escaped and the very last cap we see her in a hospital bed. If your squeamish skip the last couple of caps.

    Now the good stuff, Rhoda Jordan in a scene of love making with her boyfriend. This lady has one impressive rack and shows it off for us.The bad news is Rhoda meets a tragic end and it was even bloodier than Lisa's scene, so guess what I skipped it, better to remember her this way. This movie was released by Brain Damage Films, so I guess you have to be brain damaged to watch it ( I know what your thinking, but I didn't watch it I fast forwarded ).

    Well that's it for today, have to go check and see how the repairs on the time machine are going, could be a problem there, took it to the Ford dealer and the mechanic said he would have to see if he can find a service manual. So where we go next is anybody's guess.

    • Lisa Jay (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    • Rhoda Jordan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Barbara Bouchet Topless, rear nudity and just a hint of pubes in scenes from the Italian movie "Don't Torture a Duckling" (1972). Bouchet can currently be seen on the big screen in "Gangs of New York".

    Karen Black See-thru breast sighting in scenes from the Jack Nicholson movie "Five Easy Pieces" (1970).

    Sally Struthers Also from "Five Easy Pieces"...Struthers young, under 500 pounds and topless.

    Gudrun Landgrebe The German actress appearing topless in her first movie, "Aufforderung zum Tanz" (1977).

    Vérénice Rudolph Full frontal nudity in scenes from "Der Starke Ferdinand" (1976). For those who prefer "bush" to "pubes"'s a great example of 70's-Euro-bush....the kind you need a weed whacker to get through.

    Andrea Heuer Topless in scenes from an episode of "Ein Schloß am Wörthersee".

    Alexandra Kamp The tall German babe goes topless in scenes from "Antonia - Zwischen Liebe und Macht" (2001).

    Laura Osswald Breasts and bum in scenes from an episode of the German mini series "Klinik unter Palmen".

    Stefanie Stappenbeck Excellent full frontal nudity in a showe scene from "Der Kleine und der alte Mann" (1993).

    Kelly McGillis
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

    The "Top Gun" babe doing some extensive nudity in scenes from "Grand Isle" (1991). Fantastic breast exposure in almost every frame, plus rear nudity in links 7,8 and 9, plus a hint of pubes in link #13. Great 'caps by Aesthete.

    Esther Hall
    (1, 2)

    Breasts and frontal nudity in scenes from "Sons and Lovers". Great collages by Watty.

    Melanie Griffith
    Rae Dawn Chong

    Excellent collages by Dann featuring scenes from the 1984 movie "Fear City".

    Melanie and Rae Dawn both play strippers and look fantastic as they strut their stuff on stage. Wonderful toplessness and thong views from Mel and Rae as well as from a bunch of unknown strippers.

    Lisa Rinna
    (1, 2)

    The former "Melrose Place" star made a recent public appearance in a very see-thru dress.

    Assorted babes Some anonymous toplessness from the 80's slasher flick, "Sorority House Massacre" (1986) by Dann.

    Katherine Heigl 'Caps and comments by C2000:

    Answering a request for Fun House readers...I came across a Katherine Heigl pic from "Prince Valiant" that hasn't appeared in any DVD/VHS/TV version. It appeared on a Russian site I found. I'm hoping a Russian speaking Fun House reader may be able to find some more info or even a copy of it.

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Will Make Wild Guesses For Food - Monday, six major news organizations (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News and A.P.) announced they are disbanding Voter News Service. The group's screwed-up exit polls and incorrect winner projections helped foul up the 2000 election. The news agencies say they're not giving up on projections, but will try to find a more accurate method.

  • A Magic 8-Ball is only $8.99.
  • Miss Cleo needs a gig.
  • The only alternative is to count the votes before announcing a winner, and that would destroy the American electoral system!
  • If they can design one that really influences the outcome, they'll never be wrong again!

    Gone, Like The Osbournes' Dialogue - At last night's American Music Awards, Eminem swept all four categories in which he was nominated, other big winners included Creed and the Dixie Chicks, and none of them showed up. Tim McGraw opened the show with Elton John, but by the time he won Favorite Male Country Artist, he'd already left.

  • Let's hope he didn't leave with Elton John.
  • They all had other music awards shows to attend.
  • Christina Aguilera showed up, but she didn't even care enough not to dress.

    Shady Turns Fraidy - Eminem told London's Daily Telegraph that the threat of being sent to jail on gun charges was the "wake-up call" that made him a changed man. He said he no longer lets his anger get the best of him, he's made his young daughter his top priority, and he makes censored mixes of his records just for her to protect her from hearing graphic sexual references.

  • Of course, YOUR kids can hear the uncensored versions...
  • Has he considered that all the boys she'll date someday will grow up listening to the original versions?
  • And Eminem's daughter considers him to be an embarrassing old fuddy duddy.

    Grim Reality - Director Guy Ritchie, who is making his first reality TV series, admitted that he hasn't seen TV in three years because his wife Madonna banned it from the house so they wouldn't see unpleasant news stories about their relationship. But the result was that someone recently asked him about "Survivor," and he didn't know what it was.

  • He assumed it must be a documentary about his marriage to Madonna.
  • She also banned newspapers because they carry movie reviews.
  • Madonna will be happy to hear that she can bring back the TV because she's hardly ever mentioned on it anymore.