Whitney Cummings posted this animated .gif image of her butt on Snapchat

Naked News
"Sadie" delivered the Hollywood XPress segment on Naked News (Jan 13, 1080hd)

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Jesus' Son

1999, 1920x1040

Holly Hunter

Samantha Morton

This week, continuing with movies mainly from 2007:


Olga Kurylenko shows the lot in Hitman (2007).

A couple of unidentified women look good

as does Sabine Crossen.

Hostel - Part II

Hostel - Part II (2007) has nakedness by Heather Matarazzo,

Monika Malacova

and Vera Jordanova.

 Looking good are:

Bijou Phillips

Edwige Fenech

Lauren German

Some unidentified women

Rails & Ties

Rails & Ties (2007) has some CGI or a prosthetic when Marcia Gay Harden goes topless.

Secrets of an Undercover Wife

No nudity in Secrets of an Undercover Wife (2007) just some nice cleavage by Brenda Campbell

and Shawnee Smith.

Sex & Breakfast

Alexis Dziena

and Eliza Dushku look very sexy in Sex & Breakfast (2007).

Jane Elsmore in 100 Streets (2016) in 1080hd

Fiona Wang and Jie Shui in Utopians (2015; HK) in 1080hd

I know jack shit about Asian cinema in general, and even less about films specifically from Hong Kong, so I don't know whether this film or its stars are significant, but it is some hot nudity and sex in HD.

Anne McDaniels
in Stretch (2014) in 720p

Chelsea Schuchman in Asthma (2014) 1080hd.
(The clip also includes Krysten Ritter in a bikini.)



poor quality, but rare: VHS clips of Barbara Anne Moore and Kim Delaney in The Temptress (1995)

(as well as an unidentified clip)

Kendall Jenner - not quite see-thru

Maitland Ward - latest Snapchat shenanigans

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Paris Hilton in Cancun

Shannon Walsh on the premiere episode of The OA in 2160hd

and a (much smaller) animated gif of that scene