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From across the pond: Elise Beuger did a topless scene in s3e2 of Divorce

Naked on Stage

Sally Murphy, was was in her 50s at the time, did a topless scene in Threepenny Opera last spring.

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Basic Instinct



One of the most famous of the erotic thrillers which were popular in the 80s and 90s. Sharon Stone built an entire career upon opening her legs sans underwear in this flick. Yesterday: the pics and clip of Jeanne Tripplehorn. Today, all of the Sharon Stone caps. The following days: the Sharon Stone clips.

This week, the movies come from the Eastern Mediterranean.

Today: the Lemon Popsicle films from Israel.

Aesthete's notes:

When I first saw the the Lemon Popsicle series of films I thought they were a Porky’s rip off. In fact, it’s the other way round. If you manage to see them you’ll be struck with the similarity.

Scoop's notes:

It's about time somebody did a thorough recap of these films! Kudos to Oz

There was an American version of the first Lemon Popsicle film. Boaz Davidson wrote and directed both films from the same script, making only minor modifications to relocate the story from Israel to the United States. The American version is called The Last American Virgin, and it's a pretty good flick, surprisingly soulful for a youthploitation comedy film from the golden age of that genre (1982-86) which also gave us Risky Business, Better off Dead, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Revenge of the Nerds, Porky's, etc. Aesthete is correct in that Lemon Popsicle preceded all of those films, and helped to inspire them.
Boaz abandoned the genre after this series and has spent the rest of his career writing and producing cheap horror and action films (he's still at it).

Lemon Popsicle 1

Ophelia Shtrall shows the lot in Lemon Popsicle 1 aka Eskimo Limon (1978).

Anat Atzmon

and Denise Bouzaglo are topless,

and we get a brief peek into a changing room.

Lemon Popsicle 2

Not much nudity in Lemon Popsicle 2 aka Going Steady (Yotzim Kavua) (1979). Rachel Steiner

and Yvonne Michaels are topless.

Nurit Maane,

and twins Orit and Dorit Kroizer look good.

Lemon Popsicle 3

Lots of nudity in Lemon Popsicle 3 aka Hot Bubblegum (Shifshuf Naim) (1981) by a number of women:

Sibylle Rauch

Rachel Steiner

Ravit Litman

Orna Dagan

Haya Cohen

Christiane Schmidtmer

Ariella Rabinovich

and again we have a peek into a changing room

Lemon Popsicle 4

Lemon Popsicle 4 aka Private Popsicle (Sapiches) (1983) has Bea Fiedler,

Sonja Martin topless,

and we have another peek into a changing area.

Lemon Popsicle 5

Lemon Popsicle 5 aka Baby Love (Roman Za'ir) (1984) has lots of nakedness by:

Bea Fiedler

Dolly Dollar

Renate Langer

Sabrina Cheval

Stefanie Petsch

and some not identified

Lemon Popsicle 6

Lots of nudity in Lemon Popsicle 6 aka Up Your Anchor (Harimu Ogen) (1985) by:

Alexandra Kaster

Bea Fiedler, returning for her third appearance in the series

Petra Morze

Sabine Mucha

Sharon Shamir

and some not identified

Lemon Popsicle 7

Lemon Popsicle 7 aka Young Love aka Ahava Tzeira (1987) has plenty of naked women:

Dana Sharon

Dorit Adi

Eva Astor

Melissa Shank

Sibylle Rauch

Sissi Liebold

Sonja Martin

and a lot not identified

I Origins


I Origins is a drama where Ian (Michael Pitt), a PHD student specialising in eyes, meets a girl at a party with unique eyes which he photographs for his collection/study. Ian has sex with her, then she promptly leaves without ever revealing her name. He is also trying to prove once and for all that the Theory of Evolution is the correct theory and when his new lab partner Karen (Brit Marling) impresses him with her insight of his current study, he lets her see what he is trying to do. Ian becomes more fascinated with the girl with unique eyes which leads to a series of coincidence involving the number 11 that leads him to a billboard with the girl's eyes featured on it. He finds out that the eyes belong to Sofi (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey), who he tracks down and they fall in love and plan to get married, but a tragic accident results in Sofi's death.

Ian and Karen eventually fall in love, and 7 years later they have their first child. When their baby has its eyes mapped, the eyes match that of another person, which is immediately scrapped and redone. Days later, Ian and Karen are contacted by a doctor specialising in autism and that their baby has shown symptoms of this. Their child performs a test where it choose between two images that are projected, but something feels off about the test, even more so when the image of the person that came up in the mapping appears in the test. Ian checks this out further and finds that the person in the image died recently. Could it be that their child was the next life of this recently dead man? It's impossible, and against everything Ian and Karen believe, but when they trial the test with the pictures of eyes that Ian had taken over the years, only one match comes up and that is with a little girl in India. And they match with Sofi's eyes! Ian goes to India to find the girl and prove whether or not this girl is the next life of Sofi.

Interesting premise, which is to be expected from the team of Mike Cahill/Brit Marling, whose previous film, Another Earth, also had a fascinating premise. While I still think that there is some bullshit to what is going on here, I was still fascinated by what was going on and the mix of science and philosophy/spirituality is far less prevalent in art in general nowadays. I've liked both of Cahill/Marling's films so far and hopefully they'll continue coming up with interesting, debatable concepts.

Astrid Berges-Frisbey 1080hd film clip (collages below)

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Aleksandra Rebenok in Do Svidaniya Mama (2014)

Diana Gomez and Barbara Mestanza in Los Inocentes (2013)




Miley Cyrus nekkid for V magazine.