New Video Clips

  • Here is a HD clip (1920x1080) of Canadian babe Sonya Salomaa topless in the Uwe Boll flick, "House of the Dead" (2003).


  • From the karate/action/adaptation of a video game movie, "DOA", here is a sexy scene featuring Aussie babe Holly Valance kickin' some butt while getting dressed. Only partial breast exposure, but it's still pretty cool.

  • Also from "DOA"....Jaime Pressly doesn't show any nudity, but she does show off a rock hard bod as beats some dudes up...."for America". (Or so I assume because of her American flag bikini).


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"Jimmy and Judy"

Jimmy and Judy (2006) is a first person POV hand held low budget film about Jimmy (Edward Furlong), a mentally disturbed young man with a passion for filming everything, and his girlfriend Judy (Rachael Bella). As they do more and more anti-social things, it becomes a two-outlaws-on-the-run film. When their violence increases to include hot and run, and finally murder, it becomes obvious that the story won't turn out well.

Rachel Bella shows breasts and buns, as do several unknowns at a commune.

IMDb readers say 5.5. All of the performances are top notch, and the shaky-cam approach was not as nauseating as Blair Witch. Were it not that the story was so familiar, I would score it higher, but even so, it is a C.

Rachael Bella



"The Hunger", Episode: "Bottle of Smoke"

When an elderly woman, who traveled widely in her youth, dies, she leaves her possessions to her young niece, which includes a bottle of smoke that promises the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. The bottle contains a Genie, a horny Genie, and when women go all the way with him, they get much more of what they have hope for.

Soo Garay

Today the Time Machine goes back to 1971 for an obscure Swedish film "The Depraved" starring sex kitten Christina Lindberg. She is busty and even has some "Babe in Bondage" scenes. Caps and three short clips from a very grainy trailer.


Christina Lindberg clip #1
Christina Lindberg clip #2
Christina Lindberg clip #3

"Van Gogh" (1991)

Corinne Bourdon
Mister Grundy
"The 40 Year Old Virgin"
Here is another look at Kimberly Page's marvelous breast-falling out scene. Kimberly comes from the world of wrestling ("Booty Babe"), and has also worked as a stuntwoman.

Also, here is Laura Bottrell topless as our hero ties to get her bra off. The actress is currently appearing in a TV series on teenagers growing up, entitled "What Goes On."

Kimberly Page Laura Bottrell

"Amanda and the Alien"
Buxom Mexican-Ukrainian actress Alex Meneses discovers sex in alien form. Star Nicole Eggert, who keeps her clothes on, remarks that she looks like a 12-year-old boy next to Alex; some may find that debatable.

Alex Meneses

Isis Peyrade has had a spotty career, and her appearance in this 2001 French film might well be her last, to date.

Isis Peyrade

"Angel of Destruction"
This one looks to have served as Chanda's film debut, and her character - unlike Chanda - actually sports a last name; she has displayed her artificial knockers in a handful of other mainly erotic fare.

"Angel of Destruction" also features Jessica Mark: Jessica appears to have missed the mark with further credits to her film career; at least we can thank her for the mammaries, artificial though they may be. She plays a bisexual rock star, Delilah.

B-movie regular Maria Ford also co-stars: Here is the scene of distinction in an otherwise mediocre movie, where Maria Ford takes on a bunch of Filipino toughs bare-ly with any clothing. The word is, the one who plays her sister in the film, Charlie Spradling, refused to c**tfu in the nude, halfway into the filming, and the Roger Corman company called in old reliable Ford, who had a better idea.

As always, there are plenty of nekkid Unknown babes: The villain, played by Jimmy Broome, sweeps up Filipino brides, preferring them hatcheted for the honeymoon. The bland-looking actor had a lot of height going for him, but he has failed to move on in the film world, after this debut.

Chanda Jessica Nark Maria Ford Unknowns

"Blood from Satan's Claw"
Isn't she sweet? British actress Linda Hayden took a turn with several "Lolita" like roles earlier in her career, including this one and BABY LOVE - when she appeared nude at an age that would cause hackles to rise, these days.

Linda Hayden

"Blood Thirst"
No nudity in this 1965 film finding release six years later; but blond bombshell Yvonne Nielson offers a provocative look at safe skin while offering vibrations with her gyrations. (The name of the actress is a best guess.) Curiously, the horror flick staged in the Philippines offers a better beefcake study, and even for those of us who couldn't care less, the film's hero (played by Robert Winston) offers a mighty impressive build, in the "natural" sense - back in the days when he-men were heed.

Yvonne Nielson

"Blood Thirsty"
First up is Leslie Danon: Her new roommate gets Leslie to turn into a bloodsucking freak, also arousing her bi-curiosity; but isn't there a law stipulating that bloodsuckers and budding lesbians must take off their clothes in between the sprockets?

Next up is Monique Parent: No kid stuff for this Parent; she otherwise saves a little of the day in this slow-moving 1999 un-thriller by providing the necessary starkness.

Leslie Danon Monique Parent

"Deathless Devil"/"Yilmayaz Seytan"
This is a wonderful Turkish pop film from 1972, and Mine Mutlu is a sweet-looking heroine. Evidently, she was less shy in other roles. Cancer claimed her, at the early age of 42.

Tijen Doray plays the bad girl, and offers skin; but you've got to look quickly. The incredible-looking robot, however, lets it all hang out.

Mine Mutlu Tijen Doray

"Kara Murat Seyh Garrafa's Karsi"/"Kara Murat vs. Seyh Garraf""
Daniela Giordano was Miss Italy once, and got around to working in a number of European productions. Here she appears, thankfully with her clothes off, in a Turkish adventure film from 1976, sporting the most marvelous belly.

Daniela Giordano

"Boynton Beach Club"
Sally Kellerman did it in CATCH-22, and once again allows us to catch a glimpse of her 32s (at least)... in this 2005 film, at age 68, bless her! On the other side of the coin, what the heck happened to co-star Brenda Vaccaro? She similarly wowed boys over thirty-five years ago in MIDNIGHT COWBOY, but she luckily knew when to call it quits, regarding further exposure.

Sally Kellerman

"The Last Slumber Party"
It might have been a grade-Z slasher flick and her career had nowhere to go but down; but shouldn't Nancy Meyer have a spot in the Scoopy sun, even though she offered so very, very little?

Nancy Meyer

"Saint Ange"
Virginie Ledoyen, the youthful-looking French actress (thirty at the time of this 2004 ghost story) was cast well for her role, and is a pleasure to see in other respects.

Virginie Ledoyen

"Mean Girls"
Uncle Scoopy feels the attractive ex-SNL star has a way of making men less fey. As a main force behind this 2004 film, Tina Fey was in a position to dictate precisely how much to offer, so brace yourselves.

Tiny Fey

You know you're out of the loop when you have no idea who Lysette Anthony is, and that means me. Yet the British beauty has been around, was exceptionally eye-catching in this modest 1993 thriller (she was thirty at the time), and her acting ability was nothing to sneeze at.

Lysette Anthony

"Tarkan vs. the Vikings"/"Tarkan Viking Kani"
I loved this film. Fatma Belgen, who plays the heroine (the daughter of Attila the Hun!), didn't shed her outerwear, but luckily she was in the minority. The actress took a hiatus in the 1980s, but is going strong with her career, in her native country, at 58.

Offering a teasing look here, Swedish actress Eva Bender appears to have made a career of acting in Turkish movies. She died at an early age, in Sweden.

Seher Seniz plays a villainous Chinese princess in this film, getting it on with the "Conan" like hero. Seniz was a dancer, and is credited as the first woman to have posed for the Turkish Playboy magazine. She committed suicide at age 44.

It's pretty irresistible the way this film lets it all hang out with the nudity and sadism, particularly coming from a nation which we would stereotype as religiously modest.

Fatma Belgen Eva Bender Seher Seniz Unknows

C2K catches "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Keira Knightley soaking wet and see-thru in a scene from "Atonement" (2007)

From the Señor are some of the babes (and boobs) from the Andy Sidaris classic, "Do or Die".

A celeb known pretty much only for having insanely large robo-hooters....Pandora Peaks

Sidaris regular Dona Speir bares breasts and a little bit of bum.

Another Sidaris favorite, Roberta Vasquez