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More Connelly from "Requiem..."
Crow Strikes again with two more collages from "Requiem for a Dream". Most likely there is some body double action going on here since you don't see her face and bum at the same time. (That and the fact that the on-screen action is straight out of a porno!) But if is Connelly...well, then I say enjoy!

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  • Tuna
    "Foxy Brown" (1974)

    Foxy Brown (1974) is one of the early blacksploitation films staring Pam Grier in the title role. Written and directed by Jack Hill, it is one of the first action films to star a strong black woman. This is the film that put Pam Grier on the map. It is strictly low budget, and much of the fighting is badly choreographed, but it is a very fast watch. Pam's boyfriend, a federal narcotics agent, is given plastic surgery and a new identity after a failed attempt to put a drug family in jail. Pam's baby brother, who is selling drugs, recognizes the boyfriend, and turns him in to the mob. When the mob kills her man, her brother and her brothers lady, Foxy doesn't get mad, she gets even.

    The acting was very uneven, with the woman who played the head of the drug syndicate being the worst of the bunch, but Greir is strong enough to carry the film by herself. Maltin dismisses it as violent crap, but makes a mistake in his plot description that leads me to believe he didn't even watch it. IMDB readers say 6.2/10, which is fairly high for an exploitation film. This is a very watchable film, with exposure from Grier, Sally Ann Straud as her brother's lady, Juanita Brown as a hooker, and several unknown hookers.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)
    I took a look at three films

    Fucking Amal - another movie that made some 2000 top ten lists and is rated 8.2 at IMDB (cough, cough). I had to call in The New York Guy to do a guest review, even though Laetitia Casta isn't in it:

    "Fucking Fucking Amal is not dat fucking good and there ain't no fucking nudity except some fucking guys in da shower. Dere is some fucking fucking in fucking Fucking Amal, but dey keep der fucking clothes on or ya can't see a fucking thing." (No crotch grab)

    Wow, not even one crotch grab from the New York Guy. His lowest rating ever. And not only that, but if you're going to fuck Amal, I believe you should also fuck the Night Visitors.

    Dracula 2000 - The new-wave slacker Dracula really sucks. Not much exposure either.

    Jerui Ryan (non-nude) (1, 2)

    Jennifer Esposito (hint of aureola)

    Justine Waddell (hint of aureola)

    Colleen Fitzpatrick (topless) (1, 2)

    Snatch is the new film from Guy Ritchie, who is now Mr Madonna and also directed the smash hit "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels". It hasn't had a US run yet (one theater in December to assure Oscar eligibility), but is doing quite well in the UK. The IMDb rating said that there was nudity, but I guess I missed it if there was some.

    Tomcat did two actresses in "Cudze Szczescie"

    Danuta Stenka in "Cudze Szczescie" (1, 2)

    Lucyna Zabawa in "Cudze Szczescie" (1, 2)


    Comments by Brainscan:

    A few caps for you and the boys.

    First off is other peoples' stuff. Pulled apart the caps Tuna posted a while back of Cordelia Gonzalez in Born on the Fourth of July and stuck together the goodies in one big collage. The other collage is strictly manufactured by Umpire, but it wins the award of Unlikely Celebrity Nudity. Tis of Melissa Leo in Streetwalkin'. Melissa, you may remember, played Detective Howard (Howie to her friends) in Homicide, Life on the Streets. Best show on American broadcast tv... ever. And Howie played a tough cookie. But in her youth she played the part of a teenage runaway, turned hooker. She shows the goods in three scenes of Streetwalkin' and Umpire has them all on his site. If'n I could have gotten ahold of the tape it would have been the first thing I capped when I got the right card installed. We should all be happy Umpire beat me to it. He's the first Umpire whose worked I really liked.

    The rest is my own crap. Three babes from the Citizen Kane of 70's exploitation movies, Summer School Teachers. Even better than Kane if your tastes run toward naked babes since all Kane had was Agnes Moorehead (a grateful nation notes she remained clothed throughout) whereas SST has...drumroll... Candace Rialson. She is a cult figure of sorts, who bared boobs and butts in a half-dozen movies, including the immortal Chatterbox (which I'm a-gonna cap soon). Candace was a major babe in the 70's style, with the kind of body softness that Hollywood does not tolerate today in anyone but comediennes and serious actresses (I hear-tell that even Kate Winslet is slimming down and toning up). In this movie were two other nekkid teacher types. Pat Anderson sports what I think is one of the earliest boob jobs on celluloid. Rhonda Leigh Hopkins plays an old-fashioned school marm but nonetheless gets down and dirty with someone at some time. Director thought he was Orson Welles and went all artsy-fartsy on us in the scene, but Rhonda Leigh's hoots are in there somewhere.

    Last two are of celebs we know and love in scenes that have been capped before. They are former Hefner partner (before he turned to identical twins or whatever is his latest fad) Barbi Benton. You loved her in Hee Haw, you'll really love her in the buff. 'Course, every doctor I know strips down the hotties to their BVDs in order to take vital signs. Last babe is Danielle Brisebois. Danielle was a child actress in the uber-lame Archie's Place, who then grew up and out to star (if that word can be used in such circumstances) in a couple of get-nekkid movies. This one was called Kill Crazy. There was another woman in this scene, who also got all topless on us. Her name is Rachel Carson and though she is not the environmentalist of the same name, she night as well be. The caps and the babe were under-developed and so I left em on the hard drive.

    Comments by RDO:
    Here's a whole mess of caps from Story of "O" the series. This is just the first half episode 1 of 8. I can see I have a great deal of work ahead of me.

    The series was obviously shot straight to vid, because the DVD transfer has the traditional 525 lines per screen, and is none too sharp.

    The pace is tedious. The acting is minimal. Claudia is playing a very passive submissive woman. It's hard to tell whether she is a great actress or just barely alive, since her character is just supposed to do what she's told.

    She is very pretty, and is naked in almost every scene, but believe it or not, even that can get tedious after awhile. Second half of episode 1 next week.

    I wish I could get my grubby little hands on a print of the original Story of "O" with Corrine Clery, but no such luck.

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  • Sisyphus
    Comments by Sisyphus:

    "Who the F### pt2" or "I don't care who she is, she sure has nice cans!"

    These scans aren't about quality but more a statement about a hot model (unknown to me) with succulent natural (I assume) breasts! I mean I may be wrong but judging by the way they fall they couldn't possibly be of the "S word" variety. Again if you know who she is drop me a line if not, with juggs like that who cares.

  • Who the F...? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Elliffen Graphix
    Adriana Sklenarikova From the new issue of Gear magazine...the Wonderbra spokesmodel.

    Jennifer Lamiraqui A nice see-thru, also from Gear...Spokesmodel for Hurray Cellphones and has done commercials for Wella and Schwarzkopf hair care products throughout Europe.
    Artisane, day 2
    Heather Graham
    (1, 2)

    Two more to add to yesterday's collection of Heather images.

    Toni Braxton
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    Only #6 has any exposure (see-thru only), but she sure does look good in all of these skimpy outfits. Images from the November issue of FHM UK.

    Faye Dunaway Aging very gracefully. Her she is showing a bit of see-thru exposure and wearing only lingerie from an appearance in Vanity Fair from 1996.

    Sheryl Lee Arms over boobs pose from a 1992 appearance in Details magazine. The Magazine I like to call "10 pictures, 1 page of articles and 70 pages of ads".

    Brooke Shields Playing with Readi-whip and doing an arms over boobs pose. Also from Details.
    The Funnies
    Top 10 Rejected Flavors Of Kool-Aid

    1. Drunkenberry Punch
    2. Strawberry Escargo
    3. Tastes Like Teen Spirit
    4. Toxic Yellow Surprise
    5. Roadkill Red
    6. Rocka-fishy Tuna
    7. Chocolate Fudge Ripple
    8. Picklejuice
    9. Shrimp Cocktail
    10. Sea Monkeys

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