TV Recap

See the latest from Groland (Jan 4th episode) in Defoe's section

See the recap of Bitten (s1e1) in the Kanada Korner

Lena Dunham was topless and showed some butt in episode 1 of the third season of Girls

The only nudity in episode 1 of True Detective consisted of some mutilated corpses

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"The Sopranos"



Jen Araki



Laura Vandervoot sideboob and butt but possible body double.

film clip of Laura and others

animated .gif of Laura

Amber Cull: sideboob and butt.

Yana Guitberg: butt.

animated .gif of Yana


Delphine Chuillot in Michael Kohlhaas (2013) in 1080p

as usual, the actresses in Groland (Jan 4) were unidentified

TV/Film Clips

Nicole Fox very naked in Redlands (2014) in 1080hd

Elizabeth Olsen in Oldboy (2013). Better than the last copy, but still not good.

Vimala Pons in La Fille Du 14 Julliet (2013)

Vimala Pons in J'Aurais Pu Etre une Pute (2011)

Carey Mulligan in The Greatest (2009)

Tahnee Welch in Der Joker (1987). (SHOCK: Tahnee is more than 50 years old)


Jennifer Akerman (Malin's sister)