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Emmy Rossum film clips (samples below)





Scream Queens' Naked Christmas


At the same time someone named John Russo was filming Santa Claws, a poignant, lyrical celebration of love in a cruel world, he also spent a few minutes filming four women stripping and wiggling on his set. He called it Scream Queens' Naked Christmas and released it as a videotape.
Gads, talk about your heartwarming holiday video. We can and must thank whatever gods made us that it has not been re-released in digital format, but I found a copy of the tape and, by cracky, I was a-gonna cap it. So I did. And here it is.

The four women are a veteran B movie babe, Debbie Rochon, and three others of shorter resumes. They are Christine Cavalier (aka Amanda Madison), Sue Ellen White and Lisa Delien (aka Lisa Duvaul). There is nothing to report here about plot - ain't none - or acting skills (ditto) or production values (mega-dittoes). It's just four gals - three with after-market add-ons - stripping and wiggling. Hey, but anyway here are some caps of three of the women. Could not bring myself to work on Lisa's caps. She is what my twenty-year-old nephew calls a sozer face (as opposed to a butterface), if you catch my drift.

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Sue Ellen White film clips



Hard Breakers


Jennifer Perry film clip


Film Clips

Nancy Trotter Landry in Brilliantlove (2010; samples below)

Annette Frier Lichtblau in Neues Leben in Mexiko (2010; sample below)

Anais Demoustier in D'amour et d'eau fraiche (2010)

Casey Reinhardt and Paulie Rojas in Lure: Teen Fight Club (2010)

Erica Stone in Lure: Teen Fight Club (2010)

Sita Young and others in Lure: Teen Fight Club (2010)

Lacey Chabert in The Scoundrel's Wife (tease; 2002)

Tatum O'Neal in The Scoundrel's Wife (2002)

Camille Donatacci in The Naked Detective (1996). She is Kelsey Grammer's estranged wife, and a former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills

Tanya Roberts in Sheena (1984; unrelated collages below)

France Zobda in Sheena (1984)

Here's something rare. You may know Willeke van Ammelrooy from her dignified performance in the title role in the Oscar-winning Antonia's Line. You probably are not aware of her somewhat less dignified performance in Erotic Diary of a Lumberjack, some two decades earlier.



Rachel McAdams

Inez Bjorg David in Go West (2011)

Avril Lavigne

Michelle Buswell

Chantel Giacalone in Butterfly Effect: Revelation (2009)

Melissa Jones in Butterfly Effect: Revelation (2009)


Michelle Duncan in The Broken (2008)

Lena Headey in The Broken (2008)


Monica Bellucci in Napoleon and I (2006)

Sheryl Lee in Vampires (1998)

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