The Proposal

From the mailbox:

Apparently, there are two previews for The Proposal: one runs 2 minutes; the other, 3 minutes.

The shorter trailer has the towel wrapped around Sandra Bullock while the "extended trailer" has just a washcloth. Comparing the two images, it is clear that the towel has been digitally added (or removed?), because her body position is identical, frame per frame, in both previews.


Scoop's reply:

Quite good news. It means that I was able to capture the uncensored version of the scene in high definition. While it's not really nudity, it's a lot of flesh by Sandra's standards. Here's the film clip. Two captures are below.


"False Witness"

2008-9 Mini-Series, UK

British TV vs American: they have prestigious dramas, and we have Larry the Cable Guy.

OK, that's about even. But they do also have something we have to envy: Claire Forlani naked.

The incredibly beautiful Forlani whips 'em out for a mini-series about terrorism and other grave international matters that are undoubtedly made much better by the sight of her breasts.

Film clip here. Samples below:


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Love, Actually


One of the great nude scenes of the millennium, a true classic: funny, beautiful, and sexy. Joanna Page in 1920x1080. Samples below.







As Good as it Gets


Today we have Helen Hunt with some see-thru and a breast side view in
"As Good as it Gets". Caps and a 1920x1080 film clip.




Over in TV Land we have Amy Robach giving a nice leg & thigh show.









Shannon Tweed

Part 4

An assortment of film clips, mostly third party web finds.

Today's clip: Hard Vice (aka Vegas Vice).









Electric Blue

In order to get any copies of this series, you have to pray to the Tikki gods and sacrifice a few goats. Germany sells a DVD set, but the episodes are heavily cut. I managed to acquire several of the very earliest, uncut episodes and will present them here.

Today: Shawna Grant. Sample below.








Notes and collages


"Ghost Whisperer"

s4, e11

Rok's notes:

Note 1: I am fascinated that JLH was endlessly closing her sweater to hide her cleavage in this episode, or deliberately sitting behind objects for the same purpose. I hope it is not her future intention to make this a zero cleavage show. It is a good show (cleavage or not) but knowing that there will be Jennifer cleavage at some point in each episode is a personal perk to watching the show.

Note 2: I'm not done with my Nikki Cox series; I just put together the JLH collages as they are timely.









Kira Eggers in Being Ron Jeremy

Eggers in the special features from the Being Ron Jeremy DVD

Mary Carey in Being Ron Jeremy

Monique Dane in Being Ron Jeremy

Athena Demos in Within the Woods

Saye Yabandeh in Within the Woods

Clothilde Hesme in The Grocer's Son

Whitney Port caught by the paparazzi. One breast is totally exposed.

Linda Hogan caught by the paparazzi. She must be wearing a thong, but the pic creates the illusion of nudity.

Nicole Kidman - interesting camel toe


Film Clips

Emma de Caunes in Rien Dans Les Poches

Marilou Berry in La Femme de Ma Vie

Gina Phillips in Ring around the Rosie

Eunice Freitas in Above Suspicion. Sample right.