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"Sex Traffic"

Sex Traffic (2004) is a two-part Canadian mini-series about trafficking of young women from Eastern Europe to the West. As it opens, a young woman is to be smuggled to Italy. Her young American boyfriend, who is a member of a civilian mercenary peacekeeping force tries to buy her freedom, but is caught, fired, and sent home by his superiors, who are actually running the trafficking. The girl is tossed overboard as a police decoy and drowns. Meanwhile, two sisters, Maria Popistasu and Anamaria Marinca, are about to start down the same path, having been promised a new life in London. They have several very unpleasant stops along the way. We meet an aid agency worker, zealous, but not too careful, who is trying to break up the ring, and the president of the para-military company, and his wife, who is in charge of company charity.

The plight of these women is pretty clearly shown, including shooting one of them for getting VD, brutal beatings, rape, threats of harm to their children, etc.

Maria Popistasu and Anamaria Marinca show breasts and buns, and several unknowns also show breasts.

IMDb readers say 7.9, and there are many enthusiastic comments at IMDb. The performances were fine, and the story is compelling, but at 189 minutes, I was ready for it to end. The locations and photography did not disappoint, and the opportunity for abuse by peacekeeping forces is clearly shown. This is worth seeing, and hence a C. It is now available on DVD from, on an all region PAL, in English.

Anamaria Marinca

Maria Popistasu



"American Pie Presents: Beta House" (2007)
From the "where have we seen her before" department. The amazon stripper with the robohooters is Jessica Barrow who protrays strippers in countless other movies and television episodes.

Jessica Barrow
in "Beta House"
Jessica Barrow,
full frontal in "ReGenesis"
Jessica Barrow,
looking sexy, but not nude in "Mutant X"
Jessica Barrow,
in "11th Hour"...She's the topless actress behind Kristin Adams

"Degrassi: The Next Generation" episode White Wedding part 2 (2003)
Perhaps the lamest bachelor party ever portrayed in a tv series but Marya Delver was still sexy as the obligatory stripper.
Marya Delver

"Intelligence" (2007-)
The only nudity in season 2 was Leela Savasta showing side boob and an uncredited stripper topless without wearing the usual nipple pasties.
Leela Savasta stripper

"Heartland" (2007-)
Most of tease was in the first episode where Cindy Busby is shown in bikini top and Michelle Morgan showing some downblouse.
Cindy Busby Michelle Morgan

... and then there were a whole bunch of series premieres last week. It's usually the pilot episode which shows the most skin.

"M.V.P." (2008)
Hockey tv series full of puck bunnies. Charlotte Sullivan is in bra and panties having fully clothed sex.
Charlotte Sullivan

"The Border"
Debra McCage in brassiere which is a big shame as she was totally stark naked in Saw III.
Debra McCabe

Dominika Wolski is outside in snow in bikni top.
Dominika Wolski

"Sophie" (2008)
Amy Ciupak Lalonde has a sex scene which shows nothing.
Amy Ciupak Lalonde

"Les Lavigueur, la vraie histoire" (2008)
Laurence Leboeuf has a much more nude sex scene in this Quebec series.
Laurence Leboeuf

Today the Time Machine takes a real trip back in time to 1963 for "Promises ! Promises !" starring Jayne Mansfield. Now this was a big deal back then as Jayne was a popular sex kitten who would reveal her breasts in this comedy flick. I can remember going to a theater to see this with great excitement.


Jayne Mansfield clip #1
Jayne Mansfield clip #2

Part 2 of our double feature is an unknown "Babe in Bondage" on the rack in "The Vampire Happening". She is naked but really all we see are her nice boobs. Lousy source material for caps and a clip.


Unknown babe in bondage clip

Dann reports on "Hatchet":

This 2006 horror flick touted itself as "Old School American Horror". Perhaps so; it was a decent enough horror flick but not exceptional, and certainly not destined to become a standout.

During Mardi Gras, a diverse group of tourists take the haunted swamp tour. The group is looking forward to an evening of spooks and fun, but unfortunately, their guide isn't as experienced as he claims, and winds up running the boat onto a stump. It sinks.

Now afoot in a really nasty Louisiana swamp full of alligators and other creatures, the group tries to find their way out, but another denizen of the swamp, a horribly disfigured mutant, turns their outing into a night of real horror.

Hey, it's not bad, although I didn't think the mutant looked as mean as he night have, but while it's not an exceptional horror flick, it's a solid B-horror effort.

Mercedes McNab & Joleigh Fioreavanti Assorted topless babes


"Van Gogh" (1991)

Corinne Bourdon

From the is Mimi Rogers in her fantastic fully nude scene from 2004's "The Door in the Floor"