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Red Heat (1985)

Red Heat: Unschuld in Ketten (1985), which means Red Heat: Innocent in Chains, is a German WIP film with a cold war twist. They got it right in the mandatory shower scene, but didn't have the requisite torture or girl/girl action, and the cat fights showed no skin. The biggest problem, however, was in the casting, with Linda Blair as the wrongfully imprisoned, and Sylvia Kristel as the top inmate and villain. Blair shot her acting wad along with the pea soup in The Exorcist, and this is a dismal effort.

Blair flies from college to Germany to marry her soldier boyfriend. She argues about his decision to reenlist, and takes a midnight stroll outside the hotel where she happens upon the kidnapping of a defector. She is taken along by the kidnappers, tortured with sleep deprivation until she confesses to being a CIA operative, and is sentenced. Her boyfriend tries to find out what happened to her, but the official position is that nothing happened to anybody ever anywhere at any time, so he sets out to discover her whereabouts and free her.

Meanwhile, she doesn't much like the East German prison, and her life is made harder by the fact that the real spy still has secrets, and they try to coerce Blair into befriending the spy and getting the information.

Blair shows a breast in a very short dark love scene, and shows both breasts in a long and well lit shower scene. Sylvia Kristel also shows breasts in the shower scene, and several other women show everything.

IMDb readers say 4.3. I would have to agree with a low score. The film is short on what we watch WIP films for, features two terrible performances from Kristel and Blar, and, in the action escape climax, everything is too dark to see what is happening. This DVD is only available on Region 2 PAL, but the English language dub is first-rate.


Linda Blair



Sylvia Kristel



Scoop's note: Actually, the film does have a girl-on-girl sex scene - between Linda Blair and Sylvia Kristel,  in which Blair is essentially raped by Kristel. Unfortunately, this Region 2 DVD is a censored version of the film. It comes boxed with Chained Heat - and that film has also been censored. The two censored scenes are two of the most famous sex scenes in the history of grade-B cinema. One is the Kristel/Blair girl-on-girl scene from Red Heat, the other one features poor, ever-victimized Blair again being raped, this time by Dean Wormer, in Chained Heat.

Here is the Red Heat scene which has been trimmed from the Region 2 DVD (RDO's caps are from a VHS tape)

Linda Blair and Sylvia Kristel

Of course, Red Heat is still a poor movie even with the censored scene. Sylvia Kristel not only turned in a poor performance, but was ridiculously out of shape. Check her out in Tuna's final collage, where there was a one or two frame lapse in the plan to hide her flabby gut by placing other bodies between her and the camera.

It's a bad movie, and takes itself far too seriously, but it's not quite as bad as the version Tuna saw. I think it is probably still a D+ even with the censored scene, but you might fairly argue for a C- for the full-length version, based upon a must-see sex scene between screen legends.

(Chained Heat, on the other hand, did not take itself seriously and is actually an exploitation classic, so in that case the censorship kept us from seeing it in all its glory!)






Today Mary Carey and Kayleen are getting it on in today's episode of "Sexy Movie".

Caps and 2 zipped .wmv clips

Is it over? Noooooooooooo , not by a long shot.

Dann reports on Mad Cowgirl:

I really enjoyed Fiona Horsey in Twisted Sisters (where she played both sisters), so I jumped at this 2003 horror film when it was recently released on DVD. It is certainly one of the more unique horror films I've seen, at least in the method of killing. Death by Vagina. Yeah, sounds silly, but in the context of the movie, it made sense in a twisted way.

A young woman, Helen (Fiona Horsey), is having intimacy problems with men, mainly because of a trauma she suffered as a little girl, but which she can't quite remember. When she is brutally raped by her boyfriend, the rape ends when her vagina literally sucks him inside and eats him, leaving only his clothes.

Unable to even believe what seems to have happened, she goes to a doctor. He tells her he must examine her, but he gives her a drug "to relax" which causes her to pass out. When she wakes, she finds a condom sticking out of her vagina, and the doctor's clothes, but no doctor.

Now the vagina starts talking to her, demanding "feed me". To do this, she moves to London and becomes a hooker, choosing for customers only scumbags that she'd just as soon see dead. Her vagina obliges.

Meanwhile, she is being hunted by longtime friend Dennis who has always secretly loved her. He has come to London to find her, but instead meets conjoined twins (played by real-life but not conjoined twins Amy and Beth Steel). Dennis falls for the shy and sweet twin, but during a love making session, he becomes infuriated by the other twin, a big-mouthed slutty type, and accidentally kills her.

Now on the run for killing one of the twins, things get even more complicated when Dennis is spotted by a stripper who recognizes him, and forces him to help her rob a bank. Trying to escape after having to kill a bank guard, Dennis and the stripper commandeer an RV with a newlywed couple, which happens to be Helen and her new husband.

All this climaxes in a very cool ending, but it's getting there that makes this flick so good. Twisty and complex, even though very far-fetched, this flick is a lot of fun in a weird and demented way. I liked it.

Fiona Horsey Amy and Beth Steel Jaye Macaulay






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