Best Nude Scenes of 2015

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"The Take"



Charlotte Riley


Brainscan starts to look at some of the stars in the world of modeling

Today: Bregje Heinen and Paula Bulczynska

Because the new rule of supermodeling is that their names have to be impossible to spell.




This week, we have movies from 1994 and 1995:

Body Parts

Body Parts (1994) has plenty of naked women, including:

Debra Lamb

Scoop's note: Debra Lamb has one of the oddest screen resumes I know of. She always appears as a stripper who uses fire in her act. I suppose that, not acting, was her actual profession.

Sharon Kane

Susan E. Cox & Kay Melechian

Teri Marlow

Some unidentified strippers



Johnny's comments:

Puppy is 2005 oddball black comedy where Liz (Nadia Townsend) has decided to commit suicide after one last run-in with her sister involving the death of her dog and now wants her gone from her house. During her attempt, she is saved by Aiden (Bernard Curry) who takes her to his house and proceeds to mistake her for his absent girlfriend Helen. Aiden imprisons Liz at his house which is guarded by two mean looking dogs which stops her from escaping and continues on his relationship with Helen/Liz regardless. Liz attempts to formulate a plan to get out of the house, but Aiden's anti-social behaviour is making it harder than it should. The longer she stays, the harder it becomes to leave especially when things escalate after Aiden unknowingly kills the local doctor (Terence Donovan) when he tries to help Liz escape.

Working in similar areas as Black Snake Moan (although made a few years before that movie), Puppy is a bizarre movie that plays very pitch black which it would have to considering its subject matter. It's a movie I liked a fair bit, a few good laughs although it's probably more odd than funny and both leads are quite good portraying two desperate characters. Shame the filmmaker, Kieran Galvin, hasn't made any movies since as he made some great little shorts before Puppy plus he also wrote Feed which is truly something else. But that's the Australian film industry for you, people disappear all the time ...

Nadia Townsend film clip (collages below)

Species 2


Johnny's comments:

Quick one from the Species sequel with Australian actress briefly appearing and having a nude scene during this appearance. Sarah is one of those Australian actors that hasn't done a lot of Australian stuff, I think the movie Three Dollars is the only thing she has done. There seems to be an increasing number of these type of Australian actors. Sarah was also nude very briefly in The 6th Day and the little seen Bride of the Wind (I'm pretty sure it has never been released in Australia despite being directed by an Australian, Bruce Beresford). Might have to seek that one out if I can...)

Sarah Wynter
1080hd film clip (collages below)

Film Clips

Frankie Shaw in the first episode of Mr Robot in 720p

Eva Dolezalova in Kudelski (2015) sub-DVD quality

Rose McGowan in Wild Rose (2014). The clip is 1920x1080, but the quality is poor.

Maria Bonnevie in All That Matters Is Past (2012) in 1920x1080

Susan Sarandon (and Jenny Robertson non-nude) in Bull Durham (1988) in 720p



Billie Neal in Down By Law (1986) in 720p

Pics / Collages

Demi Lovato's nude shoot for Vanity Fair. very hi res.

Candice Swanepoel

Charli XCX