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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









The Notebook


Scoop's notes: IMDb has a unique attitude toward this film: "We don't care how high the ranking is, or how many goddamned people love it, we are not allowing this film into the top 250." For the record, it is rated 8.0 with 70,000 votes. Nearly 30,000 of those voters (about 40%) have scored it 10/10! Only 2% have scored it 1/10. The ratio of 10s to 1s is about 17 to 1. It has earned the same average score from women as Gone With the Wind (8.7). Think about that statement. Women like this film as much as Gone With the Wind, which basically means that they like it better than calorie-free chocolates, their own children, and guilt-free sex with Brad Pitt. To my knowledge, the only film women like more than The Notebook is Amelie, and that by the barest of margins (8.8 to 8.7).

In comparison, The Ox-Bow Incident is on the list, as #185, with 8.0 on the basis of 6,000 votes, only 25% of which are 10/10. Compared to The Notebook, three times as many voters (6%) have scored it 1/10. The ratio of 10s to 1s is only about 4 to 1.

Er ... whatever, dudes.

I think the IMDb guys may have run the 2000 Presidential election.

I share their opinion that The Notebook is not a top 250 film, but as Dick Tuck famously said, "The people have spoke. The bastards."


High quality (1920x1080) film of Rachel McAdams. Minimal nudity. Samples below.



The Golden Globe Awards

2009 ceremony, 2008 productions

Hot off the (foreign?) presses, here are various 1920x1080 captures from last night's program.








"Two and a Half Men"

We are in TV Land for Kelly Stables looking oh so sexy in her underwear in an episode of "Two and a Half Men". Caps and a clip.



 "Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant "

Talk about cinema classics! The ultimate casting coup pairs up co-stars Shannon Tweed and Hulk Hogan, together at last. There's some boobage from both, but Shannon is the one worth looking at:








Shannon Tweed

Part 3

An assortment of film clips, mostly third party web finds.

Today's clip: Electra




The West Wing

A collage from the first season of West Wing: Allison Janney in formal attire that billows outward to reveal more than she or anyone else intended.










Electric Blue

In order to get any copies of this series, you have to pray to the Tikki gods and sacrifice a few goats. Germany sells a DVD set, but the episodes are heavily cut. I managed to acquire several of the very earliest, uncut episodes and will present them here.

Today: Susanna Britton, part 2 of 2. Sample below.

Susanna was one of my favorites back in the day, although she only did three adult movies, a few more without any sex, and also several regular movies before killing herself.







Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

More of Nikki Cox. Season Two continues.

s2, e13














Scilla Gabel in the DVD menu from Il Mulino

Kendra Jade in Being Ron Jeremy

Kendra Jade in the special features from the Being Ron Jeremy DVD

Teri Weigel in Being Ron Jeremy

Teri Weigel in the special features from the Being Ron Jeremy DVD

Louisa Clein in Island at War

Malena Alterio in Una Palabra Tuya

Miriam McDonald in that new Poison Ivy thingie, HD

Shawna Waldron in that new Poison Ivy thingie, HD

Milla shots a brief, blurry beaver in Resident Evil, in HD

Christie Brinkley back in the day.

New collage of Demi Moore in Strip Tease


Film Clips

Barbara Edwards and Kimberly McArthur in Malibu Express. Sample right.

Irina Felgen in Les Dents de la Nuit. Sample right.

Saskia Reeves in Close My Eyes. Samples right.