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"The Tudors" Season One

The Tudors (2007) here is the rest of season one. We have advanced to the point that Henry is ready to break with Rome to get his divorce so he can marry Anne Boleyn. Cardinal Wolsey has fallen out of favor, and has committed suicide. The king's sister, after killing her new husband, the King of Portugal, died of consumption. Henry is more determined than ever to divorce Catherine and marry Anne Boleyn. Henry's court is full of self-serving yes men. His old friend, Sir Thomas Moore, is his new chancellor, but is going after heritics, putting him on a collision course with Henry's destiny.

Fiona Ryan and Rebecca Friberg, as ladies in waiting, show breasts. Natalie Dormer, as Anne Boleyn, shows breasts having sex with the king in the woods. She stops him before climax, further driving his desire.

IMDb readers say 7.7. This is a fine series about a fascinating era, and, while it is not especially accurate historically, it certainly gives the flavor of the era. Tudor England is very well documented, and a course of reading along with the show would end up being a great way to learn this fascinating history. This is a B-.

Natalie Dormer

Rebecca Friberg and Fiona Ryan


A little Euro-nudity today as LC serves up this collage and clip featuring scenes from the French movie "Dialogue avec mon jardinier" aka "Conversations with My Gardener" (2007).

video clip

Alexia Barlier

Today we look at the teen comedy "Superbad".

Not too much here as all the good stuff is in the Special features. Jenna Haze and Aurora Snow get in a van with a lucky dude and get topless.

Two video clips (clip #1, clip #2)

In the film itself some cleavage from Stacy Edwards.

Martha MacIsaac with some cleavage and showing off her new bra.

video clip

"Jumpin' Jack Flash"

Whoopi Goldberg

Excellent paparazzi pics of British Babe Kelly Brook topless at the beach!

Another sexy Brit...only this one almost always has an American accent....Here is Claire Forlani showing off her undies and even giving up a rare nipple sighting in scenes from 1998's "Into My Heart"

Pat's comments in yellow...

Baby Watch - Two months after marrying Rich Salomon, Pam Anderson filed for divorce, then called the divorce off, but now says the divorce is back on, but also, she's pregnant. Salomon reportedly told friends he thinks she's "acting crazy" because of the pregnancy and hopes she'll settle down.

*He knows she’s crazy because when she’s normal, she divorces her husbands after four months.
*She’s having twins, and carrying them very high.

Arse Antlers Make Men Horny - The editors of Australia's Macquarie Dictionary is asking readers to vote for “Word of the Year” from among 85 new words added this year. Contenders include: boomeritis (sports injuries suffered by baby boomers who refuse to slow down); cyberathlete (a professional video game player); globesity (the worldwide fat epidemic); salad dodger (someone who won't eat healthy food); tanorexia (an addiction to tanning); slummy mummy (moms of young kids who let their personal appearance go); floordrobe (a floor covered with discarded clothes); and a new term for the tattoos women get in the area just above their buttocks: "arse antlers."

*I think we have a winner.
*A slummy mummy makes daddy saddy.
*A cyberathlete who’s a salad dodger may have globesity, but at least he’ll never get boomeritis.
*If you have both tanorexia and anorexia, you have Victoria Beckhamitis.