Hvite Gutter

"White Boys," a new Norwegian series set in Oslo, 720p

Renate Reinsve in s1e1

Ida Helen Goytil, Hanna Maria Gronneberg and Ane Viola Semb in s1e4

One thing I had fun with when I lived in Oslo is that Norwegians more often than not go by multiple names. Their given names are rarely just Tor or Per or Stine, but usually something like Tor Finn or Per Ole or Stine-Sofie.

Or, as you can see above, Ida Helen, Hanna Maria or Ane Viola. Extra names abound.

They are like the Texans of Europe.

Given that, I affixed a Texan suffix for any my Norsk colleagues so impoverished that they used only one name. I renamed them Svein Bob or Grethe Bob or Ole Jack. Amazingly enough, they found this charming and even started calling each other by these names.

A strange people.

(Making it even more complicated is that it is also fairly common for Norwegians to use dual last names. They do love names.)

Workin' Moms
s2e1, 1080hd

Catherine Reitman

Kendall Savage

Korona Krolow
"Crown of Kings," new Polish series, s1e1, 1080hd

Marta Bryla

Marta is well known in Poland as the only woman with no "k's" in her name


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"Game of Thrones"

season seven

s7e2, 1920x1080

Nathalie Emmanuel

This week, continuing with movies from 2013:

Hell Baby

A sexy Riki Lindhome shows the lot.

There are also some unidentified topless strippers

and there is some cleavage shown by some nurses.

I have included a movie of Riki’s contribution (sample below)

Island at War


Louisa Clein



Kate Winslet film clip (collages below)

Kate Winslet in The Mountain Between Us (2017) in 720p
21 years after her nudity in Jude (seen above in Johnny Moronic's area)

Carolina Crescentini in Max and Helene (2015) in 720p

Ashley Tisdale

Sarah Tither-Kaplan in James Franco's "Hungry Girl"
she accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior yesterday

Rosie Huntington Whiteley