TV Round-Up

Lili Simmons, Ivana Milicevic and Tanya Clarke in Banshee (s3e1) in 720p

We had pictures of Ivana and Tanya yesterday. Here's Lili:

  Naked On Stage

Emma Kim Hagdahl in a modern dance piece called Name Given by the Spectator (2009)

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The Color of Night



Has it really been twenty years?
The next few days will feature Jane March in this 80s/90s-style erotic thriller, the kind of film that almost make you wish Body Heat had never existed to breathe new life into this genre. You may well remember it as the film with Bruce Willis's dick. All of the images will be found in the edition for Thursday, January 8th

Today: three more film clips of Jane March

Dr. Cabbie


Movie starring Raj from The Big Bang Theory is about an Indian medical doctor who goes to Toronto but can only find work as a cab driver.

Mircea Monroe: sort of sexy as stripper.

Kate Steen: with a lobster between her boobs. Hope it wasn't harmed because she's an ardent PETA activist.

 Allison Brennan: partial boob in bed.

Adrianne Palicki: very sexy.

Isabelle Kaif: very sexy.

Rachael Dolan: Miss Piggy collapses a stripper pole.

"Trailer Park Boys"

(episode "Orangie's Pretty Fuckin' Tough," Netflix series, s08e04)

Kita McRory: upskirt while kicking as ninja babe.


Kita McRory: modeling pics.

"Lost Girl"

(TV series, s5e05)

The nudity sucks for this final season. So far all of the sex scenes are either fully clothed or cut to a commercial.

Sofia Troop: with that long tongue she must be giving a hell of a blowjob.

Shanice Banton: lesbian kiss with Sofia Troop.


Sofia Troop: very sexy modeling pic.

"Saving Hope"

(TV series, episode "Hearts of Glass," s3e12)

Julia Taylor Ross: underwear getting out of her scrubs.

"Mohawk Girls"

TV series

episode: "Dating Mohawk Style" (s2e04)

Brittany LeBorgne: cleavage having awkward lesbian kiss in aborted threesome.

Heather White: Miss Piggy having awkward lesbian kiss in aborted threesome.

episode: "Bridesmaidzilla" (s2e05)

Brittany LeBorgne: boobs almost falling out of bridesmaid dress, fully clothed sex and almost flashing her puppies.

Devery Jacobs: very sexy as bride.

Jayli Wolf: very sexy hiking up her skirt while dancing.

Maika Harper: fully clothed sex.

Allyson Pratt: cleavage as bridesmaid.

episode: "Rez Balls" (s2e06)

Jennifer Pudavick: nice legs having fully clothed sex while getting her boobs honked.


(TV series, season finale, s4e10)

stripper: obligatory strippers in underwear.


(2015; trailer)

From the makers of the movie Sex After Kids. This movie is still crowdsourcing for funds, so if they'll unblur the nudity I'll definitely donate.

Tommie-Amber Pirie: exercising nekkid.

The Museum


Free movie but in low quality format.
Rebekah Manella: brassiere almost came off but she shows some major butt cleavage.

Couldn't Be Happier

(2006 short)

Emily Hampshire: fully clothed sex.

Forbidden Fruit

(2010 short)

Another Adam & Eve theme.

Krysta Carter: bare back as Eve.

Michelle de Sousa: partial boob as angelic woman.

Leah Gabriel: partial boob as angelic woman.


(le Quebec TV series, du à la saison une boxset)

Fanny Mallette: partial boob, then a couple of other fully clothed sex scenes.
le s1e01


et s1e05

Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin: cleavage as hooker. (le s1e03)

Magalie Lépine-Blondeau: bra as hooker. (le s1e04)

Myriam Crepeau: Quebec porn star doing another "gangbang" porn scene. (le s1e04)

La voix de l'ombre

(le movie; 2014; aka "The Voice of the Shadow")

France Fastel: mostly GILF.

Isabelle O'Brien: partial boob.

Vrai du Faux

(le movie, 2014, aka "Real Lies")
Julie LeBreton: nice cleavage.

More murder porn featured on Oprah Winfrey's Oompa Loompa Network.

"True Crime Scene"

 episode: "High Rollers"

Talia Russo: the omnipresent Toronto Sunshine Girl playing another stripper.

episode: "Deadly Dancer"

Trish Adams: boob after rape but she's wearing a breast patch

episode: "Fugitive Justice"

Caroline Cave: sort of naked after getting raped.

"Dark Waters of Crime"

 episode: "Mr. Big" (s6e3)

Kayla Wilson: sexy but drowned in bathtub.

"Murder in Paradise"

episode: "Fear Island" (s2e5)

Emma Wardle: bikini.

Helen Hansher: bikini.

TV and Film Clips

Sveva Alviti and Alessa Piovan in Cam Girl (2014) in 720p



Christa Kelli in an episode of the series "Party Down" (e13)

Jo Ann Harris, Anneka di Lorenzo, Connie Strickland and others in Act of Vengeance (1974)


di Lorenzo


Joyce Van Patten in Bone (1972)

Irene Papas in Ecce Homo (1968)


Actress Caitlin Stasey

A Christine Teigen upskirt

Comedienne and comedy writer Sarah Schneider