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"The Tudors" Season One

The Tudors (2007) Season one started off announcing itself as an historically based retelling of the early reign of Henry VIII and his many wives. While it is not true to the letter of history, it captures the period nicely, is beautifully costumed, well-acted, and is certainly true to the spirit of the time and the events. In Renaissance Faire circles, and indeed, in any reenactment group, there is a group that usually calls themselves the "history snobs" who lobby for 100% historical accuracy. They do start to waiver when you mention plague, open privy pits and the like, but they feel the historical era we portray is interesting enough without adding or subtracting from the story. I am not sure what the truth is, but many attend the fair for sexy costumes, sexy wenches, and an uninhibited atmosphere.

The history snobs wait eagerly for any new historical costumer to be released, so they can have the fun of finding all of the historical inaccuracies and decrying the inability of film makers to present pure history. The Tudors is not perfect history. Entire people have been invented or written out of the story. However, in the telling of what is a very racy history, they have remained true to the sexiness of the tale, and hence provided an entertainment for everyone who likes attractive naked people doing what attractive naked people are wont to do.

In the first three episodes, which bring us up to speed on the main characters and the prevailing politics and issues, Slaine Kelly, Ruta Gedmintas, Anna Brewster, Lorna Doyle, Natalie Dormer and Rachel Montague show body parts.

I am covering this one in real time, and have only watched the first three episodes, but find it a fine production so far. As far as doing history a disservice, I quote one of the a fore mentioned history snobs, who said, "If it causes one person to visit, it is worth it."

Anna Brewster

Lorna Doyle

Natalie Dormer

Rachel Montague

Ruta Gedmistas

Slaine Kelly


"The Hunger"

Season 2: "Double"

The myth of the Doppelganger has lasted for centuries and receives a modern updating here as two identical women meet but realise the differences between them are in their personalities - one is normal whilst the other is plagued by nightmares. Their meeting, however, results in a battle for their souls.

Daniela Akerblom

Lori Petty

Today LC has highlights from the French movie "UV". Laura Smet and Anne Caillon both do a little topless sunbathing

video clip

Laura Smet and Anne Caillon

Today a peek into the future with "Blood Car". Gas has risen to $40.00 dollars a gallon, so this dude invents a car that runs on human blood. You can see where this is going in this forgettable flick.


video clip #2
video clip #2

Marla Malcom plays a hitchhiker who flashes her tits to get a ride, not a good move as she becomes fuel for the car.


video clip #1

Carly Leonard is another flasher showing off her robo's in a restaurant, nothing to do with the plot. Caps and a short clip.


Katie Rowlett plays the girlfriend, no nudity, bur she has nice legs and a new bra.

Dann reports on "Halloween":

It's been years since I saw the original John Carpenter slasher classic Halloween, and I never capped it, so since I recently enjoyed Rob Zombie's 2007 version, I decided to watch (and cap) the 1978 version again.

On Halloween 1963, 6 year-old Michael Myers stabs his 17 year-old sister to death for unknown reasons, and is sent to an institution for the criminally insane. 15 years later, he breaks out and heads home, trailed by his psychiatrist, who fears he will go on a killing spree. The psychiatrist is right.

Much more compact and sparse than the Zombie version, with a lot fewer details (and nudity) but still plenty of horror, the original is pretty much acknowledged as the king of slasher films. I must admit to personally liking the newer version better, but this version is definitely the masterpiece.

P. J. Soles


"Jumpin' Jack Flash"

Whoopi Goldberg

Some Euro vids...
Here is Turkish model/actress Deniz Akkaya topless in a scene from the 2007 flick "Living & Dying". According to her IMDb bio, she was voted "Best Model of the World" in 1997. Where can I sign up to be a judge for that contest?

This time the Skinster takes us back in time to 1973's "Ricco" (aka "Cauldron of Death") Here is Euro-babe Barbara Bouchet posing topless

Here is Barbara Bouchet topless once again, this time in a scene from 1979's "Sabato, domenica e venerdě" aka "Saturday, Sunday and Friday"

Pat's comments in yellow...

Grey Goose Just Declared Bankruptcy - The scaling back of the Golden Globes from a star-studded TV special to a news conference due to the writers' strike will cost the Los Angeles economy about $80 million. The County Economic Development Corp said the awards show has a huge ripple effect on the economy, and canceling it will cost hundreds of hotel bookings and jobs for thousands of caterers, waiters, limo drivers, security guards, parking valets, beauticians, paparazzi and more. Dozens of big parties are being canceled, and each one would have cost up to $200,000.

*For the open bars alone
*That all totals up to about $20 million, then add $60 million more in lost Botox sales.
*If they have to cancel the B.E.T. Hip-Hop Awards, think of how much it'll cost in lost ammo sales.

Naked Power Grab - In 2006, two patrons of Diamonds' Gentleman's Club in Wheaton, Illinois, had fatal drunk driving accidents after leaving the club. This has prompted County Board Member Jim Zay to propose an ordinance banning the sale, use or consumption of alcohol in strip clubs. The state already bans the sale of booze in clubs with full nudity, but Diamonds' lets customers bring their own. Zay wants that stopped, saying that the combination of alcohol and nudity is a "lethal mix."

*The drunk drivers were nude?!
*And obviously, if he has to pick one, he’s going for nudity.
*He’s right, you shouldn’t mix booze and nudity…The booze should come first, then the nudity.

Shooting For The Stars - The US Army Corps of Engineers reports that so far, it has received 489,000 claims against the government from residents and business owners washed out by the failure of levees and flood walls after Hurricane Katrina. The total amount of money they're seeking is just over 3,014 trillion dollars. There are 247 property claims for at least $1 billion each, and one person is seeking an even $3 quadrillion. The entire US GDP in 2007 was $13.2 trillion, and a stack of just one quadrillion dollar coins would reach Saturn. A Corps spokesman said he understands people are angry and sending a message, but "I also understand it's a negotiating tactic: Aim high and negotiate down."

*Remember that when your boss offers you a 3 percent raise: demand 3 quadrillion.
*They figure they'll demand $3 quadrillion, then get about $30,000 after the lawyers take their cut.
*The government failed them in two ways: both with their levees and with their math classes